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Kieft, Willem - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Stuyvesant, Peter - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Nicolls, Richard. Fort James
Lovelace, Francis [N.Y.?] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Colve, Anthony . Fort William Hendrick
Andross, Edmund (Sir) - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Leisler, Jacob. New York
Anthony Brockholls. New York. To Wm. Penn
Dongan, Thomas. New York. To William Penn
Leisler, Jacob. [N.Y.?] To constables of Harlem and Bouwery
Sloughter, Henry. Fort William Henry. To Matthew Clarkson
Ingoldsby, Richard. Fort William Henry
Leisler, Jacob. New York. Letter from N.N. to a friend in Amsterdam, relating to the execution of Leisler and his son-in-law
Leisler, Jacob. New York
Ingoldsby, Richard. [N.Y.?] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Fletcher, Benjamin. Fort William Henry. To Col. Wm. Markham
Nicholson, Francis. Annapolis, Md. To [Benjamin Fletcher?]
Coote, Richard, Earl of Bellomont. Albany
Schuyler, Peter. New York
Van Dam, Rip. New York
Nanfan, John. To Mr. Cossens
Hyde, Edward, Viscount Cornbury. New York
Clarke, George. N.Y. To Mr. [Thomas] Cardale
Hyde, Edward, Viscount Cornbury. [N.Y.?]
Lovelace, John. N. Y
Hunter, Robert. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Hunter, Robert. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Schuyler, Peter. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Burnet, William. New York
Colden, Cadwallader. N.Y. To [John Montgomerie]
Montgomerie, Edward. [N.Y.] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Montgomerie, John. N.Y - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Van Dam, Rip. N.Y. To Hansen
Cosby, William. [New York]
Clarke, George. New York. To Lieut. Gov. George Thomas of Pennsylvania
Clinton, George. New York
Clinton, George. New York. To the [Council of the Colony of N.Y.]
Osborne, Sir Danvers. New York
Hardy, Sir Charles. Hudson River 8 miles from Albany. To James Alexander and members of His Majesty's Council at New York
De Lancey, James. New York
Colden, Cadwallader. Fort George, New York. Petition to Colden
De Lancey, James. New York. To Sir William Johnson
Colden, Cadwallader. New York. To [Sir William Johnson]
Moore, Sir Henry. New York
Colden, Cadwallader. New York. To Sir William Johnson
Low, Isaac. New York. To Jellis Fonda
Dunmore, John Murray, Earl of Williamsburg, Virginia. To Sir William Johnson
Monckton, Robert. To the Mayor of Berwick
Sumner, Increase et al. Boston, Massachusetts
Willett, Marinus. Fort Schuyler
Steuben, Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von. To Colonel Everett Meade
Hay, John. Detroit. To Governor Hamilton
Smith, William. Lisbon. To James L. Cathcart
Tiffany Glass Co. memorial window at Pan American Exposition

Tiffany Glass Co. memorial window at Pan American Exposition

Part of title from jacket. "Window in memory of Theodorus Bailey Myers Mason, USN D. 1848-1899" and "5206" on negative. Detroit Publishing Co. no. 042574. Gift; State Historical Society of Colorado; 1949.

Arlington, Henry Bennett, Earl of. To King Charles II
Barefoot, Walter. Portsmouth - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Cortlandt, Phillip. New York. To Poulus [Amsin---]
New York. To [Messrs. Engelgraaft, etc.]
Alexander, James. To Thomas Byerly
Burnet, William. New York
Burnet, William. New York
Byerley, Thomas. Woodbridge. To Joseph Murray
Clarke, George. New York
Hopkins, Stephen - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Belcher, Jonathan - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Clinton, George. New York
Byrd, William, III. Virginia
Alexander, James. New York. To John Laurence
Cresap, Thomas. Mouth Chonichochieg [Maryland?]. To Capt. John Dagworthy
Allen, William. [Philadelphia?] - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Bradstreet, John. Albany. To Abraham Mortier
Clinton, Charles. Little Britain [N.Y.]. To [Goldsborow] Banyar
Amherst, Jeffrey. Crown Point [N.Y.]. To Col. John Bradstreet
Amherst, Jeffrey. Albany. To Col. John Bradstreet
Bradstreet, John. Albany. To Henry Glen
Bradstreet, John. Albany. To Henry Glen
Colden, Cadwallader. New York
[Bull, William] Address to Lt. Gov. William Bull by the South Carolina Assembly
Livingston, Philip. New York. To Boynton, Wharton and Morgan, merchants
Bernard, Francis. [Boston?]. To Joseph Jackson
Livingston, Peter R. To Joseph White
Burton, General. London. To Sir William Johnson
Bayard, Robert - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Campbell, Lt. Col. John. Detroit
Butler, John. To Mrs. Fonda
Colden, Cadwallader. New York
Livingston, Peter Van Brugh. New York
Byrd, William, III. Virginia
Tryon, William - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Butler, John. Tryon County
Woodhull, Nathaniel. New York. To Hendrick Fisher and members of the Provincial Congress of New Jersey
Woodhull, Nathaniel - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Amherst, Jeffrey - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Cooke, William. Providence - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Carleton, Guy. Quebec - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Van Cortlandt, Pierre. Kingston. To Governor George Clinton
Robertson, James. To Elias Boudinot
Clinton, George. Poughkeepsie - Theodorus Bailey Myers manuscripts
Elliot, Andrew. New York. To Lord Stirling
Christie, W. Barbados. To Alexander Adair

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