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Topic: trials litigation etc

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Hell in triumph or The devil has got his own / Peepo Mellico, scratchavit.

Print shows Sir Hugh Palliser, a naval admiral and accuser of Admiral Augustus Keppel following the inconclusive battle off the coast of Ushant in 1778, being pulled off a cliff by demons toward the open mouth ... more

John Malcom / dessiné et gravé par F. Godefroy.

Depicts event of January 25, 1774 when Boston Commissioner of Customs John Malcom (or Malcomb) was tarred and feathered and hung out his window by an angry mob.

The heroic Charlotte la Cordé, upon her trial, at the bar of the revolutionary tribunal of Paris, July 17, 1793 / Js. Gy. desn. et fect.

Print shows Charlotte Corday standing before the judges of the Revolutionary Tribunal with the body of Marat which lying between them. She responds to the Tribunal, "Wretches, I did not expect to appear before ... more

The heroic Charlotte la Cordé, upon her trial,... / Js. Gy., desn. et fect.

"The interior of the Revolutionary Tribunal crowded with figures. Charlotte Corday (right) stands at the bar, a raised circular stone platform, her wrists linked by a chain, addressing her judges (left), who li... more

Fouquier-Thinville jugé par le tribunal révolutionnaire, le 12 Floréal au 3eme de la République / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Antoine Quentin Fouquier-Tinville on trial before the Revolutionary Tribunal in the third year of the Republic.

A sketch of the interior view of the House of Lords, representing the trial of her majesty Queen Caroline / drawn by Cruikshanks ; etched by Roberts.

Print showing the interior of the House of Lords during the trial of Caroline, queen, consort of George IV. Seated around a table in the center are the Queen, the Judges, the Bishops, the Lord Chancellor, the A... more

A royal brewery, or how to cook a wife

Print shows George IV, "a conning stoker," of some "Mischief brewing," stirring up the "Flames of Persecution," with "vengeance," saying, "If this trial fail I'l brew no more." Behind him is a vat "Filthy compo... more

Louis XVI repousse l'accusation d'avoir fait tirer sur le peuple / Ary Scheffer del. ; Pourvoyeur sc.

Louis XVI, seated in the foreground on the right, responding to accusations presented by the people of France.

Ein Neues Trauer-lied ...

In German, a poem, entitled "A New lament," which tells the tale of Susanna Cox (1785?-1809), who was executed for the murder of her illegitimate child.

Marie Antoinette condemned by the Revolutionary Tribunal / from the original painting by Paul Delaroche.

Print shows Marie Antoinette, full-length portrait, facing front, with soldiers during her trial by the Revolutionary Tribunal.

Now ready: the Dred Scott decision--Opinion of Chief-Justice Roger B. Taney ...

Advertisement for pamphlet of the Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision by Van Evrie, Horton & Co., No. 40 Ann Street, New York.

The trial and sentence of Christ / by Wm. C. Robertson, 59 Cedar St., NY.

Print shows Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns, with hands loosely bound, sitting in a large room surrounded by theologians who hold up their sentences against him. Pointius Pilate of Jerusalem is the judge... more

The Surratt jury / Johnson, photographer.

Photograph shows the 12 male jurors at the trial of John H. Surratt. The individual jurors are identified by name below the image.

Celebrities of the great trial "Theodore Tilton vs. Henry Ward Beecher." The verbatim report / Ed. W. Welcke & Bro. photo. lithographers, N.Y.

Print shows head-and-shoulders portrait of Chief Justice Joseph Neilson surrounded by head-and-shoulders portraits of 17 people, including S.D. Morris, Theodore Tilton, Francis D. Moulton, and Henry Ward Beecher.

Roosevelt facing his jury first actual photographs of Col. Roosevelt in court / / photograph by Underwood & Underwood.

Photograph shows Theodore Roosevelt testifying on his own behalf in the Roosevelt-Newett Libel case in the court house at Marquette, Michigan.

The defense

The three-frame cartoon sequence portrays Sulzer's attack on Murphy. In the first frame, Murphy sits on the deck of a boat with a large cannon, drinking a glass of "Highway Loot" when his "bagman" points to an ... more

Roosevelt takes stand at Barnes-Roosevelt trial. April 20 Colonel Roosevelt on the stand.

Photograph shows Theodore Roosevelt seated with legs crossed; left hand gripping jacket lapel.

Snapped during the Col. Mitchell court martial proceedings today - Col. Sherman Moreland, judge advocate, and Lt. Col. Joseph I. McMullen, ass't. judge advocate

Photograph shows Colonel Sherman Moreland and Lt. Colonel Joseph I. McMullen seated at a table during the court martial proceedings against General William Mitchell for expressing his views about the value of a... more

Mitchell, his wife, and aides being photographed before going into the Morrow Aviation Board, Sept. 29, 1925

Photograph shows General Billy Mitchell, his wife, Caroline Stoddard Mitchell, and two aides approaching a row of news photographers.

After Lindbergh told story to Bronx grand jury / World-Telegram staff photo.

Charles A. Lindbergh is shown telling the grand jury his story of the payment of $50,000 ransom for his son. At the right is Colonel H. Norman Schwarzkopf, of the New Jersey State Police, who accompanied Colon... more

Anne and Charles Lindbergh on the witness stand / World-Telegram staff photo.

Charles A. Lindbergh is shown on the witness stand in the courtroom at Flemington as he told his dramatic story of the night of March 1, 1932.

'J. Peters' faces committee / World Telegram & Sun photo by Al Ravenna.

Photograph showing Alexander Stevens (left) being sworn in by Rep. John McDowell in the Federal Building.

Robert Chambers trial Attorney Jack Littman [sic].

Drawing shows attorney Jack Litman questioning a witness as Judge Howard Bell, the jury, and others look on.