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Wild Geese in Winter

Unidentified Artist Chinese, 13th century Southern Song dynasty (1127–1279)

Winter Landscape

Unidentified Artist Song dynasty (960–1279

Crows and Bare Trees in Winter

In this small landscape, groves of straight trees stand in snow. A pale, thin river threads its way to the horizon. This painting and others of austere wintry scenes may reflect the traditional Chinese belief t... more

The Pure Whiteness of Winter

Flowering through snow and cold, plum blossoms are popular symbols of court beauties and of reclusion; as such, they embody romance, tears, lost loves, and the eternal return of springtime. Xu Jing entitled his... more

Winter march of Caesar from BL Royal 17 F II, f. 116v

Miniature of a winter march of Caesar's army, with a partial border including the royal arms of England. Image taken from f. 116v of La grant hystoire Cesar, i.e. Les faits des Romains, with additional texts. W... more

Winter march of Caesar from BL Royal 17 F II, f. 116v

Detail of a miniature of a winter march of Caesar's army. Image taken from f. 116v of La grant hystoire Cesar, i.e. Les faits des Romains, with additional texts. Written in French.

Winter Landscape

Little is known about the Nanjing artist Jiang Song except that he descended from a family of imperial physicians and officials but chose to support himself as a professional painter. Concentrating on a limited... more

Winter Flowers

The nandina, narcissus, rock, and magic fungus on this tapestry serve as homonyms for the phrase “heavenly immortals’ greeting of longevity” (tian xian zhi shou). At the lower right corner, there is a woven sig... more

Dish with the Three Friends of Winter

Pine needles, bamboo leaves, and plum blossoms fill the center of this deeply carved dish. Plum blossoms, which are among the first plants to flower in the early spring, are often associated with the evergreen ... more

Das Plenarium oder Ewangely buoch: Summer und Winter teyl

Hans Schäufelein (German, Nuremberg ca. 1480–ca. 1540 Nördlingen)

The Twelve Ages of Man: The Last Three Ages of Man (54-72), or Winter

This tapestry illustrates the final three ages of man, equated with old age, infirmity and death, in a tripartite composition. The last eighteen years of life correspond to the months of October, November, and ... more


Battista Angolo del Moro (Italian, Verona ca. 1515–ca. 1573 Murano)

[An old man in his winter clothes] / T.B.

An aged Native man from Pomeiock, full-length portrait, facing front, wearing winter garment; landscape scene with village in the background.

Winter, Johann

Verleger: Jobin, Bernhard Stecher: Stimmer, Tobias Stecher: Murer, Christoph Verlagsort: Straßburg

Winter, Johann

1591 / 1605

Winter, Johann

1591 / 1605

Winter, Johann

Stecher: Boissard, Robert Stecher: Bry, Theodor de Datierung: 1597 / 1599

Autumn and Winter Flowers and Birds

On this charming screen, the peculiar fan shape known as a dansen serves as a frame for the two images and gives the viewer the impression of looking through two picturesque windows. The application of gold lea... more

Winter Scene at the Blockhouse in Amsterdam

Reinier Nooms, called Zeeman (Dutch, Amsterdam ca. 1623–1664 Amsterdam)

Winter from a set of The Seasons of Lucas

Master of the Months of Lucas (Netherlandish, active about 1535)


Gilles Rousselet (French, Paris 1614–1686 Paris)

Fall and Winter (.1); Spring and Summer (.2)

Kano Tan'yū (Japanese, 1602–1672)

A Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters and an Imaginary Castle

The artist’s family fled Flanders to the neighboring Dutch province of Zeeland. In Middelburg he specialized in precious flower pictures and landscapes like this one, where the decorative distribution of trees,... more


Wenceslaus Hollar (Bohemian, Prague 1607–1677 London)


Charles Audran (French, Paris 1594–1674 Paris)


Abraham Bosse (French, Tours 1602/1604–1676 Paris)


Abraham Bosse (French, Tours 1602/1604–1676 Paris)

Hyems - Winter (Three-quarter-length seasons)

Wenceslaus Hollar (Bohemian, Prague 1607–1677 London)

Winter (L'Hiver), from 'The Four Seasons'

Etched by Stefano della Bella (Italian, Florence 1610–1664 Florence)

English Lady in Winter Costume (The Winter habit of ane English Gentlewoman)

A full length standing figure of a woman, wearing a dark hood tied under the chin and a black half mask. She also wears a fur stole and carries a fur muff on her left arm. A feather fan hangs from her right wri... more

Winter Landscape with Skaters and Fishermen

Known for tonal, monochromatic landscape paintings in his later years, the Haarlem artist Jan van Goyen made hundreds of chalk drawings from nature in his travels throughout Holland, the Southern Netherlands, a... more

River Landscape in Winter with Figures Skating and Sleds

Jan van Goyen (Dutch, Leiden 1596–1656 The Hague)

Winter Landscape

Jan van Goyen (Dutch, Leiden 1596–1656 The Hague)

River Scene in Winter

Unidentified Artist Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

Winter Landscape

Seasonal landscapes in a Chinese style evoking summer and winter flank an imaginary portrait of Shennong (Japanese: Shinnō), the legendary Chinese emperor and reputed inventor of agriculture and herbal medicine... more

Winter, Johann

Stecher: Franck, Johann

Allegory of Winter, after Sébastien Le Clerc

Anonymous, French, 18th century

Landscapes in Summer and Winter

These paired images function as contrasting emblems of winter and summer. Fiat horizontal lines suggest quiet, dormant winter and the forlorn boat elicits a shiver of sympathy from the viewer. Summer, on the ot... more

Winter (one of a pair)

One of a pair with 51.190.1.

Landscapes in Summer and Winter

These paired images function as contrasting emblems of winter and summer. Fiat horizontal lines suggest quiet, dormant winter and the forlorn boat elicits a shiver of sympathy from the viewer. Summer, on the ot... more

Begonia and Rock Representing Winter; from Set of Four Panels Representing the Four Seasons

Set of four panels, see 62.97.31-.34 Qing dynasty (1644–1911)


Attributed to Anne Vallayer-Coster (French, Paris 1744–1818 Paris)

Table Valance with Winter Garden

Among the winter plants in this table frontal’s main decorative area are camellias, nandina berries, and a blossoming tree, perhaps a wax plum (lamei), all woven largely with metallic thread. The impressive roc... more

Winter Landscape with Two Peasants Walking

August Dahlsteen (Swedish, Stockholm before 1720–ca. 1769 Kassel (?))

Sconce Representing Winter, from 'Wand-Leuchter die 4 Jahrseiten vorstellend'

Design for a sconce in the shape of a large rocaille cartouche with three candelabra with candles springing from the bottom of the cartouche. On top of the cartouche the figure in carnival's costume has been ad... more


Claude Augustin Duflos le Jeune (French, Paris 1700–1786 Paris)

The Lantern in Winter, Water in Summer

Anne Claude Philippe de Tubières, comte de Caylus (French, Paris 1692–1765 Paris)

Winter / Schmolze.

Snow scene with woman carrying basket on her head; ice skaters in background.


Höchst Manufactory (German, 1746–1796)

Condiment jar (one of a pair), with figure symbolizing Winter

Höchst Manufactory (German, 1746–1796)

Four Seasons (Winter)

Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory (British, 1745–1784, Red Anchor Period, ca. 1753–58)

The Delights of Winter (Les Plaisirs de l'Hiver)

After Jean Pillement (French, Lyons 1728–1808 Lyons)


These two figures derive from a set of the Four Seasons originally carved in ivory by Balthasar Permoser. Carlo Ginori (1702–1757), founder of the Doccia factory, owned examples of Permoser's work. Doccia manufactory

Winter and Spring

Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory (British, 1745–1784, Gold Anchor Period, 1759–69)

Candelabrum with figures of Spring and Winter (one of a pair)

Bow Porcelain Factory (British, 1744–1776)

Ukie yukimi shuen no zu

Print shows a view through multiple rooms of small gatherings, men playing board game, women playing with pets, drinking tea, and outside in the snow, rolling large snowballs.

Jūgo ōshō

Print shows Wang Xiang as a child outdoors with two fish on a frozen river in a snow covered landscape.

Winter, from the series "Elegant Play in the Four Seasons" (Fūryūshiki asobi)

Koryūsai was influenced by Harunobu's style in depicting gentle, elegant women. The poem at the upper right of this print reads, "One shouldn't resent a lover's footprints in the morning snow." Isoda Koryūsai (... more


Probably by François Joseph Belanger (French, Paris 1744–1818 Paris)

Longitudinal Section of Great Throne Room (Saint George's Hall), Winter Palace, Saint Petersburg

Attributed to Giacomo Quarenghi (Italian, Rota d'Imagna near Bergamo 1744–1817 Saint Petersburg)

G. Washington, generaal der Noord-Americaanen / Reinr Vinkeles, sculp. naar een origineel schildery, by den Wel Ed. Heer P. van Winter, Nic:z.

Print shows George Washington, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing slightly left, wearing military uniform; in frame hung on wall above base with nameplate. A hat, olive branch, and baton rest on the base, a sw... more

Winter (part of a set of four)

One of a set of four figures of children symbolizing four seasons (see 50.211.45–.48) Neale & Co.