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Uncle Sam, an American song

An illustrated sheet music cover for a song "written and sung by Mr. Howard Paul, in his comic & musical entertainment 'Patch Work.'" Uncle Sam here is a young man in a wide-brimmed hat and patchwork jacket. He... more

Sam's coming

A music cover for a song by William Clifton, "inscribed [i.e., dedicated] to New York Know Nothing leader James W. Barker Esq." The illustration features the youthful "Sam" type who appears in various identitie... more

Stephen finding his mother

Northern Democratic presidential candidate Stephen A. Douglas was widely criticized for his campaign tours of the country--an unusual practice for a presidential nominee. In an attempt to evade such opprobrium ... more

[Cartoon showing Uncle Sam and General McClellan standing before a playbill which reads: Every day this week onward to Richmond by a select company of star generals]

Also shows Abraham Lincoln standing behind General Scott and next to Edwin M. Stanton, inscribed over them: War Department.

Uncle Sam, "Go ahead, boys, I'll take care of the wives and babies - God bless you!" / J.M.

Cartoon shows Uncle Sam waving Union troops off to Virginia, telling them that he will take care of the women and children who are gathered around him, as well as two large bags labeled "gold."

It is a bad rule that don't work both ways / Th. Nast.

Uncle Sam speaking to the Geneva court about Alabama claims. Liberty(?) sits in the seat of judgement.

That dinosaur egg-- "strictly fresh" (or nearly so)

Senator, "Borah," dressed as child, offering "Soviet" egg to Uncle Sam.

Grant's last outrage in Louisiana / J. Keppler.

Uncle Sam saying to Ulysses S. Grant, "Hold there! Hold there, General! I have tolerated your abuses of your office long enough. ..." Grant replying "March those legislators out. I am going to have my way in th... more

Puck's advice gratis to some editorial shriekers for Grant Don't forget your "Man on Horseback" - but your man on foot has too many curs at his heels / / J. Keppler.

Cupid standing by Uncle Sam, who is seated on steps, next to an equestrian statue of Ulysses S. Grant, Grant walking, followed by George M. Robeson, Murphy, Orville E. Babcock, William W. Belknap, Shepherd, Wil... more

Our Indian policy - a house of cards / J. Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam sitting at a table outside an "Indian Store" with Natives and government agents gathered around; he was constructing a house of cards labeled "Indian Policy" until the government agents an... more

Our Indian policy--a house of cards / J. Keppler.

Cartoon showing Uncle Sam seated at table with cards labelled "Indian policy," which had been stacked up, being blown down by white men as Indians look on.

Uncle Sam's neglected farm / J. Keppler.

Print shows Puck's "Independent Party" figure, holding a hoe labeled "Civil Service Reform" and talking to Uncle Sam who is sitting on a fence while two figures argue on the right, one is labeled "Democrat, Bou... more

Arthur's awkward "white elephant" / Gillam.

Print shows President Chester A. Arthur sitting on a rock with a large white elephant that looks like Roscoe Conkling standing next to him; Arthur is wondering how to get rid of the elephant. Uncle Sam, holding... more

Coney Island and the crowned heads / F. Graetz.

Print shows Uncle Sam welcoming several heads of state labeled "Pan-Slavism, Nihilism, Socialism, Pauperism, Communism [represented by Marianne], Fenianism, Mormonism wearing a fez, [and] Spain" to a swim at Co... more

The anti-Chinese wall / F. Graetz.

Print shows Uncle Sam using "Congressional Mortar" and building blocks carried by ethnic workers to construct a wall with the stones are labeled "Law against Race, Prejudice, Jealousy, Competition, Fear, Anti L... more

Congressional cracksmen / J. Keppler.

Print shows "Policeman Puck" and Uncle Sam investigating a robbery at the U.S. Treasury, a safe has been broken into and a barrel labeled "150,000,000 $ Surplus" is empty; there is a hole in the floor which lea... more

Rotten to the core / J. Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam with a toothache labeled "Mormonism!", sitting on a chair in the office of "Washington Dental Association" offering "S.S. Cox's Laughing Gas - Mild & Harmless", as two arms labeled "Senate... more

A family party - the 200th birthday of the healthiest of Uncle Sam's adopted children / F. Graetz.

Print shows Uncle Sam standing at the head of a table at a dinner party in honor of the "Bi-Centennial Celebration of the First German Settlement", with Columbia sitting next to him; around the table are a "Spa... more

The U.S. Hotel badly needs a "bouncer" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows the lobby of the U.S. Hotel with Uncle Sam and Puck behind the front desk on the left, at center is Chester A. Arthur as the "U.S. Hotel Presidential Bouncer" who is clearing the lobby of agi... more

Put 'em on ice! / Gillam.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam putting politicians, newspaper editors, and others on "Ice" in an icehouse to keep them cool until campaign time for the presidential election. Among those depicted are Ulysses S. G... more

What 's in it? / Gillam.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam sitting at a table in the "Congresssional Lunch Rooms", he is being served a large sausage labeled "Tariff Bill" by a waiter labeled "Republican", another waiter labeled "Democrat" ... more

"Puck" is not going to be left - he has a horse-show of his own / Gillam.

Print shows the interior of a barn crowded with horses and even more trying to get in, on the left, in the back, they are George M. Robeson, George F. Hoar, Rutherford B. Hayes, William Mahone, and Thomas C. Pl... more

The political Sam'ls of Posen / Gillam.

Print shows a large group of political peddlers trying to sell their goods to Columbia as mistress of the house. Among those shown are Samuel J. Tilden selling "Tribulation Toys", Benjamin F. Butler with "Elast... more

The greatest show on earth - "who can ride the mule?" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a circus performance under the big top with Uncle Sam as ringmaster for a show with a bucking bronco or donkey labeled "Tariff Question"; the donkey has already thrown one man labeled "Democr... more

Nursing our infant industries / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows several congressmen and senators dressed as women nursing symbols of American industry; Sherman and Blaine feeding "American Swine" as it sits on a rocking horse, William D. Kelley, known as ... more

Bottled politics / J. Keppler.

Print shows two old men, one of whom may be Uncle Sam holding a glass, sitting at a table in a saloon, on which is a large bottle of alcohol labeled "Regulated Ohio Brand", on a shelf behind them are other bott... more

"Take the next car!" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows a street railroad car labeled "Republican Protection Line" and "Congress 47" with a crowd of men standing on the rear platform, among them is the conductor labeled "Keifer" and Frank "Hiscock... more

Thanksgiving / J. Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam, Columbia, and Puck sitting at a table, ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner in a gallery with paintings on the wall in the background; Uncle Sam is gesturing toward these paintings... more

Christmas at Washington / J. Keppler '83.

Print shows several members of Congress around a large Christmas tree labeled "Tax Surplus" decorated with money bags labeled "Surplus"; the legislators carry bags in which to place the bags of surplus they plu... more

The Presidential recruiting-office / Gillam.

Illustration shows the interior of a recruiting office for the presidency with Uncle Sam and Puck examining potential recruits against a height chart labeled, from low to high, "Notoriety, Popularity, Capabilit... more

The World's International and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, La., open from Dec. 1st 1884 to May 31st 1885 / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam and Liberty greeting a group of women labeled "Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, La Plata, Chili, Hayti, [and] Ecuador" to the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New O... more

Bottom's dream

Illustration shows Puck's stereotypical Irishman labeled "Democracy" in the role of "Bottom" from Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream", with Puck holding the head of an ass above him. He is holding a paper t... more

An unpleasant ride through the presidential "haunted forest" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam and Dame Democracy riding in a horse-drawn carriage through a forest where 21 or 22 faces of presidential hopefuls can be seen in the trees, rocks, and grasses, and have spooked the... more

The slush will have to stay / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a sleepy Uncle Sam wearing a robe and standing in the snow marked with "$" at the foot of snow-covered steps, with the "U.S. Treasury" in the background; he is handing a shovel labeled "Repea... more

The four Rips; or, twenty years behind the age / Gillam.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam seated at a table in front of "Uncle Sam's Inter-State Market" with a businessman labeled "Northern Capital" on the right and an agricultural producer labeled "Southern Goods - Cott... more

Canada as "Mother Mandelbaum" / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam dressed as a policeman standing on the U.S. side of a "'Fence' for American Defaulters" and staring at Fredericka Mandelbaum who is standing on the Canadian side, dressed as a Nativ... more

No more of those hideous monuments! / Gillam.

Illustration shows Puck grabbing the arm of Uncle Sam who is staring in dismay at statues labeled "Coggswell, W.H. Seward Madison Square, Admiral Dupont Washington D.C., Custer West Point, George Washington Uni... more

Noxious growths in liberty's grounds / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam and a female figure identified as Liberty strolling through a park among trees labeled "Equal Rights, Free Press, Free Schools, Free Speech, Free Ballot, Constitution, [and] Religio... more

Peace, but not business / Gillam.

Illustration shows a perplexed Uncle Sam standing in front of a store labeled "Notice - No Reciprocity in Trade Here" that is well-stocked with items available for international trade; a man labeled "Trade" is ... more

The nation's ward / Hamilton.

Cartoon showing a snake portrayed as a Native American coiled around a pioneer family, squeezing the life out of them, and around a tree; Uncle Sam is feeding the snake from a bowl of "Government Gruel"; in the... more

A great past and a pitiful present / Gillam.

Illustration shows Whitelaw Reid, John Sherman, George F. Hoar, and John Logan lifting Uncle Sam above a swamp filled with several faces of corruption labeled "Blainism, Robesonism, Mahone Repudiation, Land Gra... more

The new leader and the old chorus / Gillam.

Illustration shows John Logan labeled "New Leader" of the Republican Party, the "party of Reform and Puritee", holding a paper that states "Logan Speec[h] at Boston July 1885", standing in the street between th... more

The one man power in our jury system / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows an old hag labeled "Tradition" sitting in a chair labeled "Justice" and holding a large balance scale labeled "LAW" with ten men on the right and one smug man labeled "Stubbornness, Ignorance... more

[Winter at last]

A frozen Uncle Sam sits on a map of the United States, covered in a blanket of snow. Jack Frost, who watches from behind in the sea has his arms folded and a horn at his side.

Snowed in / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Puck offering an "Anti Silver Coinage" snow shovel to William M. Evarts during a snowstorm that is depositing silver coins on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and the Department of Treasury bu... more

His soonness / F. Opper.

Illustration shows New York Governor Hill pressing the "Notoriety" button for the "Presidential Elevator"; Uncle Sam, the manager of the elevator, is sitting nearby and tells Hill that he is too early, also sug... more

More American than Americans themselves

Irish-American Uncle Sam wearing hat with pipe and four-leaf clover pulling at coat of arms under words "The Old Boston State Hou[se]."

The returned prodigal shows signs of relapse : Old Observer (who has several other aliases)--"what is the fatted calf to a party that has eaten husks for twenty years. Give him the whole herd"

Man standing next to Uncle Sam, possibly Grover Cleveland; man in center wrapped in tiger skin; two men at left wrapped in newspapers, "The Sun" and "Louisville Courier-Journal."

The consumer consumed / W.A. Rogers.

Cartoon showing Uncle Sam as "U.S. Customs" in front of imported goods counter and man as "monopoly" standing in front of domestic goods counter holding out their hands for money from "consumer".

The difference between trimming a hedge and cutting it down Uncle Sam, "Now don't come around tellin' me that story about cuttin' down the hedge and bein' eat up by the free-trade b'ars" / / W.A. Rogers.

Political cartoon showing Thomas Brackett Reed as a boy, crying to Uncle Sam, with another boy pulling small wagon "pig iron, Kelley," while President Grover Cleveland trims "tariff, the protection hedge" to re... more

The American usurper assumes the diadem and purple The leaders of the rabble clamouring for the slavery of the Middle Ages.

Print showing Uncle Sam with sword standing on the left with figures from American History and the U.S. Capitol behind him, and a man wearing a feathered crown and ermine robe, with one foot on the Declaration ... more

Out of the silver flood / Dalrymple.

Uncle Sam pulling woman, "business interests" out of body of water "Sherman Silver Purchase Act", using rope "public opinion" over rock "repeal of the Sherman Law by the 53rd Congress."

Not up to the mark yet / J.K.

Print shows Uncle Sam shaking hands with John Bull who is holding a yacht labeled "Valkyrie"; between them is the America's Cup on a pedestal labeled with the names of American yachts and the year they won the ... more

A senatorial desperado / Dalrymple.

Print shows a silver miner labeled "Stewart" strangling Uncle Sam who is holding a walking stick labeled "Public Opinion", near the entrance to the "Stewart, Jones & Co. Silver Miners (Unlimited)"; he threatens... more

Uncle Sam's dismal swamp / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam sitting on a log in a swamp labeled "Spoils System" from which snakes labeled "Quayism", "Bardsleyism", and "Tannerism", and noxious fumes rise in the form of shades labeled "Raumism - Pen... more

Thanksgiving / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows a vignette cartoon with young women watching a football game at center, and surrounding vignettes depicting William McKinley as Napoleon I, "New Jersey" cleaning up gambling and horse racing, an uni... more

It doesn't look much like it / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows Uncle Sam using a pitchfork to pile up money labeled "$160,000,000.00 Yearly" as food for an elephant labeled "U.S. White Elephant" wearing a military hat labeled "Pensions".

Coroner Harrison is a little too previous / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam reclining in a chair with his feet resting on a foot stool, on a table next to him are medications labeled "Tariff Reform Tonic" and "Repeal of Sherman Silver Law Elixir", on the floor nex... more

Out of the silver flood! / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam trying to climb out of a flood of silver coinage toward elevated ground labeled "Repeal of the Sherman Law by the 53rd Congress" using a rope labeled "Public Opinion" while carrying a fema... more

Union of all nations / Th. Nast, 1893.

Patriotic drawing commemorating the Naval Review held in New York Harbor in connection with the World's Columbian Exposition held in Chicago in 1893. The drawing shows a young woman holding a paper labeled "Th... more

Another hide to be taken / Dalrymple.

Print shows a wolf wearing a red cape labeled "Hard Times 1893", standing on a rock outside a gate labeled "U.S." with Uncle Sam standing inside the gate and pointing a rifle labeled "Business Revival" at the w... more

Tariff reform tonic / Dalrymple.

Print shows a "Before" and "After" comparison with Uncle Sam in the "before taking" vignette as listless and fatigued, sitting next to a table on which is a bottle of "Tariff Reform Tonic", and in the "after ta... more

An unpromising pair of racers / F. Opper.

Print shows a doubtful Uncle Sam watching as two horses pass on a racetrack headed for the start of the race. On the first horse labeled "Wilson Bill" is jockey William L. Wilson wearing a ribbon labeled "Tarif... more

A senate for revenue only / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam sitting on the Speaker's desk in the "U.S. Senate", bound by tape labeled "McKinley's High Protection Monopoly Tariff", facing a group of senators labeled "Coal Senator, R. Road Senator, C... more

The glad Thanksgiving of some personages from Puck's pages / F. Opper.

Print shows a vignette cartoon with Uncle Sam sitting in a chair, enjoying a good cigar and the latest issue of PUCK magazine; the surrounding vignettes, feature PUCK characters who are thankful that, despite s... more

"Love me, love my dog" / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows Uncle Sam sitting on a bench with a young woman wearing a coat labeled "Wilson Bill" and a hat labeled "Tariff Reform"; she is holding a bull dog on her lap that is wearing a collar labeled "Income Tax".

Up to date! / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows William McKinley holding an axe behind his back labeled "McKinley Act" and pointing to a cherry tree labeled "American Industries" that has been chopped down; he tells Uncle Sam that Grover Cleveland did it.

Puck's valentines for 1894 / F. Opper.

Print shows a vignette cartoon with, at center, Uncle Sam and President Cleveland shaking hands, a portrait of Liliuokalani, Queen of Hawaii, is in the background; the surrounding vignettes feature a cast of ch... more

The opening of the gate / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam opening the "Protection Gate" at the "U.S. Custom House" where a sign states "Reduction of Tolls from 50 to 38 Percent. Wool, Lumber, Twine, and Fresh Fish, Free!!. The Roman god Mercury i... more

The American farmer - where he has to sell, and where he has to buy / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam as an American farmer trying to sell his products labeled "Pork, Wheat, Butter, Beef, Oats", and corn overseas where there is stiff "Open Competition" at the "Market of the World" represen... more

Merely wants to know / F. Opper.

Print shows Uncle Sam with a feather in his hat labeled "Victory", holding America's Cup labeled "Yachting Champion", a cricket bat labeled "Cricket Champion", and a medal labeled "Athletic Champion", and with ... more

Mutual sympathy / F.M. Hutchins.

Print shows John Bull and Uncle Sam, both bent under the weight of the governing bodies that they are carrying on their backs with papers labeled "Hereditary Right to Obstruct Legislation" and "Senatorial Rules... more

Progress and poverty - a decoration day study / Dalrymple.

Print shows waves of veterans marching through a memorial arch on "Decoration Day", carrying banners that state "We will continue to save the country, so long as there is a dollar in the Treasury" and "Army of... more

A rival who has come to stay / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam standing with his arms spread on a solid dock labeled "U.S." next to a sign that states "Uncle Sam - The ship builder re-established with great success in 1893. American ships for American... more

Among the silent ones / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows Uncle Sam holding a paper labeled "Political Guide" and riding on a camel being led by Puck through the "City of Silence", past several silent sphinxes labeled "Tom Reed, Allison, McKinley, Morton, ... more

Not this Thanksgiving / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows Uncle Sam standing on the sidewalk with a large turkey labeled "Business Revival" in a basket labeled "From Cleveland & Co."; on the right are three vendors offering scrawny turkeys for sale, from l... more

Some time in the future / Dalrymple.

Print shows Uncle Sam comforting a crying female figure labeled "Cuba", as two men with broken swords labeled "Insurgent" and "Spaniard" take a break from fighting.

That coveted cup / Ehrhart.

Print shows Uncle Sam sitting back in a chair on the beach next to America's Cup festooned with laurel branches and the names of American yachts and the year they won the Cup, "America 1851, Magic 1870, Columbi... more

Trying to make an April fool of him / F. Opper.

Print shows Uncle Sam dancing through a minefield of political issues, such as "Catholic Demands for part of School Funds", "Single Tax Fad", "Populism", "Prohibition Foolishness", "Women's Rights Nonsense", an... more

A hard beast to handle / F.M. Hutchins.

Print shows a silver elephant wearing a ribbon labeled "Currency Problem" in a stall with a shackle labeled "Clevelands Veto" on one foot and a notice on the wall that states "Look Out for the Elephant - He is ... more