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Lot Prevents the Sodomites from Violence, from The Story of Lot

Lot, at center, addresses two Sodomites at left, while an angel pulls on his arm at right. Based on Genesis 19:10. Plate 2 from a series of four engravings. Heinrich Aldegrever (German, Paderborn ca. 1502–1555/... more

[Demon with sword in his mouth upsets tea ceremony]

Print shows a man or demon, holding sword in his mouth, struggling with two women at a tea party beneath a tree.

The new policeman on the beat - the monopoly gang defies him! / F. Opper.

Illustration shows a policeman from the "New Chicago Anti-Monopoly Party" holding a broken nightstick labeled "Popular Support", standing on a sidewalk at "Vanderbilt's Monopoly Car Yard", confronting a gang of... more

The U.S. Hotel badly needs a "bouncer" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows the lobby of the U.S. Hotel with Uncle Sam and Puck behind the front desk on the left, at center is Chester A. Arthur as the "U.S. Hotel Presidential Bouncer" who is clearing the lobby of agi... more

How do they like it themselves? / Gillam.

Illustration shows Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa and Johann J. Most shocked by sudden attempts of violence against them. At their feet are headlines from the "United Irishmen" and "Freiheit" that state "Sacrifice Wo... more

A positive process from a negative result, "try yer funny bizness on us, will yer?"

Print shows a man with canine facial features that match his dog's, is swinging a large camera like a club at a man whose clothing is in tatters and who is sprawled on the floor, the dog biting his ear; the fur... more

Attacking him in broad daylight / Dalrymple.

Print shows a large policeman labeled "Civil Service Reform" holding a nightstick labeled "Public Opinion", and standing outside a building labeled "Public Offices"; he is about to be assaulted by two diminutiv... more

War in camp

Man and woman fighting violently and small child lying on floor.

The mote in our neighbor's eye / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows at center, Uncle Sam as a policeman attempting to stop a bullfight, calling it a "brutal and degrading sport"; vignettes surrounding the main image show a "Six Day Bicycle Race" with exhausted rider... more

The Chicago platform applied in St. Louis / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows William Jennings Bryan, with a huge smile, sitting on the Democratic donkey labeled "Democracy" with a long, sad face; Bryan is gleefully waving his hat in the direction of a violent riot inv... more

Their best friend / Keppler.

Illustration shows a female figure labeled "Arbitration" standing between a laborer labeled "Strike" who is holding a bomb and about to throw a brick, with the words "Riot" and "Arson" appearing in the smoke bi... more

Only one standard / Keppler.

Illustration shows a mob of labor union laborers charging up the steps of the U.S. Capitol, one man carries a flag that states "The (Labor) Union forever! The man who works when we won't, is a traitor - Kill Hi... more

The scab's appeal to Justice / Keppler.

Illustration shows on the left an angry mob of strikers with clubs, guns, and bricks pursuing a man labeled "Independent Labor" who has fallen near his wife and child in front of the statue of Justice. Justice ... more

At the stake / Keppler.

Illustration shows three men labeled "Riot, Lynching, [and] Violence" burning a female figure labeled "Law and Order" at the stake; she is bound to the stake with ribbons labeled "Prejudice" and "Defiance".

Justice aroused / Kep.

Illustration shows a large, angry female figure representing Justice, drawing a sword labeled "Law and Order" as she strides toward striking union laborers who, taking the law into their own hands, are beating ... more

Concerning a growing menace / Keppler.

Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt standing at a flag-draped podium on the right, pointing to two men on the left, each with a foot on a female figure labeled "Law" lying on the ground; one man has... more

A dangerous brew / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows John Mitchell and Samuel Gompers, representing the United Mine Workers and the American Federation of Labor, as witches stirring a "dangerous brew" of labor violence in a cauldron labeled "Un... more

Will the white slave have a Lincoln? / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows a man labeled "'Independent' Labor" tied to a post labeled "Organized Tyranny" and being whipped by a man labeled "Professional Entertainer"; in the background, a factory is burning.

Joseph Tombling, arrested for obtaining money by false pretences

Name: Joseph Tombling.Arrested for: Larceny.Arrested at: North Shields Police Station.Arrested on: 4 February 1905.Tyne and Wear Archives ref: DX1388-1-63-Joseph Tombling..The Shields Daily News for 10 February... more

The Hoosier Don Quixote / J.K. after Doré.

Illustration shows Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks as Don Quixote sitting in a chair, reading, with a sword in raised right hand, with visions of former (and current) presidents, as well as some of the soci... more

The magic hat / Kep.

Illustration shows, at center, Samuel Gompers standing on a platform, pointing to a sign with a whip labeled "Expulsion", the sign states "To Organized Labor defend you persecuted brethren. Put up, or lose you ... more

Liege Colonne du Droit contre La Violence

Pierre Roche (pseudonym of Fernand Massignon) (1855–1922)

Zum Kampf auf's Letzte sind wir herausgefordert! / Anton Hoffmann, München.

Poster shows German men working in a field being threatened by African soldiers as a French officer looks on. Text encourages people to fight to the last since everything would be lost in a French-English victo... more

Erwürgt nicht die junge Freiheit durch Unordnung und Brudermord; sonst verhungern Eure Kinder

Poster shows a naked little boy holding a red flag. Text: Don't strangle the young freedom with chaos and fratricide or else your children will go hungry.

William Fox presents bride 13 The serial supreme in fifteen episodes : Episode nine "hurled from the clouds" / / Otis Lithograph Co., Cleveland, O.

Motion picture poster for "Bride 13, episode nine, Hurled from the clouds" showing a woman being pushed out of the cockpit of a seaplane over a large body of water; several battleships cruise the sea beneath th... more