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An extraordinary, gazette, or the, disappointed politicians

Print shows a group of British politicians sitting and standing around a table in a public house or club reading the latest news of a dispatch from General Henry Clinton possibly referring to his evacuation of ... more


Print shows a large building on the corner of the seawall, possibly an inn or temple, and a large ship departing the Miya station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows three travelers sitting in a room at a rest stop, eating and drinking.


Print shows a traveler taking his shoes off at a rest stop, his hat, sword, and a package are on the porch next to him, and a woman is offering him a bowl of soup or tea.


Print shows a woman soliciting two men at the doorway to an inn or brothel.

Little falls at Luzerne / painted by W.G. Wall ; engraved by I. Hill.

Print shows a little waterfall at Luzerne on the Hudson River, with two buildings on the edge of the river, possibly mills, and a larger building, possibly a house or an inn, on the hillside above the river; al... more


Print shows a view from a nearby rooftop into two rooms of an inn where travelers are preparing to dine and spend the night at the Akasaka station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows travelers resting at a teahouse or inn at the Mariko station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows travelers walking up steep street with shops and inns on the left offering view of the ocean where ships are anchored or under sail.


Print shows travelers arriving at an inn or teahouse, one traveler mounting or dismounting a horse, another crossing a bridge; thatched roofs of houses in the village at the Totsuka station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows travelers walking down street between many stores, shops, and inns at the Goyu station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Saka no shita no zu

Print shows a woman sitting, playing a flute on a cloud outside an inn or large commercial building with porters and travelers passing in the street at the Sakano shita station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Akasaka no zu

Print shows a woman standing on a cloud outside an inn where women are serving and entertaining men at the Akasaka station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows an interior view through open panels of an inn with travelers bathing and having tea at the Ishibe station on the Tōkaidō Road.

[Main street of the town of Ōmihachiman, Japan]

Shijo school sketch showing a warehouse in the foreground with inns further down the street.


Print shows travelers on foot and horseback, some in sedan chairs, with porters, on street, passing row of inns or tearooms, departing from the Hamamatsu station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Drawing shows a public documents civil servant asleep before a fireplace. He leans on the back two legs of his chair. Bayard Taylor made at extensive trips to Europe between 1844 his death in 1879.


Print shows a view of ships in a harbor and an inn under a full moon on the coast at the Kanagawa station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows travelers and residents at the shrine and inns at the Mishima station on the Tōkaidō Road.

[Celebration in a Chinese public house]

Drawing shows a celebration in progress to pay homage to the woman seated cross-legged at right in a public house with ornate interior and showing western influences, with stove, charcoal burner, and wall clock... more


Print shows travelers, one on horseback, passing inns or other commercial facilities along a street at the Yokkaichi station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Rip Van Winkle's return / Gillam.

Illustration shows a scene outside a building labeled "Washington Inn" with an image of the U.S. Capitol on the sign; a large group of Republican legislators, politicians, and others are laughing at an old man ... more

A new way of "waking" the Democratic shaughraun / Gillam.

Print shows a small, rustic room crowded with members of the Democratic Party, some dressed as old women, others drinking and smoking clay pipes; one man, the "Shaughraun" labeled "Democratic Party" is lying on... more

[Man in eighteenth-century dress with tri-corner hat sitting in corner, while another man enters the room carrying a pitcher] / E.A. Abbey.

Drawing shows a handsome young gentleman in eighteenth-century dress, sitting in a corner with a dog at his feet. Another man enters, carrying a pitcher. Abbey was a cartoonist and illustrator, who depicted sce... more

Dartford High Street

Street scene showing shops and taverns.