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Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

Print shows page of text on weights and measures, with illuminated borders.

[Mobile tank-like fortress in the shape of a dragon]

Print shows a dragon-shaped, mobile fortress equipped cannons and capable of carrying troops, with a ladder device mounted on the front used for scaling walls or as a bridge during siege warfare.

[Portable siege ladder]

Print shows a portable ladder with sections that are screwed together, used during siege warfare.

L'Aquatinta magnanimo duca

Decorated initial L showing mathematician Luca Paccioli as Franciscan monk, surrounded by text, and rope-patterened border.

De insulis nuper in mari Indico repertis

Christopher Columbus discovering America.

De insulis nuper in Mari Indico repertis [and] de insulis nuper inventis

A two-page spread from In laudem Serenissimi Ferdinandi, Hispania[rum] Regis, Bethicae & regni Granatae obsidio victoria & triu[m]phus. Et De insulis in Mari Indico nuper inuentis. [Basel] : I[ohann] B[ergmann,... more

Acorus calamus

Sweet flag or sweet rush plant with wading bird; and surrounding text.

Typus arithmeticae

The form of arithmetic, possibly muse of arithmetic, shown as woman standing between Boethius writing Arabic numerals and Pythagorus doing reckoning with counters.

[The visitation]

Print after Albrecht Dürer's woodcut Visitation, no. 8 in his Life of the Virgin series, shows the Virgin and St. Elizabeth, both pregnant, greeting each other as Zacharias stands in a doorway. Dürer's pet dog ... more

De Terre motu

Buildings moving and spire toppling in an earthquake.

[Title page of Dipnosophistarum, siue Coenae sapientum libri XV]

Print shows title page with illustration of Jesus and a woman at a well.

Calcearius, der schuhmacher

Print shows the interior of a cobbler's workshop and store with two men making shoes as another man attends to a customer.

Aurifaber - der goltschmit

Print shows an interior view of a metallurgical workshop where men are working with gold.

Planimetriam, hoc est, longitudinum mensuram per astrolabium experíri

Print shows an astrolabe being used to measure a tower.

Triplicus visus, directi, reflexi & refracti, de quo optica disputat, argumenta

Illustration showing aspects of optics: Battle scene with Archimedes' mirrors using sun to defend city of Syracuse against sailing ships, a rainbow, elephants crossing long bridge drawn in perspective, nude man... more

[Title page to The arte of warre by Niccolò Machiavelli]

Title page illustration showing cavalries engaged in battle, soldiers, and armaments.

All day long are we counted as sheep for the slaughter, Psal. 44 - how long Lord, holy and true? Apocal. Cap. 6, verse 10

Print shows the Pope seated on throne slaying sheep being held by a monk, dead sheep at his feet, while two men burn at the stake in the background; with biblical verse above and below image.

Die Sechste gliechnis

The sixth allegory, showing a man holding a sword and decapitated head standing by dismembered body signifying alchemical purification through separation.


Print showing scenes related to the Soga family.

Franciscus est in coelo

Francis in heaven being torn apart.

[Lovers in an autumn meadow]

Print shows a young man and a young woman embracing in a meadow.

[Two lovers embracing in front of a painted screen]

Print shows a young man sitting on the floor, embracing a young woman straddling him.

[A betrothal ceremony]

Print shows an interior scene with a man entering on the right outside a room with several women; on the left shows a similarly dressed man addressing a woman behind a screen.

[A popular beauty]

Print shows a woman, full-length, standing, facing left.

[The spear dance]

Print shows a male dancer during a spear dance.

[Two lovers under an umbrella]

Print shows a man and a woman, full-length, walking beneath an umbrella.

Iwai sagenta [to] katsuyama matagorō

Print shows actors Iwai Sagenta and Katsuyama Matagorō, one reclining on a veranda, the other about to climb steps to the veranda.

Nami ni goshoguruma moyō no tachi bijin

Print shows a courtesan, facing left, wearing a waterwheel and waves pattern kimono.

Daimyō gyōretsu no ezu

Print shows a long procession of men (nobility or government officials) on foot.

Tekkai sennin

Print shows a woman holding her hands over a man's eyes and blowing a puff of air upon which a small male figure ascends; another woman is waving to the man on the puff of air and appears to be offering him a s... more

[Reading a love letter]

Print shows a young woman reading a love letter.


Print shows a warrior fighting a demon, possibly Ibaraki, at the Rashomon gate.

Tōjin gyōretsu no ezu ichi

Print shows a procession of Chinese men on horseback and on foot, some carrying a palanquin.

Takenuki gorō

Print shows a man, possibly Tokimune Soga (Gorō), uprooting bamboo.

Taka no ha moyō no tachi bijin

Print shows a courtesan wearing feather-pattern kimono.

[Preparing for the first battle]

Print shows a young woman arranging a warrior's hair prior to entering a battle.

[A popular hero, Shibaraku]

Print shows an actor as a samurai making a grand entrance at the "Shibaraku" moment on the kabuki stage.

[A beauty with an umbrella]

Print shows the actor Nakamura Sanya as a young woman standing beneath an umbrella, wearing a head covering and geta.

Yūjo chōkarō

Print shows a courtesan portraying the Chinese sage Zhang Guo Lao Chōkarō releasing his magic horse from a small gourd.

Benkei to kodomo (ataka no matsu)

Print shows the legendary monk warrior Benkei offering gifts to two children who have been gathering pine needles.

Kage e

Print shows two geishas entertaining a man, one is making shadow puppets and the other is playing a shamisen.

Haha to ko

Print shows a mother and her son with an open book; the boy is resting on top of the book, preventing his mother from reading it.


Print shows a woman standing and a warrior attempting to pick up a large rock.

Kaya no uchisoto

Print shows a man, woman, and a child resting outside mosquito netting.

Sannin no yakusha

Print shows three actors, two playing shamisens and one with a teapot or sake pot, two are in the roles of women.

Ichikawa danjūrō [to] ichikawa monnosuke

Print shows the actor Ichikawa Monnosuke as a courtesan and Ichikawa Danjūrō as a merchant.


Print shows two geishas and a man eating; there is a shamisen next to one of the women, the other is holding a tea or sake pot.