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Top of Incense Burner

Made in Kharga Oasis, Byzantine Egypt

Top of a Signet Ring

Made in France

Top of a Hairpin

Eastern Javanese period

Top of a Bell in the Form of a Demon King or Guardian

This finial from a hanging bell takes the form of an unusually lively and finely modeled rakshasa—a demon king or guardian. He is depicted as a short, potbellied grimacing creature with fangs and large bulbous ... more

Top of a Scepter

Eastern Javanese period, Singasari kingdom

Mahavira Sitting at the Top of the Universe: Folio from a Kalpasutra Manuscript

Mahavira as a liberated soul (siddha), having departed this life for the highest celestial heaven, isatpragbhara, is represented by the inverted crescent moon of "pure white gold." All siddhas, foremost among w... more

Top Lames of Vambraces (Arm Defenses) from a Costume Armor

This armor reproduces in steel the extravagant puffed and slashed costume of the German Landsknechte (mercenary infantry troops). The matching pieces are preserved in the Musée de l'Armée, Paris. Coming from th... more

Reverse Copy of the Top of Dagger Sheath with David Holding the Head of Goliath

after Heinrich Aldegrever (German, Paderborn ca. 1502–1555/1561 Soest)

Design for an Octagonal Table and Top (Recto); Design for altar or tomb monument (Verso)

This drawing comes from an album with designs by or for an Italian cabinet maker. It shows a design for an octagonal table with two variants for its base. A client would choose either the left or right table le... more

Candlestick with Two Ignudi on Top of a Vase with Lion Heads

Design for a candlestick with two ignudi seen from the back, supporting a basin and standing on top of a vase. The vase is decorated is decorated with masks in the shape of lion's heads. The foot of the candles... more