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Diadem, bronze, Europe, medieval
Necklace, bronze, Europe, Irish
Bracelet, copper alloy, Europe
Pin with the Head and Torso of a Figure
Bracelet, copper alloy, Europe
Sword and Scabbard, bronze, Europe
Large Brooch, copper alloy, Europe, bronze age
Pin, bronze, Europe, Irish
Disk, bronze, Europe, Irish
Ornament, Medieval, Ireland
Diadem, copper alloy, Europe
Head of a female
Neck Ring (Torque), copper alloy
Buckle and Plate, copper alloy
Armband with Spirals, copper alloy
Brooch, bronze, Europe, medieval
Head of Gudea, Neo Sumerian
Large Brooch with Spirals, copper alloy
Ribbon Torc, Medieval, Ireland
Armband, copper alloy, Europe, bronze age
Antique necklace Torc, bronze, Europe
Armband with Spirals, copper alloy
Horse-Shaped Brooch, bronze, Europe
Cuneiform tablet: administrative account with entries concerning malt and barley groats
Vessel supported by two rams
Pin, copper alloy, Europe
Handle of Ewer, copper alloy
Armlet, bronze, Europe, medieval
Golden Ring, France
Belt Clasp, bronze, Europe
Proto-Cuneiform tablet with seal impressions: administrative account of barley distribution with cylinder seal impression of a male figure, hunting dogs, and boars
Bow of a Brooch, copper alloy
Pin, copper alloy
Gold Neck Ring
Pin, bronze, Europe, Irish
Large Brooch with Spirals, bronze
Cuneiform tablet: administrative account concerning the distribution of barley and emmer
Axe Blade Pendant, bronze, Europe
Golden Ring, France
Brooch, bronze, Europe, medieval
Votive Figure, copper alloy
Early bronze age Vessel
Sumerian Stele of Ushumgal
Golden Ring, France
Spearhead, bronze, medieval
Brooch, bronze, medieval
Foundation peg in the form of the forepart of a lion
Amulet with a Lamashtu demon
Armband, copper alloy, Europe, bronze age
Smiting god, wearing an Egyptian atef crown
Pendant with the head of Pazuzu
Plaque with two male figures supporting a roller
Terret (Rein Guide), copper alloy
Roman Spoon, bronze, Europe, Roman
Statuette, Hooded Figure
Tessera, 2nd century Palmyra
"Strongly Profiled" Brooch, bronze, Roman
Roman Fork, bronze, Roman, medieval
Byzantine Necklace with Gold Marriage Medallion and Hematite Amulet
Openwork and Pelta-Shaped Ornament
Attachment for a Strap, copper alloy
Roman Brooch, bronze, Roman, medieval
Roman Crossbow Brooch, 3rd century
Roman Bow Brooch, bronze, Roman
Head of a Man Wearing a Cap or Helmet
Openwork Mount, copper alloy, Roman Empire
Brooch in the Form of a Rabbit
Animal-Shaped Brooch, bronze
Brooch in the Form of a Peacock
Roman Brooch, 3rd century
Brooch in the form of a Stag
Brooch in the Form of a Panther
Cup or Bowl, bronze, Europe
Vessel in the Shape of a Bear
Roman Necklace, 5th century
Roman Seal Box, bronze, Roman
Rock Crystal Dish in the Form of a Temple
Rock Crystal Statuette of a Dolphin
Six-Sided Pyx, bronze
Fragment of a Rock Crystal Bowl
Bow Brooch, bronze, medieval
Coptic Shard with Bird, Egypt
Rock Crystal Bowl
Rock crystal Statuette of a Lion
Statuette of the Personification of a City
Head of Christ or Zeus
Byzantine Steelyard Weight with the Bust of a Woman
Byzantine Bowl with Beaded Rim
Byzantine Weight, Steelyard, bronze, medieval
Byzantine Warrior, bronze, medieval
Byzantine Flask, 5th century
Dish, bronze, medieval
Byzantine Eagle-Headed Hilt, copper alloy
Byzantine Hanging Lamp with a Griffin’s Head
Sarcophagus with a Greek Physician
Byzantine Spoon with Christian Inscription
Fragment of a Plaque with a Standing Woman
Byzantine Ewer, 5th century
Spoon, 5th century
Plaque from a Casket with a Dancing Woman

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