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Print shows a woman offering a lighted pipe to her lover reclining on a bed nearby, also, from an adjoining room, a man (probably her husband) peeking from beneath a small table with a portion of a bird (rooster?) on it.

Hibachi o kakomu gonin no otoko

Print shows five men relaxing around a hibachi; a shamisen rests on a platform in a room to the rear, and a standing screen with various symbols is in the foreground.

Tabako o suu onna

Print shows a bare-breasted woman smoking a pipe.

The Jovial company / A. Brouner, pinxt. ; J. Williams, sculpt., pupil to W.W. Ryland.

Two men seated at small table, one holding glass of wine and decanter, and the other smoking pipe.

Familiar ghosts. Sketch 2. Ghost of the vicar!!

Cartoon of a parson with an astonished expression, looking at a man holding a beer stein and smoking a pipe.


Print shows two women travelers smoking pipes, sitting in baskets on a horse, with a male attendant, at a shrine.


Print shows two women and a man walking behind a group of travelers on the Tōkaidō Road, with Mount Fuji in the distance.

National contrasts / Woodward delt. ; W.S. scpt.

Print shows a ragged member of Napoleon's army boasting about the success of "de grand Empereur" to a robust Englishman labeled "Rule Britannia" who blows a puff of smoke in the soldiers face.

A peasant smoaking Le paysan fumeur / / painting by R. Westall R.A. ; engraved by H.R. Cook.

Print shows an elderly man leaning through a dutch door, looking into the courtyard, smoking a pipe; ceramic containers are on a bench against the side of the building.

Tabako o suu shinji no futari

Print shows two men smoking at a shrine; one man has dismounted a horse, and the other man is sitting on a chair.

Nanadaime ichikawa danjūrō no ebiza ko no ju

Print shows the actor Ichikawa Danjūrō VII, full-length, sitting on a bench, wearing geta, facing right, holding a pipe, in the role Konoju of Ebiza.

Poblanas / C. Nebel, del., E. Lassalle, Lith.

Print showing a man and three women from Puebla, Mexico relaxing and smoking in the door way of a building. The women wear brightly colored skirts.

Sanki fukaku katachi o kuzusu no fuji

Print shows two men carrying swords, one also carries a rifle, stopping on a path to light their pipes, view of Mount Fuji in the background.

[U.S. Marine smoking pipe as drawn by Japanese artist]

Drawing is the last scene on the "American Doll Scroll", depicting Perry's expedition to Japan, 1853.

Bankoku jinbutsu no uchi: Amerikajin

Japanese print showing standing woman and man, who is smoking a cigarette.

[Unidentified soldier in uniform smoking a cigar]

Soldier is possibly a Confederate.

Shōsha - Amerikajin

Japanese print shows an American couple, the woman is holding a parasol and the man is smoking a cigar.

Gaikoku jinbutsu zukushi - Amerika

Japanese print shows an American man smoking a cigarette while horseback riding.

[Six unidentified soldiers in 45th Ohio Infantry Regiment officers' uniforms with sabers]

Photo shows officers smoking pipes and cigars as one opens a wine bottle; two soldiers and a horse stand in the background.

The power of fashion - Defiance Cigar Manufactory - D.H.

Tobacco package label showing an African American woman sitting on a step at the entrance to a building, smoking a cigar; she is wearing torn clothing and a dog is sitting beside her.

"The First Cigar" / after J.G. Brown by John Gast.

Print shows a group of street urchins smoking cigars. One boy, his face pale green, leans on a street pole as others offer him a cigar and blow smoke in his face.

Sweet scented smoking tobacco

Tobacco package label showing a young African American man sitting on packages of smoking tobacco and cigars, smoking a long pipe.

Select - manufactured of the best quality of vuelta abajo tobacco

Illustration shows a young woman seated on a veranda and a man standing before her with an open box of Select tobacco products; both are smoking.

Sweet scented smoking tobacco, manufactured for Drake, Hulick & Co., Easton, Pennsylvania

Tobacco package label showing an African American man sitting on packages of smoking tobacco and cigars, smoking a long pipe, with tobacco plant growing on the right.

"possibly outside railway station"? No, it's Woodside Skating Rink!

Does this location look familiar to anyone? Our catalogue information says "... possibly outside railway station"...Plus I'm wondering is that scaffolding or a railing on roof of the large establishme... more

Cafe turc

Photograph shows men seated on stools, sitting outside a wood building, some smoking nargiles, Istanbul?