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National Eye Exam Month

National Eye Exam Month

August is National Eye Exam Month! Make sure to pencil in an appointment with your optometrist. Eye health is essential to daily life as a Marine, not to mention normal day to day activities. (U.S. Marine Corps... more



Here is an example of a blind person "seeing" through touch of a skeleton at Sunderland Museum...“To them, their fingers are eyes”..From 1913, John Alfred Charlton Deas, a former curator at Sunderland Museum, o... more

San Francisco.  Legs Hanging Out The Window.

San Francisco. Legs Hanging Out The Window.

A simple sign wasn’t enough for the Piedmont Boutique to attract the bawdy costume buyers it desired. Something more was needed. So the store hired local artist Barry Forman to stick a pair of gigantic legs out... more