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Photograph shows Jacques Preis (1859-1916) a delegate to the German Reichstag from Alsace. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2014)

The new Reichstags-Gebäude--Hall of the Imperial Diet, (completed 1894), Berlin, Germany

Bird's-eye view of the front of the Reichstagsgebäude with statue and fountains in foreground.

TR's return from Africa, 1910 [2] /

TR returns from his African hunting trip through the countries of Sudan, France, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, and finally his reception in New York City. There are views of: 1) his riverboat on the ... more

Berlin: Reichstag Building (Reichstagsgebäude)

Gustav Kalhammer (Austrian, Vienna 1886–1919/20 (?) Vienna)

Scheidemann proclaiming the Republic in front of the Reichstag

Declaration of the German Republic, 9 November 1918. A crowd gathered outside the Reichstag or German parliament building in Berlin. The crowd is predominantly male with a large percentage of military, but ther... more

Members of the Workmen and Soldiers' Committee entering the Reichstag

Men, some in military uniform, entering a door in a large building identified in the original caption as the Reichstag or German parliament building. A military car and what appears to be a gun limber, are park... more

Sitting of the Workmen and Soldiers' Committee in the Reichstag

Workers' and Soldiers' Council, Berlin, 1918. Delegates of the Workers' and Soldiers' Council (Arbeiter-Soldaten-Rate), seated in the hall of the Reichstag, listening to a speaker. The Workers' and Soldiers' Co... more

German Reichstag

Photograph shows the German Reichstag with Reich Chancellor Theobald Bethmann Hollweg seated in chair on aisle on top of staircase to the left. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2014)

Erklärung der Parteiführer des Reichstags / Bernhard.

Poster is a declaration by Reichstag party leaders that the government intends to honor the interest on war bonds. The names of party leaders appear on bottom of poster.

Der durch die Sicherheitspolizei besetzte Aufgang zu der Freitruppe des Reichstagsgebäude, wo am 13 Januar die Menge anstürmte ...

Photograph shows security police and a machine gun in front of the Reichstag after the violent Communist demonstrations on January 13,1920.

Artwork: "Eagle Symbol of Nazi Germany From Reichstag Building". Artist: Frank Lacano. US Air Force Art Collection. NOTE: COPYRIGHTED

The original finding aid described this photograph as: Country: Unknown Scene Camera Operator: Unknown Release Status: Released to Public Combined Military Service Digital Photographic Files