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Fragment with an Eight-Pointed Star Containing a Warrior

The warrior at the center of the eight-pointed star holds a shield in one hand and raises a double-headed axe behind his head with the other. Like the interlace, the gesture of upraised hands was believed to de... more

Bowl with Eight-Pointed Star

Excavated in Iran, Nishapur. Attributed to Iran, Nishapur

Green Tile with Star Design

Attributed to Afghanistan

Leaf from a Beatus Manuscript: at the Clarion of the Fifth Angel's Trumpet, a Star Falls from the Sky; the Bottomless Pit is Opened with a Key; Emerging from the Smoke, Locusts Come Upon the Earth and Torment the Deathless

Illustrated Beatus manuscripts bring to life an extraordinary vision of the end of the world, as recorded by Saint John in the Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) and filtered through the lens of Beatus of Liébana,... more

Tile, half star

With the Mongol conquest of Iran Chinese design merged with Persian techniques of polychrome glazed tiles. A phenix is painted on a blue ground, coloured with lapislazuli (lajvardina), which gave the name of th... more

Tile, Half Star

Luster painted tiles for the decoration of representative interiors often have poetry in the margin. This tile is dated to dated "In the months of the year 616 (1218–19)". Made in Iran, Kashan

Star- and Hexagonal-Tile Panel

Cobalt- and turquoise-glazed tiles of different shapes covered the walls of Ilkhanid palaces, mosques, and mausoleums. The turquoise hexagonal tiles of this arrangement bear conventional circular floral design... more

Carved Star Tile

Tiles display different ornamental solutions, both through shape and surface decoration. An interesting variant is presented here in the chiaroscuro effect that is created by the visual contrast between the car... more

'Star Ushak' Carpet

This fresh‑colored carpet is one of the earliest, largest, and best-preserved examples of its type. Woven in the Ushak region of western Turkey, "Star Ushak" carpets were made for regional consumption and for e... more

Star Deities of the Northern and Central Dippers

This depiction of Daoist deities was once part of a set of paintings used in the Buddhist water-and-land ritual and commissioned by the emperor, as attested to by the inscription in the lower left: "By imperial... more