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Travelers in a Wintry Forest

During the tenth and eleventh centuries, majestic trees rivaled panoramic landscapes as sources of artistic inspiration. The hermit-painter Jing Hao (act. 900–930), for example, saw in the pine tree "the moral ... more

Two Birds on a Wintry Tree

Two magpies, their feathers fluffed up against the cold, represent a warm reminder of the inevitability of spring. Such pictures of paired birds were often given as birthday gifts to elderly couples. The white ... more

Wintry Plum (Han Mei)

The plum, the first flower to appear in spring, is celebrated along with bamboo and pine as one of the Three Friends of Winter. Admired for its purity and hardiness, sending forth new shoots and delicate blosso... more

Pavilion amongst Wintry Trees after Ni Zan

Qi Zhijia, whom a contemporary described as being "addicted to calligraphy, painting, kickball, cymbal music, and opera," was a native of Shanyin, Zhejiang Province. He served briefly as an official under the M... more

Wintry Mountains

Gong Xian, considered the greatest of the seventeenth-century Nanjing painters, built up his high-contrast images through repetitive layering of ink. Here, he evokes a wintry scene in a mountain village. The ac... more

Wintry Landscape, after Guo Zhongshu

Ike Taiga (Japanese, 1723–1776) Edo period (1615–1868)

Wintry scene, Bernafay Wood. 1917

British Photographs of World War I