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Trouble in the Spartan ranks. Old Durham in the field

A complex and somewhat obscure satire celebrating the defeat of Dorrite Democrats in the Rhode Island state elections of spring 1843. The canvass was held the year following the successful suppression of the Do... more

That's what's the trouble with John C.

Female figure of Columbia and Doctor Jonathan conversing about a small man, probably John C. Frémont, with his head labeled "Lincoln." Columbia says: "Tell me doctor, what is the matter with him? Do you think h... more

Baby in trouble

Small child holding spoon as dog eats from the child's bowl.

The drinker's progress. Gets into trouble

Stereograph showing a studio scene of a policeman intervening in a fight, against a painted backdrop.

He shouldn't have any trouble in choosing / Dalrymple.

Print shows Father Knickerbocker, symbolic figure of New York City, labeled "Greater New York" with a "Vote" in his pocket, deciding between the "Tammany" Tiger (John C. Sheehan?), on the left, representing "Sp... more

The real trouble will come with the "wake"

Cartoon showing animals representing the international force that put an end to the Boxer Rebellion in China and re-esetablished their own economic influence. The armed lion is England, the bear is Russia, and ... more

The real trouble will come with the "Wake"

Animal personifications of Russia, England, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Japan fighting over body of China (dragon); U.S. (eagle) looks on.

Don't you see that you are making me a great deal of trouble? / from a photo. by Miss Zaida Ben-Yûsuf.

Illustration for article entitled "Miss Wainwright's adventure, a mid-summer comedy of misunderstandings" by George Hibbard, shows two men and a woman in a jewelry store.

In trouble

2 girls with upset wheelbarrow and spilled apples.

Trouble ahead for the trainer / J.S. Pughe.

Illustration shows President Theodore Roosevelt as a trainer in a circus, holding a whip and getting tangled in ropes attached to a hippopotamus labeled "The Trusts", an elephant labeled "G.O.P.", a donkey labe... more

Trouble on the line

Two women pulling each other's hair in front of clothesline.

All time heap much trouble, wow!! / Keppler.

Illustration shows a group of senators dressed as Native Americans in a war dance around a totem pole with the face of President Theodore Roosevelt carved at the top.

"The trouble, my friends, with socialism is that it would destroy initiative" / Kep.

Illustration shows a large gorilla-like monster with human head, clutching clusters of buildings labeled "Public Utilities, Competition, [and] Small Business" with his right arm and left leg, as he crushes a bu... more