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Topic: us history

22,498 media by topicpage 1 of 225

No accommodations!

Southern congressman elect telling clerk of the House of Representatives that he would like to secure his old seat. The clerk replies that he is very sorry, but we can not accommodate you.

Mending the family kettle

Andrew Johnson holds a leaking kettle, labeled "The Reconstructed South", towards a woman representing liberty and Columbia, carrying a baby representing the newly approved 14th Constitutional Amendment.

"As yet, I have found no difficulty in standing upon my own platform"

A puzzling caricature, probably dealing with Reconstruction under Andrew Johnson's administration. The work is quite crudely drawn. An acrobat, with mustache and sideburns and wearing a jester's cap, holds in ... more

Ignis fatuus / Th. Nast.

Print shows men lurking in a swamp at nighttime; one man slices a poster entitled "Military Bill" with a knife; one man wears a hat that says "Ex-CSA"; snakes laugh in the foreground; and a will o' the wisp con... more

Slavery is dead(?) / Th Nast.

Two illustrations showing: Slave being sold as punishment for crime, before Emancipation Proclamation; and African-American being whipped as punishment for crime in 1866.

Southern justice and the president's veto of the military government bill / Th. Nast.

Prints show a statue of a snake-haired man wearing a toga with a CSA belt holding a scale tipping in favor of the south; the unjust results of trials involving southerners and northerners; and depictions of atr... more

Reconstruction, manufactured of the best vuelta abajo tobacco

Tobacco label showing female personifications of North and South shaking hands.

Extract from the reconstructed Constitution of the state of Louisiana, with portraits of the distinguished members of the Convention & Assembly, A.D. 1868

Full-length portrait of Oscar J. Dunn, Lieut. Governor of Louisiana, seated at desk, and twenty-nine head-and-shoulders portraits of African American delegates to the Louisiana Constitutional Convention.

The Louisiana murders - gathering the dead and wounded The disputed prize / / C.H. Weigall.

Top illustration shows Negroes pulling a man on a luge(?), and two men lying in field. Bottom illustration shows jackal and eagle disputing the possession of a dead antelope.

Grant's last outrage in Louisiana / J. Keppler.

Uncle Sam saying to Ulysses S. Grant, "Hold there! Hold there, General! I have tolerated your abuses of your office long enough. ..." Grant replying "March those legislators out. I am going to have my way in th... more

Louisiana--the withdrawal of the federal troops from the State House in New Orleans, at noon, on April 24th / from sketches by our special artist, A.J. Bennett.

Three illustrations showing: "Fort Packard" - the inner courtyard of the State House; the salute on the levee in honor of the evacuation; and the United States troops leaving the Orleans Hotel for Jackson Barracks.

U.S. History Class, Bogota, Colombia

Original caption: Seminar for Colombian Teachers of English in Bogota. Ms. Janet Hofmann addressing the group on U.S. history. Photographs of Information Center Service Activities in Foreign Countries

1906 San Francisco Earthquake Damage: "Riding Down Market Street" 1906 Prelinger Archives

more at http://news.quickfound.net/cities/san_francisco.html "SAN FRANCISCO EARTHQUAKE: Horse and wagon / damaged buildings / views of destruction / people on streets / desolation on Market Street Earthquake 1... more

San Francisco Earthquake Aftermath 1906 Prelinger Archives

more at http://news.quickfound.net/cities/san_francisco.html "VS aftermath of 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Footage from moving vehicle driving down street; tents pitched along street, horse drawn carriages, ... more