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A contented cuckold in the new fashion

Print shows a half-length portrait of a cuckold counting his wealth in the form of jewelry that his unfaithful wife receives as gifts from her suitors; through a window in the upper right corner can be seen the... more

[Reading a love letter]

Print shows a young woman reading a love letter.


Print shows two geishas and a man eating; there is a shamisen next to one of the women, the other is holding a tea or sake pot.

A touch of the times

Print shows a woman playing cards with a monkey dressed as a man, two figures in masquerade attend to them, above and in the background are a musician, a man and a woman, and a cuckold, also seated is an owl sm... more

[Moon viewing at Shinagawa]

Print shows men and women eating and entertaining while looking at the full moon at a large building or pavilion in Shinagawa, on the Tōkaidō Road.

[Rivals contending for a beauty]

Print shows two men arguing with each other over which one has the right to claim the affections of the woman seated behind them.


Print shows a man and a woman playing a game, possibly go, on a kimono with a ruled pattern.

[Passing a love letter]

Print shows a young man discretely passing a love letter from beneath the folds of his kimono.

Decoration du Bal Masqué donné par le roy ... / C.N. Cochin filius delineavit. ; C.N. Cochin Pater sculp.

Decorations at the masked ball given by King Louis XV of France in February 1745, on the occasion of the marriage of his son, the Dauphin, to Marie Therese of Spain; also visible, ballroom interior and numerous... more

The merry accident, or a print in the morning a chair, a chair, for the lady.

Print shows the well-known courtesan Catherine Maria "Kitty" Fisher sprawled on the ground after falling off her horse; several men quickly gather at the scene of her misfortune as another on horseback leaps a ... more

Fumi yomu yūjo

Print shows a woman seated on a bench reading a scroll, one end of which a cat is playing with from under the bench.

The queen's arms, a night's amusement / Maucourt invt. et fecit.

Four men gathered for an evening of amusement, one appears to be forcing another to drink from a bowl.

[The interior of a kabuki theater]

Print shows a full audience of men and women at a kabuki theater.

Ryōgokubashi no sekisho

Print shows two women on the Ryōgoku Bridge at sunset.

Engawa no wakashū to onna

Print shows a young man and a young woman standing on a veranda, with a rooster and a hen standing nearby.

High life at noon

Print shows an interior view of a room in which two men and two women are taking tea; on the left, a man with an extremely long ponytail attempts to prevent the entrance of a messenger carrying a bill from "Lor... more


Print shows a man serenading, holding a flute in one hand, standing outside a window through which two women are visible.


Print shows a man sitting on a veranda, reading, an incense urn next to him, and a woman standing at a door looking over his shoulder.

Satsuki ame

Print shows two women walking beneath an umbrella and a young woman about to open an umbrella as it has started to rain.

Mitate rajōmon

Print shows a man departing, holding a closed umbrella over his right shoulder, looking back at a young woman standing on a veranda, leaning against a post.


Print shows a man sitting on a bench at a teahouse overlooking the Sumida River, the waitress standing before him holding a fan and teapot, is looking over her left shoulder.

Takema no uguisu

Print shows two young women on a country path gathering plants and listening to a warbler in bamboo.

Ōgiya ureshino shūgetsu

Print shows two women in an embrace, standing next to opening in a brothel.

Yabase no kihan

Print shows three women in a small sailboat.

Ukie shin-yoshiwara sōjimai no zu

Print shows many women gathering together, some still entertaining men, in a large open hall in the Shin-Yoshiwara pleasure district of Tokyo.


Print shows two boys watching two boys seated with their feet pushing against the other's and with a long strip of cloth looped over their heads in a game of tug-of-war.


Print shows a man sitting on a veranda, turned to look at a woman standing in a doorway.


Print shows two women, one sitting, the other reclining, on a bench between blossoming plants and beneath a full moon.

Tamagiku dōrō

Print shows a woman and a young girl; the woman is pointing with her right hand toward a view of a busy street in a city.

Ukie yukimi shuen no zu

Print shows a view through multiple rooms of small gatherings, men playing board game, women playing with pets, drinking tea, and outside in the snow, rolling large snowballs.

Karako no tōkei

Print shows four Chinese boys at a cockfight.

Hototogisu o kiku yūjo to kamuro

Print shows a courtesan and her attendant or an apprentice listening to the song of a lark that is flying above them.

Tako age suru danjo

Print shows a young man holding a string attached to a kite held by a young woman standing on a veranda above him.

[The Verse Beginning with "Wa"]

Print shows a woman standing before a man sitting on the floor.

Ukie jūnidan kangen no zu

Print shows a long hall receding into the background for a perspective view, with eight women playing musical instruments arranged along the sides and in the rear is a woman playing a koto; in the foreground, o... more

Danjo no manzai

Print shows a man playing a drum and a woman holding a fan, dancing.


Print shows five courtesans attending to two men to determine who will serve each client; screen painting in the background shows a heron flying above waves.

Hibachi o kakomu gonin no otoko

Print shows five men relaxing around a hibachi; a shamisen rests on a platform in a room to the rear, and a standing screen with various symbols is in the foreground.

[The Duchess of Queensberry and Soubise]

A fencing match between a Black man and the Duchess whose face is concealed by a fencing mask.

Shinagawa yūsho no enseki

Print shows five courtesans attending to the needs of a male client; one woman is playing a shamisen, another is preparing a pipe for smoking.

Kayoi komachi

Print shows a man, possibly Fukakusa no Shosho, sleeping while leaning on the shaft of a horse-drawn wagon as Kayoi Komachi peers from behind a curtain on the wagon, which bears the traditional floral design as... more

An extraordinary, gazette, or the, disappointed politicians

Print shows a group of British politicians sitting and standing around a table in a public house or club reading the latest news of a dispatch from General Henry Clinton possibly referring to his evacuation of ... more

Sanbashi no danjo

Print shows two women standing at the end of a dock next to a young man sitting in a boat.

Chidori no tamagawa

Print shows three women(?) watching plovers dive over the Tama River.


Print shows a woman walking with a young woman or maid, returning from a visit to a shrine.

Hagi no tamagawa

Print shows three women, one holding a lantern, looking at bushclover on the banks of the Tama River.

Ouka no nibijin

Print shows two women standing beneath a blossoming cherry tree.


Print shows a woman with two young female attendants.

Himegimi no gaishutsu

Print shows two women and two children walking with a female attendant holding a large parasol; one of the children is carrying a doll.

Tomimoto bushi

Print shows three women and two children on their way to a concert.


Print shows two women and a young female student or attendant at the Yoshiwara looking at cherry blossoms.


Print shows three women in garden setting.

Hanami zuki

Print shows two women and a child outside a building with cherry trees in blossom.

Yatsushi jūnidan zoushi ushiwaka jōrurihime

Print shows four women standing on a porch, one may be ringing a bell, and a man playing a flute, standing in front of the porch; from the tale of Jūnidan Zoushi and Ushiwaka.

Daifukuya no dan

Print shows a man sitting behind a screen watching two women, one holding a long pipe.

Hashi no ue no bijin to kodomo

Print shows a woman, holding a parasol, walking with a young boy, crossing a bridge.

Niwa no hanami

Print shows three women resting in a park while viewing cherry blossoms.

Yatsushi Manzai

Print shows two women, one sitting playing a drum, the other standing.

Ise monogatari

Print shows three women, two sitting on the floor and one standing, a third person sitting on the floor appears to be offering a small box containing two objects to the others as the woman standing looks on; in... more


Print shows four men taking a break from washing the shrine.


Print shows two women viewing cherry blossoms from a footpath above a village.

Gogatsu no bu

Print shows three men wrestling at a brothel.


Print shows the courtesan Michinoku with a female attendant and a boy carrying an umbrella over his shoulder.

Kagiya osen to takashima ohisa

Print shows head-and-shoulders portraits of two beautiful women, Osen waitress at the Kagiya teahouse, and Ohisa from the Takashima teahouse, one of them is holding a scroll.

Danjo no manzai

Print shows two men talking, both wearing hats.

Matsubaya uchi somenosuke

Print shows the courtesan Somenosuke with two young female attendants/apprentices.

Manzai o miru josei[fujo?] to kodomo

Print shows four women and a child watching two men dancing with a fan and a drum.

Yaoya oshichi koshō kichiza

Print shows a man and a woman looking at pictures(?).

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

Print shows a person walking to the left, mostly hidden by a snow-covered umbrella, a woman walking to the right, holding a tray with a snow sculpture of a bunny on it, and a woman sitting on a bench at a tea s... more

Hikitejaya mae no yuki usagi

Print shows a person walking to the left, mostly hidden by a snow-covered umbrella, a woman walking to the right, holding a snow bunny on a tray, and a woman sitting on a bench at a tearoom.


Print shows a woman watching two children play with puppets, reenacting the revenge of the 47 Rōnin.

Tori awase

Print shows a large section of text and two men holding roosters and a woman feeding a rooster.

[Demon with sword in his mouth upsets tea ceremony]

Print shows a man or demon, holding sword in his mouth, struggling with two women at a tea party beneath a tree.

Chikurin no kabe no mae no shichikenjin

Print shows seven women portraying the seven sages of the bamboo grove, sitting together with musical instruments (shamisen, koto, and recorder), tobacco pipes, and a scroll.


Print shows the young samurai Rikiya placing a gift in front of Konami with her mother standing behind her and Honzo observing from behind a screen, from act 2 of the chushingura.

Haru no noasobi

Print shows two women standing, one offering a pipe to a person squatting near a pillar.

Fuyu no yanebune

Print shows three women on a houseboat.

Sake zuki

Print shows a woman pouring sake into a saucer for a man.

Kemari suru sankanjo

Print shows three women.


Print shows a woman and children at a tea party.


Print shows three women walking in the surf at the edge of a beach at Futamigaura, with view of one of the Meotoiwa (wedded rocks) and the knotted ropes in the background.

Ryakuga ōji ebiya no zu

Print shows women exiting sedan chairs and entering a restaurant.

The matrons in hanging-sleeves: or, The enquirer into nature - a satyr

Print shows women and children of all ages viewing exhibits at the "Wax-works" and "see a Womb, to hear fine Lectures, read on Generation, and all the Arts explain'd of Procreation ..."; in a large display case... more

Tales of wonder! / Js. Gillray, inv. & ft.

Print shows three women sitting at a round table listening intently to a fourth who reads from The Monk by M. G. Lewis, one volume of which lies beside her on the table. (Source: George)

Matsu no sita no tōkei

Print shows a woman and two young men or boys watching a cockfight beneath a pine tree.

Premiere séance de l'institut National ; le 15 Germinal, An 4eme de la République / Girardet inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Print shows a large group of men seated in two u-shaped rows along the sides and back of a large hall with a barrel ceiling and with statuary in alcoves set off by columns, a crowded third row of standing-room-... more


Print shows three travelers sitting in a room at a rest stop, eating and drinking.


Print shows two women, head-and-shoulder portraits, possibly composing poems as part of a competition.


Print shows two women(?) carrying baskets and dragging clam(?) rakes as they walk along the shore.


Print shows two women in a room, possibly at a teahouse in Kanagawa on the Tōkaidō Road.

Ōgiyauchi tsukasa

Print shows Tsukasa, a courtesan at Ōgiya, with a female attendant bringing her tea.

[Yatsushi chikurin no shichikenjin sono yon?]

Print shows seven women portraying the seven sages of the bamboo grove; some with musical instruments (koto and shamisen), one with a scroll.

L'assemblée nationale: - or - grand co-operation meeting at St. Ann's Hill. Respectfully dedicated to the admirers of "A Broad-Bottom'd Administration" / Js. Gillray, invt. & fect.

Print shows a reception given by Charles James Fox and wife for various groups and friends of the Prince of Wales, all opposed to the government.