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[Lovers in an autumn meadow]

Print shows a young man and a young woman embracing in a meadow.

[Two lovers embracing in front of a painted screen]

Print shows a young man sitting on the floor, embracing a young woman straddling him.

[A betrothal ceremony]

Print shows an interior scene with a man entering on the right outside a room with several women; on the left shows a similarly dressed man addressing a woman behind a screen.

[Two lovers under an umbrella]

Print shows a man and a woman, full-length, walking beneath an umbrella.

[Reading a love letter]

Print shows a young woman reading a love letter.

[A lover's quarrel]

Print shows a man, scowling, with a shoulder pole and a basket full of jars and bowls, standing in front of a woman with a smug look on her face.

Complexio Phlegmatica

Allegorical print from Holzer's "Four Temperaments" illustrating "impassivity."

Un baiser, ou ta rose

A kiss or your rose.

[Two lovers in a boat]

Print shows a man and a woman in a boat; the man is holding a small drum and appears to be serenading the woman beneath the moon.

[Passing a love letter]

Print shows a young man discretely passing a love letter from beneath the folds of his kimono.

Kaki mogi[tori?]

Print shows a young man holding a young woman on his shoulders as she reaches to pick persimmons from a branch above them.


Print shows a man and a woman, wearing geta, walking beneath an umbrella next to a blossoming tree.

Whipping John of Islington

Print shows an interior view of a room in which a man holds a bare-bottomed woman with a pained look on her face on his back as another woman holds up the woman's dress and points to her naked backside; a man, ... more

[Two musicians seated on a bench, wearing geta]

Print shows a man and a woman sitting on a bench, playing a shamisen.

The harlots nurse, or modern procuress / Boitard sculpt.

Print shows an interior view of a room in which a tightly corsetted courtesan admires herself in a mirror as her maid, or procuress, views her from behind. This scene is mirrored by a cat toying with a mouse un... more

Flagellation / L'Agneau inv. ; June sc.

Print shows a man stepping through a door on the left to witness a woman with a handful of birch whipping the exposed buttocks of an elderly gentleman who appears to drive much pleasure from the punishment he i... more

A poor man loaded with mischief, or matrimon[y] / drawn by Experience ; engrav'd by Sorrow.

Print shows a man chained to wedlock carrying a woman on his back, her breasts exposed, she holds a cup labeled "gin" and toasts "My Bucks Health", and according to a pig in a pen, "She is as Drunk as David's S... more

[The harmonic couple]

Print shows a man and a woman sitting on a bench, playing a flute, beneath a blossoming tree.

Fūryū yastushi hagoromo

Print shows a woman (possibly the Tennin, an aerial spirit or celestial dancer) standing on a man in order to remove her feather-mantle (hagoromo or heavenly kimono) which is hanging on the branches of a tree; ... more

Ichikawa komazō no sano no genzaemon segawa kikunojō no keisei tamagiku

Print shows the actor Ichikawa Komazō as Sanno no Genzaemon holding an umbrella and walking with the courtesan Tamagiku, portrayed by the actor Segawa Kikunojō.

Kudgello collecting materials to improve our morals

Print shows a man "Kudgello" using tongs to remove printed material, such as "Essay on Woman", from the toilet pit in an outhouse; on the floor a small pile of "materials" collected includes, "Dialogue ... Marr... more

Futon no naka no yūjo to kyaku

Print shows a screen enclosing a man with a courtesan on a bed.

Futon no ue no sinzou to sore o nagameru yūjo

Print shows a courtesan watching a young female student in bed with a client.

Yatsushi kusazuribiki

Print shows a man sitting on the floor clutching a long piece of cloth held by the woman standing next to him; she has her hand on a hairpin, perhaps getting ready to remove it. A screen painting behind the wom... more

Yatsushi koshikibu no naishi

Print shows the poet Izumi Shikibu and a young man, possibly Tachibana no Michisada, Prince Tametaka, or Prince Atsumichi, or possibly Shikibu and her daughter Koshikibu no Naishi.

Dai nijūichi zu

Print shows a woman using a long (opium?) pipe to beat a man who has been spying on her.


Print shows a man and woman at a low table in a room with open window and view of the landscape; the woman is resting her head on her arms on the table.

Tako age suru danjo

Print shows a young man holding a string attached to a kite held by a young woman standing on a veranda above him.


Print shows five courtesans attending to two men to determine who will serve each client; screen painting in the background shows a heron flying above waves.

Shinagawa yūsho no enseki

Print shows five courtesans attending to the needs of a male client; one woman is playing a shamisen, another is preparing a pipe for smoking.

Miss V-gh-n [and] the American hero

Print shows cameo portraits of an American woman, Miss Vaughan and William Howe.

Kayoi komachi

Print shows a man, possibly Fukakusa no Shosho, sleeping while leaning on the shaft of a horse-drawn wagon as Kayoi Komachi peers from behind a curtain on the wagon, which bears the traditional floral design as... more

Miss L--n [and] the martial lover

Cameo portraits of a young woman, Miss L--n (who became his mistress) and Charles Stanhope, Earl Harrington, who is depicted wearing a military uniform; in ovals with ribbons at top.

Miss Sp-c-r [and] the pliant premier

Cameo portraits of Charlotte Spencer and Frederick North; in ovals with ribbons at top.

[Makura ehon no iichibu]

Print shows a man reclining.

The subtle seducer [and] the American financier

Cameo portraits of a young woman and Richard Price; in ovals with ribbons at top.

The amiable Miss W-bb [and] the intrepid partizan

Cameo portraits of Miss W-bb and Banastre Tarleton; in ovals with ribbons at top.

Yatsushi jūnidan zoushi ushiwaka jōrurihime

Print shows four women standing on a porch, one may be ringing a bell, and a man playing a flute, standing in front of the porch; from the tale of Jūnidan Zoushi and Ushiwaka.

Three weeks after marriage

Print shows a man standing on the left offering portraits of "new passions" to George, Prince of Wales, who is seated on a sofa beneath portraits of "The Perdita" and "The Armstead"; the man tells George that "... more

The way to keep him, or the female flagellants attacking the platonic hero at the Richmond Theatre / designed by Whim ; exectued by Satire.

Print shows a smiling man, "platonic love", on one knee as three women beat him with whips made of bulrushes(?); on the wall in the background are two portraits, "The Maid of Drury" and "The Maid of the Oaks." ... more

Bachelors fare

Print shows a man, seated at a table, embracing and kissing a woman, around the table are seated three women, a fourth, carrying a tankard of beer, enters through a door on the right; on the table are bread and... more

The fair American [and] Old Nauticus

Print shows cameo portraits of an American widow and an old naval officer thought to be Lord Richard Howe.

Harris's list; or, Cupid's London directory / R. Newton del. ; etch'd by R. Newton.

Print shows a man with a copy of "Harris's list" open to the page for "Miss Love" standing in front of Miss Love's establishment; there is a young woman standing at the door, one leaning out a first floor windo... more

High-change in Bond Street, - ou- la Politesse du Grande Monde / Js. Gy d: et fect.

Fashionably dressed pedestrians on Bond Street. In the foreground, five men crowd a woman and girl off the sidewalk as they leer at them. The women, seen from the back, are oddly dressed. In the background, thr... more

Tippies of 1796 / R. Newton del. et fecit.

Print shows a man and a woman wearing the latest fashion in hats.

Kengyū shokujo

Print shows a woman, Orihime, the weaver princess, standing next to a loom and a man, Kengyuu, the cow-herder, standing next to an ox, both on clouds separated by a gap, with the top of a building visible throu... more

Fujin tomarikyaku no zu

Print shows five women and one man; three of the women are seated inside tent-like mosquito netting, grooming and exposing their breasts, the other two women and the man stand outside the netting.

Susu harai

Print shows three courtesans helping a young samurai remove his swords.

The humours of Belvoir Castle, or the morning after / Woodward del. ; etch'd by Cruikshank.

Print shows a number of encounters, in two panels, between men and women either off to bed or awakened to the horrors of the night before: the first, an old man on the arm of an old woman, says, "Och! Long life... more

That accounts for it / I.C.

Print shows a number of men and women each with a particular problem that seems to be troubling them, they contrive a solution which leads to the remark, "that accounts for it."


Print shows actors in the roles of Moronō (Kira Yoshinaka) propositioning Lady Kaoyo, Enya's wife, and Wakasanosuke (a noble offended by Moronō's behavior).

Osono rokusaburō

Print shows a woman handing a pipe to her lover who is behind her.

John Bull and his piece

Cartoon of a stout man, tongue hanging out, with one arm around a stout, buxom woman wearing a cap and tattered clothing. He uses his other hand to tickle her under the chin.

John Bull in Paris; or, English guineas for French pleasure!

Print shows John Bull standing between two French women offering them a bag of guineas.


Print shows three people (Lady Kaoyo, Moronō, and either Wakasanosuke or Enya Hangan) next to a large trunk representing the treasury. A scene from act one of the play Chūshingura or revenge of the 47 Rōnin.

Enshoku akisame monogatari

Print shows a woman sitting on the floor and a man standing on steps behind her.

Shin yoshiwara sanmai tsuzuki

Print shows several women, with many hairpins and elaborate headdresses, walking down a corridor in a brothel, followed by a man wearing a mask.

Shinpan ukie shin yoshiwara ōmonuchi no zu

Print shows a bird's-eye view of men and women passing through the gate between buildings in the New Yoshiwara.


Print shows a woman on the left, Kaoyo, wife of Enya (Asano Naganori), who has received a love letter from Moronō (Kira Yoshinaka), who is standing on the right, and, in the middle, Wakasanosuke about to draw his sword.

Fugu no bijin to kurage no tomo

Print shows a courtesan followed by a suitor offering her a gift.

Genroku no hanami

Print shows two women on a red cloth spread on the ground behind a screen, and three men walking away, looking back at them.

Ichikawa ebijūrō no sangobei

Print shows actor Ichikawa Ebijūrō, full-length, seated on floor with shamisen at his feet, holding a fan in right hand, in the role of Sasano Sangobei.

Le pierrot je ne sais pas ... Mais la pierrette, pour etre la femme c'est la femme et c'est une canaille. C'est a toi a voir si la vieux cogner ou filer. Moi je cognesais ...

Drawing of a man with a long, pointed nose, in ragged clothes and a cap, standing behind and to the right of a masked figure, with a pot on his head, perhaps the mime, Pierrot.

The guitar / D.G. Johnson, sc.

Print shows a woman playing guitar as a man flirts with her.

Akasaka no zu

Print shows a woman standing on a cloud outside an inn where women are serving and entertaining men at the Akasaka station on the Tōkaidō Road.

Yozakura no shita de chanoyu wo suru mitsūji

Print showing a woman and a man beneath a blossoming cherry tree.

Scene, Fifth Avenue

Man telling woman "Ah! Dearest Addie! I've succeeded. I've got a substitute!" She replies "Have you? What a curious coincidence! And I have found one for YOU!"

An awkward predicament (Icelandic custom)

Drawing shows a woman, standing, pulling off a seated man's trousers. The woman appears to look at the man with a knowning eye, while the man seems surprised at her actions. Taylor visited Iceland in 1862, perh... more

Kawarazaki gonjūrō [to] ichikawa kohanji

Print shows actors Kawarazaki Gonjūrō and Ichikawa Kohanji portraying the roles of a man seated on a bench, possibly in a tearoom, and a woman looking at him through an opening behind the bench.

Graphic statues, no. 17 "the woman who dared" / / Th. W.

Cartoon showing a man-like Susan B. Anthony wearing top hat and spurs, standing in front of a policewoman, man holding baby, man holding basket of food, and crowd of women parading and campaigning for equality.

Who does not love wine, wife & song, will be a fool for his lifelong! / And. Schwabe.

Print shows a man and a woman in an embrace, the man holding a glass of wine and a sheet of music.

Sanjūichi seishōnagon sanjūni koshikibu no naishi

Print shows (top half) Sei Shōnagon raising or lowering a blind, and (bottom half) Koshikibu no Naishi (or Izumi Shikibu) touching the hem of a man's clothing, he appears startled or angered, several women are ... more

Broadhead Worsted Mills / J. Ottmann, Lith., Puck Building, N.Y.

Stock poster for woolens or tailors, showing a woman in riding clothes placing a letter in the hollow of a tree; a sign nailed to the tree is blank for later printing, and in the distance is the Broadhead Worst... more

Gojū kogō no tsubone gojūni tomoegozen

Print shows (top half) Kogō no Tsubone, the emperor's mistress, lying on the floor, playing a biwa while a man on horseback, Nakakuni, a messenger for the emperor, in the background is watching through the open... more

Heartbreakers along the seashore

Two women and man standing ankle-deep in water.

The boatman somewhat rattled

Man in rowboat with five young women in bathing dresses.

Absinthe extra-supérieure J. Édouard Pernot. Société Anonyme Montbéliard (Doubs) Liqueur Mont-Christ / / L. Cappiello.

Poster showing a man and woman at a cafe, he smiles and watches as she tastes his drink.

The love affairs of Patricia - foiling fate / By Miss Zaida Ben-Yûsuf.

Photographs illustrating story by Lilian Quiller-Couch show women and men golfing and strolling together.

The two paths--What will the girl become

Image of an African American girl of seven years old, flanked by two columns of illustrations showing on left: the girl reading bad literature, flirting, drinking with men, and as an outcast, and on right: the ... more

Goggles have their uses / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows a vignette cartoon showing a fashionably dressed woman wearing goggles taking a drive in an automobile. Through a series of vignettes her slim figure and dress attract considerable attention,... more

The two paths--What will the girl become?

Image of a seven year old white girl, flanked by two columns of illustrations showing on left: the girl reading bad literature, flirting, drinking with men, and as an outcast, and on right: the girl studying, i... more

Cupid's round-up / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows cupids on horseback lassoing attractive young couples and herding them toward the "Matrimonial Corral" in the background.

Out in Salt Lake City / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows two Mormon elders discussing another Mormon who has been found guilty of bigamy.