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King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

King George V, Queen Mary and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, taken during a visit to the Western Front in France. They are positioned in front of a large brick building with French windows. The King and Queen are ... more

The Maharaja of Barwani with ambulance cars [Merville, France]. Photographer: H. D. Girdwood.

Reference: Photo 24/(219)..From the Girdwood Collection held by the British Library..This image is part of the Europeana Collections 1914-1918 ( http://www.europeana1914-1918.eu/en ) ..Date: 2 Aug 1915..See als... more

Zeichnet 7. Kriegsanleihe / Alfred Offner.

Poster shows soldiers and their weapons behind a barricade of Austrian coins. Text: Subscribe to the 7th War Loan, Vienna Commercial Bank.

The late Senator Sumner. Ceremonies in the Capitol -- colored people of Washington, headed by Frederick Douglass, viewing the remains / Sketched by Joseph Becker.

Illustration shows the body of Senator Charles Sumner lying in state in the U.S. Capitol. Other illustrations on the same page show Mate Brady, a hero of the "Atlantic" disaster...; Bertie Winkler, the Virginia... more

Gen. Sir Ian Hamilton on a destroyer

Photograph shows Sir Ian Standish Monteith Hamilton (1853-1947), a British Army general the deck of a ship with others. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2013)

Les revendications des débbés. Bureau des enfants. Croix-Rouge américaine

Angry babies marching with placards, demanding their rights.


Photograph shows the H.M.S. Audacious warship of the Royal Navy which was sunk by a German mine off the coast of Ireland on October 27, 1914 during World War I. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2011)

Belgian Artillery

Photograph shows Belgian artillery soldiers with field guns and spotter on ladder at left, during World War I. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2011)

U.S. Marines - first to hoist Old Glory on foreign soil Join them for overseas duty / / Sidney H. Riesenberg 1913.

U.S. Marines recruitment poster showing marines raising the American flag on a bamboo flagpole; also shows wood engraved scenes of marines in action in foreign countries.

Tiger -- British

Photograph shows the eleventh H.M.S. Tiger, a battlecruiser of the British Royal Navy which was launched in 1913 and served in World War I. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2012)

Two boys greasing their feet

Cold feet, Western Front, during World War I. This photograph shows two young members of one of the Labour Corps, probably the South African Native Labour Contingent (SANLC). They are sitting in the snow by one... more

Observers fixing tackle which is connected with parachute

Officers during an observation exercise, France, during World War I. This photograph is one of a series which was taken during this observation exercise. While some of the photographs show oblivious soldiers d... more

Owing to modern artillery, captured villages have to be marked with a sign board

Wooden signs which have been neatly written read, 'High Street. This village is Ervillers. Town Major (arrow to the right). P W Pen (arrow to the left).' There are two soldiers beside the signs one of whom is k... more

Are you one of Kitchener's own?

Poster shows portrait of Lord Kitchener with Union Jack as a background.

Prince Alexander of Teck and an army staff officer

Prince Alexander of Teck visits the Western Front, during World War I. This image shows Prince Alexander of Teck with an army staff officer. They are possibly standing waiting for a ceremony or march past to be... more

Burning building in Bapaume, taken immediately after the town was captured

Wrecked building, Bapaume, France, during World War I. This image shows a ruined building in Bapaume. The cobbled street in front of the building is strewn with rubble. The scene is shrouded in smoke or dust. T... more

They beat the Red Cross Barge Sisters in the contest

Soldiers fishing in a canal, France, during World War I. This image shows a group of soldiers relaxing and fishing with rods in a canal. They are sitting and standing on a low boat. There are two larger barges ... more

Soldiers pulling a big gun

A large group of soldiers attempting to pull a big gun, possibly a field gun, on to a wooden platform. This photograph illustrates how problematic moving a big gun could be, even with the numbers involved here ... more

Tommies playing with their little pet

Two uniformed men with a small dog. The two men are sitting outside on a pile of sandbags. The man on the left holds the front paws of the dog as it stands on its hind legs. There is another man sitting on the ... more

H.M. studying a map on Wytschaete Ridge held by Gen. Plumer

King George V standing in front of General Plumer. Both men are in uniform and looking at a map. A small group of uniformed men standing next to the King are also looking at the map. Some of them peer over the ... more

Indian Cavalry

Indian cavalry, Western Front, during World War I. This is one of a number of photographs showing the Indian cavalry who fought with the Allies. In the autumn of 1914, the urgent need for trained soldiers led t... more

Sisters fishing from a Red Cross Barge

Red Cross nurses, identified in the caption as Sisters, are sitting along the edge of a barge fishing. Some men in uniform are standing watching and other men are fishing. Another barge with a Red Cross flag is... more

Boche machine guns captured at Beaucourt sur Ancre

Two soldiers are sitting on the edge of a German trench examining captured German machine guns. The entrance to the German dugout is in the background. The soldier in the background has the cap badge of the Nor... more

Highlanders working on the roads

Highlanders working on a road in France. They are all in kilts and most of them are wearing balmorals. Some of the men appear to be wearing a cover or 'apron' to protect their kilt. The road they are working on... more

Blown up bridges at 'Chipilly' which village was captured after hard fighting by London troops

A collapsed bridge near Chipilly, France. A well constructed bridge, it must have received a severe blow to cause such extensive damage. Still propped up on one side, it now leans into the waters beneath. A sol... more


Officers at mess by the side of a communication trench. Four officers sitting next to a makeshift table. The table is scattered with a number of items, including glasses, cups, plates, and three bottles of wine... more

Two men of the Coldstream Guards having a drink from a forward water supply

Two uniformed men standing over a supply of drinking water. There is a large metal water tank next to the two men, with a sign which states 'DRINKING WATER ONLY.' A pile of sandbags has been carefully stacked b... more

Queen interested in French work for the British Army

Queen Mary talking to one woman in a factory or shed. According to the photograph's original caption this is a French woman working for the British war effort. It is difficult to tell from this photograph what ... more

Native police

This is one of a series of photographs of Labour Corps members. The caption identifies these seven men as 'native police'. They are probably black South Africans who had contracted to work in the South African ... more

Flying Corps men lifting the body of a Boche plane which we brought down

Five members of the British Flying Corps are lifting the body of a German fighter plane which has been shot down. The wing section is in the background. The plane has its identifying cross flanked by the letter... more

Eastern scene by the roadside

Indian cavalrymen playing cards, France, during World War I . A group of soldiers from the Indian Army are standing watching four of their friends playing cards on a wooden crate. One of the card players is wea... more

Working parties following up the advance

Work party on the move, France. A line of foot soldiers carrying equipment are passing a row of horses, some un-laden, travelling in the same direction. Empty baskets lie at the front of the picture and the lan... more

Taking away a captured German gun

Soldiers, including two wearing kilts, trying to manoeuvre a big gun. They appear to be having some difficulty. According to the photograph's original caption this is a captured German gun. The surrounding area... more

Soldiers cheer the King of Belgium as he leaves

The King of Belgium, Albert I (1875-1934), waves goodbye to a group of soldiers. He is standing next to a motorcar. The soldiers, in return, are waving and saluting the king. The ground is churned up and extrem... more

Distinguished visitors to the Front, including the Prince of Siam and Mr Garvin, the well known London editor

Diplomatic tour group on their way to the Front, France. There is a large group of smartly-dressed gentlemen loosely arranged on a set of stairs, which lead up to a wide terrace accessed through tall French win... more

We will uphold the priceless gem of liberty ... shall we help to crush tyranny?

Poster shows soldier standing at attention, framed by two Union Jacks.

H.R.R. [sic] the Duke of Connaught

A uniformed His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, sitting on his horse, at the Front in France, during World War I. He has one hand resting reassuringly on the neck of his horse. The Duke and his horse ar... more

Inspection of a Canadian Battalion with their gas helmets on

Inspecting gas masks. A line of uniformed men is standing across the image. They are all wearing gas masks . A group of officers are filing past and checking everyone and their equipment. ..Gas releasing weapon... more

Member of the A.I.L.L

One soldier is in focus in the front of the picture. He still wears his helmet and his hand is bandaged and strapped up. He is standing in front of a fence. Other soldiers can be seen in the background...Despit... more

Famous Canal du Nord which the Canadians stormed

Horse-drawn supply carts and soldiers on foot and bicycle crossing the dry bed of the Canal du Nord, in the shadow of a bombed bridge. The railway line in the photograph was perhaps built to supply materials to... more

Combien Mademoiselle?

British Sergeant and a Guardsman shopping in Bailleul. Tommy finds the French children quite a match for him at bargaining, but they remain the best of friends. This scene is typical of the happy relations exis... more

King and Queen embarking on board the boat for home

Queen Mary and King George V boarding a boat. They are walking up the gangplank. A group of army officials are standing on the quayside watching their departure. According to the photograph's original caption t... more

Few kilometres behind our line

A convoy of soldiers and horse-drawn carts moving through a ruined French town or village. The surrounding scene is one of devastation. The ground is muddy and strewn with debris. The church in the background h... more

Portioning out the bread at a road-side dump

This image is of a soldier dividing out loaves of bread at a roadside supply dump. He has emptied the loaves out of some of the hessian sacks onto the snowy ground. The lack of hygiene in the handling of food s... more

Visit of F.M. Sir Douglas to St. Andrews 19 May 1919

Haig at St Andrews University, 1919. This photograph, dated May 1919, shows Field Marshal (Earl) Haig (1861-1928) in military uniform walking alongside senior members of the University of St Andrews in a proces... more

Dummy gun erected in a gun pit by the Germans to deceive our airmen

A dummy gun made up with a long pole set up on a pair of cart wheels. From the air, this would have appeared to be a real gun and time and ammunition would have been wasted in the attempt to destroy it. As this... more

German crane & barges which they destroyed near Pero[nne]

This photograph of a wrecked crane and barge was probably taken after 2 August 1918, when the Australian forces recaptured Peronne from the Germans. As the Germans were forced to retreat, they destroyed equipme... more

Part of captured German trench opposite Gommecourt

Part of a captured German trench, near Gommecourt, France. There is a soldier leaning against the trench wall in a rather relaxed and cavalier fashion. The well-built and solid structure he is standing next to ... more

Laying a light railway on which logs will be brought to the mill

Soldiers constructing a light railway line for transporting logs to a sawmill. In the background a soldier can be seen pushing a wagon to test out the new track. This photograph, probably taken by John Warwick ... more

Making new dug-outs on newly captured ground

From the despondency of the soldiers' body language in this photograph it would appear that they have a long hard job ahead of them. The sheer chaotic destruction evidenced in this image is unfortunately repeat... more

W.A.A.C. officers visit the wreckage of a German bombing machine

W.A.A.C officers viewing a wrecked enemy plane, France, during World War I. This photograph is one showing salvage work being carried out on wrecked enemy planes. The fact that the soldier is so engrossed in co... more

Paddy, a gassed case

Bandaged dog that worked in the front line trenches, in France, during World War I. With bandages on all four paws, this dog - called 'Paddy' - carried out a range of hazardous duties in a front line trench, de... more

Blown up bridge at Nesle which town the British captured

The remains of a wooden bridge that once traversed this canal can be seen stacked up in the background. As a temporary replacement, a makeshift bridge of wood and corrugated iron has been constructed. A group o... more

View of the main street in Puisieux

Destruction at Puisieux, France, during World War I. A muddy dirt-track road wends its way into the countryside in the distance. The trees here have been stripped bare and only stumps are left. Either side of t... more

Salvage of the battlefield near Bapaume

Soldiers stand next to salvage recovered from a battlefield near Bapaume, France. This includes helmets, kitbags, coats and rifles. The scene around them is one of devastation. The battlefield is muddy and stre... more

Big gun raising the dust as it is fired

A heavy gun has just been fired. One of the crew has his hands over his ears because of the noise. The psychological effect of the constant noise of shelling caused severe stress often resulting in shellshock. ... more

We are now billetted in a farmhouse

Soldiers have made a lean-to shelter of corrugated iron sheets inside the ruined shell of a farm building. Six of the men are filling sacks with what appears to be broken bricks. Two other men are smoking and k... more