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Topic: united kingdom
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Decorated letter from BL Harley 7586A, f. 2

Detail of the Hebrew letter ~shin~ decorated with foliate motifs, which served as a book plate of the patron Shabbetai ben Mattatya of Rome (see Narkiss, 1984). Image taken from f. 2 of Guide of the Perplexed (... more

Boethius from BL Harley 4335, f. 1

Miniature of Boethius in his library and decorated initial 'S'. Image taken from f. 1 of Le Livre de Boece de Consolacion (index Consolation of Philosophy; De Consolatione Philosophiae) (Book 1). Written in Lat... more

Tudor Rose from BL Royal 11 E XI, f. 2

Detail of an allegorical miniature of a bush of the Tudor rose incorporating a Latin poem celebrating the House of Tudor, with a scroll reading 'Salve, radix varios producens germine ramos, / Quos inter ramus s... more

Queen Victoria, c.1870.

By Andre-Adolphe-Eugene Disderi .....A cabinet card sized woodburytype of Queen Victoria (1819-1901), taken in about 1870 by the French photographer Disderi (1819-1889). This is from the 'Disderi' album in the ... more

'Torquay, Victoria Parade From the Pier'

Creator: Francis Bedford (1816 - 1894).Date: c. 1880.Format: Albumen print.Collection: National Media Museum Collection ( http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/Collection/Photography ) .Inventory no: 1990-5037... more

This train is now ready to depart

Description: "Photograph of railway guard giving the signal to the engine driver." Photograph by RL Sirus...Date: 1884..Our Catalogue Reference: COPY 1/369/256 ( http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/cat... more

R101 and cows

Description: British R101 airship at mooring tower. The vessel was 237 metres long...Date: c.1929..Our Catalogue Reference: AIR 5/919 ( http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/catalogue/displaycataloguedetails.asp?C... more

Triumph of Death from BL Harley 2953, f. 20

Full-page miniature of the Triumph of Death (probably added). Image taken from f. 20 of .

Christ and John from BL Royal 15 D II, f. 109v

Detail of a miniature of Christ dictating to John. Image taken from f. 109v of La lumiere as lais; Apocalypse (the 'Welles Apocalypse'). Written in French.

Grotesque from BL Royal 15 E IV, f. 295v

Detail of a grotesque, from the margins of the folio. Image taken from f. 295v of Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre, volume 1. Written in French.

Moses from BL Royal 20 B IV, f. 152

Detail of a miniature of Moses and family kneeling in praise of Christ. Image taken from f. 152 of Meditationes vitae Christi (Le Livre doré des meditations de la vie de nostre seigneur Jesu Christ). Written in French.

Death from BL Harley 2936, f. 84

Detail of a miniature of Death, at the beginning of Matins in the Office of the Dead. Image taken from f. 84 of Book of Hours, Use of Rome. Written in Latin.

Jerusalem from BL Eg 1070, f. 5

Full-page miniature of Jerusalem and the Dome of the Rock Image taken from f. 5 of Book of Hours, Use of Paris ('The Hours of René d'Anjou'). Written in Latin, calendar and rubrics in French.

Wild man from BL Royal 15 D I, f. 18

Detail from the full border of a wild man holding a shield and a banner bearing the royal arms of England. Image taken from f. 18 of La Bible Historiale, part 4 (Bible Historiale of Edward IV). Written in French.

Presentation of the text from BL Harley 2278, f. 6

Detail of a miniature of the presentation of the text to the king, or alternatively, the admission of the king and leading courtiers into the confraternity of St Edmund, an event described in the poem, and ill... more

Border from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 3

Detail of medallion scenes within the lower border of the folio. Image taken from f. 3 of Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (the 'Smithfield Decretals'). Written in Latin.

Birds from BL Royal 15 E III, f. 11

Detail of a peahen and another bird among flowers, from the border. Image taken from f. 11 of De proprietatibus rerum in French (Livre des proprietez des choses). Written in French.

Border from BL Royal 15 D IV, f. 38

Detail of a man doing a handstand amongst the foliage in the lower border of the folio. Image taken from f. 38 of Historia Alexandri (Quinte Curse Ruffe des faiz du grant Alexandre). Written in French.

Boccaccio and Petrarch from BL Royal 14 E V, f. 391

Detail of a miniature of Boccaccio and Petrarch reading books, with an inscription on the wall, 'Josne et joyeulx', at the beginning of book 8. Image taken from f. 391 of De casibus virorum illustrium in French... more