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Triplicus visus, directi, reflexi & refracti, de quo optica disputat, argumenta

Illustration showing aspects of optics: Battle scene with Archimedes' mirrors using sun to defend city of Syracuse against sailing ships, a rainbow, elephants crossing long bridge drawn in perspective, nude man... more

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

Drawing shows view from aboard a ship of another ship passing through the Narrows, pine covered hills with buildings flying the Union Jack, and of the harbor and Stapleton in the background (possibly after a pr... more

The narrows near New York 1798 / JFP.

Drawing shows view from aboard a ship of other ships off the Narrows, with buildings along the shore, and Union Jack flags (possibly after a pre-Revolution drawing).


Print shows a large building on the corner of the seawall, possibly an inn or temple, and a large ship departing the Miya station on the Tōkaidō Road.


Print shows two ships headed out to sea.

[View of Charleston, South Carolina, possibly looking north toward Sullivan's Island]

Drawing shows in lower left the figure of a man walking along the shoreline and a larger preliminary sketch of the man, also to the right of the man is a preliminary sketch of a woman walking to the right carry... more

A representation of the great storm at Providence, Sept. 23d 1815 / painted and engraved by J. Kidder.

Print shows flooding in Providence, Rhode Island from Narragansett Bay after a hurricane that struck on September 23, 1815. Sailing ships, fishing boats, and small buildings are awash in the tidal waves. People... more

Kazusa no kairo

Print shows the port side of a ship, with Mount Fuji in the background.

Takanawa ōkido no zu

Print shows sailing ships in the harbor, men moving goods by hand and with carts in the port area, and a small building, possibly the customs house.


Print shows travelers walking up steep street with shops and inns on the left offering view of the ocean where ships are anchored or under sail.


Print shows travelers walking up incline on the Tōkaidō Road at the Kanagawa station with village buildings and harbor with ships on the left.

Takanawa no zu

Print shows porters carrying sedan chairs and travelers on foot and horseback along the waterfront of Takanawa, with ships coming into port and at anchor in the background, and a public house on the left.

Eitai bashi Fukagawa shinchi

Print shows pedestrians crossing large wooden bridge spanning a river or inlet at Fukagawa; also shows large ships in the background.

United States almanac, for the year 1841

Print shows the title page for the United States Almanac for the year 1841 showing the deity Mercury/Hermes soaring above the waterfront at Philadelphia with ships and boats on the Delaware River and two men mo... more

Columbus / painted by J.M.W. Turner R.A. ; engraved for the Eclectic Museum by John Sartain.

Print shows an anxious Christopher Columbus standing on the deck of his ship at night, under a crescent moon, searching the horizon for any sign of land. There appear to be two figures in the dark clouds direct... more