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King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

King George V, Queen Mary and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, taken during a visit to the Western Front in France. They are positioned in front of a large brick building with French windows. The King and Queen are ... more

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

Print shows King George III, speechless (his caption balloon is empty), seated on the right in a high-backed chair at a table, with Lord North seated opposite presenting a paper to the King that states "for the... more

A view of the guard-house and Simsbury-mines, now called Newgate - a prison for the confinement of loyalists in Connecticut

Print shows a diagram of the guardhouse with sections identified by letter (legend not visible in print); shows shaft leading to underground chamber, "F. A strong trap door opening the descent to Hell" which le... more

La balle a frappé son amante / dessiné par le Barbier peintre du Roi ; gravé par L. Halbou.

Print shows the death of Molly, a scene from the fictional "Histoire de Seymour & de Molly." After the wedding ceremony joining Seymour and Molly, and as the wedding feast is about to begin, British troops burs... more

The Eagle's nest The Union! it must and shall be preserved.

Print shows American eagle in its nest of the American flag, which holds 34 eggs representing the states; the eggs representing the Southern states are cracked, rotten, or have various animals being hatched fro... more

The fake operator and his dupe / Keppler, Jr.

Print shows Whitelaw Reid, editor of the New York Tribune newspaper, typing headlines that appear on ticker tape that is being read by a stalwart Republican; the headlines include: "The Country on the Brink of ... more

The Republican schoolma'am and her pupils / Dalrymple.

Print shows an elderly woman sitting in a chair on a platform, instructing her students in lessons that have probably been taken from the "Republican Campaign Text Book" sitting on a table on the right, or from... more

Tōto meishō Shinobazu

Japanese print shows an American man standing before view of resort in Edo.

How the Tories Have Increased the Cost of Living

Blue and red ink on white paper, illustrating the increase in the price of tea and sugar under a Tory government (Tory government of 1905 compared to Liberal government of 1895), produced for the Liberal Party.... more

Is this what you want to see?

Cartoon based on "the Radical 'Infamous Poster'", showing John Redmond herding a chain gang of politicians including Campbell-Bannerman and Asquith, towards the Home Rule Compound. The caption at the... more

John Bull: Are these my Islands or yours?

John Bull is seen standing on an outline map of the British Isles (he stands squarely between London and the Midlands), facing a "Tory peer"-type who is dressed in hunting clothes, ermine-trimmed robe... more

Found Out - Chinese Slavery

Campbell-Bannerman shown being castigated by John Bull for the election image of 'chinese slavery' used by the Liberal Party during their successful election campaign of 1905. ..Artist: Unknown.Printer: A Whit... more

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...

Satire based on the nursery rhyme of the old lady who lived in a shoe, with Bannerman as the old lady, sitting in the road and blocking his ears. Behind him, the shoe is overflowing with characters representing... more

Redmond's Last Words

Black ink on green paper, with a cartoon of John Redmond raising his fist, and a quote of Redmond's regarding home rule, produced for the Unionist Party...Artist: Unknown.Printer: Dobson, Molle and Co..Publishe... more

Signor Campbell Bannerman's Original Troupe of Radical Pierrots

Featuring Miss Apprehension, Miss Quotation, Miss Construction, Miss Statement and Miss Representation...Artist: Unknown.Printer: McCorquodale and Co Ltd.Publisher: Printer.Place of Production: London.Date: c19... more

This Way, Sir!

Campbell-Bannerman stands at the top of a flight of steps (called Radicalism, Inefficient Army and Navy, Home Rule, and Disunited Empire) that lead from the sunlight down into a dark and fetid pool called &quot... more

Two boys greasing their feet

Cold feet, Western Front, during World War I. This photograph shows two young members of one of the Labour Corps, probably the South African Native Labour Contingent (SANLC). They are sitting in the snow by one... more

Observers fixing tackle which is connected with parachute

Officers during an observation exercise, France, during World War I. This photograph is one of a series which was taken during this observation exercise. While some of the photographs show oblivious soldiers d... more

Prince Alexander of Teck and an army staff officer

Prince Alexander of Teck visits the Western Front, during World War I. This image shows Prince Alexander of Teck with an army staff officer. They are possibly standing waiting for a ceremony or march past to be... more

They beat the Red Cross Barge Sisters in the contest

Soldiers fishing in a canal, France, during World War I. This image shows a group of soldiers relaxing and fishing with rods in a canal. They are sitting and standing on a low boat. There are two larger barges ... more

H.M. studying a map on Wytschaete Ridge held by Gen. Plumer

King George V standing in front of General Plumer. Both men are in uniform and looking at a map. A small group of uniformed men standing next to the King are also looking at the map. Some of them peer over the ... more

Indian Cavalry

Indian cavalry, Western Front, during World War I. This is one of a number of photographs showing the Indian cavalry who fought with the Allies. In the autumn of 1914, the urgent need for trained soldiers led t... more

Sisters fishing from a Red Cross Barge

Red Cross nurses, identified in the caption as Sisters, are sitting along the edge of a barge fishing. Some men in uniform are standing watching and other men are fishing. Another barge with a Red Cross flag is... more

Queen interested in French work for the British Army

Queen Mary talking to one woman in a factory or shed. According to the photograph's original caption this is a French woman working for the British war effort. It is difficult to tell from this photograph what ... more

Native police

This is one of a series of photographs of Labour Corps members. The caption identifies these seven men as 'native police'. They are probably black South Africans who had contracted to work in the South African ... more

Eastern scene by the roadside

Indian cavalrymen playing cards, France, during World War I . A group of soldiers from the Indian Army are standing watching four of their friends playing cards on a wooden crate. One of the card players is wea... more

Inflating propaganda balloons near Bethune, Belgium

British Photographs of World War I

Distinguished visitors to the Front, including the Prince of Siam and Mr Garvin, the well known London editor

Diplomatic tour group on their way to the Front, France. There is a large group of smartly-dressed gentlemen loosely arranged on a set of stairs, which lead up to a wide terrace accessed through tall French win... more

H.R.R. [sic] the Duke of Connaught

A uniformed His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught, sitting on his horse, at the Front in France, during World War I. He has one hand resting reassuringly on the neck of his horse. The Duke and his horse ar... more

Inspection of a Canadian Battalion with their gas helmets on

Inspecting gas masks. A line of uniformed men is standing across the image. They are all wearing gas masks . A group of officers are filing past and checking everyone and their equipment. ..Gas releasing weapon... more

Member of the A.I.L.L

One soldier is in focus in the front of the picture. He still wears his helmet and his hand is bandaged and strapped up. He is standing in front of a fence. Other soldiers can be seen in the background...Despit... more

Famous Canal du Nord which the Canadians stormed

Horse-drawn supply carts and soldiers on foot and bicycle crossing the dry bed of the Canal du Nord, in the shadow of a bombed bridge. The railway line in the photograph was perhaps built to supply materials to... more

Combien Mademoiselle?

British Sergeant and a Guardsman shopping in Bailleul. Tommy finds the French children quite a match for him at bargaining, but they remain the best of friends. This scene is typical of the happy relations exis... more

King and Queen embarking on board the boat for home

Queen Mary and King George V boarding a boat. They are walking up the gangplank. A group of army officials are standing on the quayside watching their departure. According to the photograph's original caption t... more

Visit of F.M. Sir Douglas to St. Andrews 19 May 1919

Haig at St Andrews University, 1919. This photograph, dated May 1919, shows Field Marshal (Earl) Haig (1861-1928) in military uniform walking alongside senior members of the University of St Andrews in a proces... more

German crane & barges which they destroyed near Pero[nne]

This photograph of a wrecked crane and barge was probably taken after 2 August 1918, when the Australian forces recaptured Peronne from the Germans. As the Germans were forced to retreat, they destroyed equipme... more

W.A.A.C. officers visit the wreckage of a German bombing machine

W.A.A.C officers viewing a wrecked enemy plane, France, during World War I. This photograph is one showing salvage work being carried out on wrecked enemy planes. The fact that the soldier is so engrossed in co... more

Paddy, a gassed case

Bandaged dog that worked in the front line trenches, in France, during World War I. With bandages on all four paws, this dog - called 'Paddy' - carried out a range of hazardous duties in a front line trench, de... more

H.M. watching full packed infantrymen going over a wall at the sports held by the Australians

King George V attending a sports day organised for Australian troops. He is standing at the far right of the photograph. A crowd consisting of soldiers, with a few women and children, watch as one of the events... more

One of the thousands of shell dumps to be seen everywhere

Six soldiers are sitting in a crater, the sides of which have been lined with empty shell casings. They are fully equipped but laughing amongst themselves. A horse-drawn gun is passing behind them and the bare ... more

Men of an English county regiment crossing a temporarily constructed bridge

Four uniformed men walking across a temporary bridge. Each man is pushing a wheelbarrow filled with stones. Two of the men are glancing over their shoulders toward the camera. Visible in the background are a nu... more

R.H.A. going through the river at a gallop

Royal Horse Artillery in a river, France. At least two gun teams of the Royal Horse Artillery are galloping in the water along a shallow river bed. The landscape appears very wooded so the river may have provid... more

Aerial photograph, Lombartzyde, Belgium, 1917

This is a copy of an aerial photograph. The annotations show that it covers the area of marshy coastland near the Belgian village of Lombartzyde. The numbers below the north arrow identify the flight and give t... more

Funeral of British Red Cross Nurse who was killed during the German Air Raid on Red Cross Hospital

Funeral procession for Red Cross nurse, Western Front, during World War I. This is one of three photographs attributed to Tom Aitken which show the funeral of a British Red Cross nurse who died during a German ... more

Summer has been changed to winter by the British guns

Battlefield on Messines Ridge, Belgium, 1917. The landscape is dominated by broken off and stripped trees. The ground is very muddy and full of craters. The entrance and supports to a dugout are outlined in the... more

Cavalry crossing a temporary bridge

Cavalry on the move, during World War I. A line of relaxed cavalrymen are crossing a small, narrow bridge. The wintry landscape is clearly visible. Two foot soldiers sit with their jerry cans and watch the cava... more

Taking no risks with enemy duds

Three gunners standing over a large shell. One man is bending over the shell, preparing to explode it using guncotton. The other two men, both wearing steel helmets, look on. A makeshift fence has been placed r... more

Interior of Arras Cathedral

Minus its roof and showing its shell-damaged pillars, this image shows the damage to the cathedral at Arras, which was originally constructed between 1030 and 1396. Located near the River Somme, Arras was right... more

Her Majesty was very interested in the Nissen huts

Queen Mary standing outside a Nissen hut. There is a duckboard path running along the front of the hut, and two bunches of flowers decorate the doorway. Standing in the doorway is a woman dressed in white, hold... more

Inspecting the work of the Canadian Forestry Detachment

Canadian Forest Corps unloading timber, France, during World War I. The photographer recorded an official visit by Canadian journalists to see the work of the Canadian Forestry Corps. The Corps consisted of lum... more

King of Belgium's chaffeur in trouble

Three cars are parked up in a row with three mechanics working over four tyres behind them. Four officers watch over the scene and they appear to be laughing and joking. In the background a field and tents are ... more

Crowd round the gangway as Gen. Pershing lands in France

Uniformed men await the arrival of General Pershing, Commander-in-Chief of the American Expeditionary Force. The photographer, mostly likely John Warwick Brooke, has managed to capture the general excitement an... more

Portuguese entering a gas trench

At the bottom right corner of the photograph is the entrance to a trench. It doesn't look very deep and is supported by sandbags up its sides. The background is dominated by the side of a steep hill. This is gr... more

Mal. Douglas Haig et le Gal. Anthoine [Field Marshal Douglas Haig and General Anthoine]

Haig at Bergues, France, 1917. This photograph shows Field Marshal (Earl) Haig (1861-1928) talking to a French general identified in the caption as 'Anthoine'. The French general is wearing his sword and appea... more

View of Thilloy

This shows a cavalry unit in a ruined French town. The men have dismounted and a few stand by the horses, while the rest are looking at the ruins. The German policy of devastating towns and villages as they ret... more

Inhabitant of Nesle talking to our Tommies

Refugee, Nesle, France, during World War I. A meeting between a group of British soldiers and a French refugee. They appear to be talking and laughing despite the fact that the woman and a young girl, possibly ... more

Batch of prisoners resting on their way back

Prisoners are resting by the roadside. Most of the men are sitting on a steep grassy bank. It is possible some of those in charge of the prisoners are Australian soldiers, normally distinguishable to the layper... more

German trophies from Vimy Ridge and Messines

Numerous and various pieces of German memorabilia, such as signs, helmets, weapons and ammunition, have all been artistically pinned to a wall above a fire and surround. ..It was common for advancing armies to ... more

From an advanced area a batch of prisoners is seen going back

British troops escorting prisoners from the front line, in France, during World War I. The Allied offensives of August and September 1918 resulted in the capture of large numbers of German prisoners. Tom Aitken... more

Officers chatting in their billets

Members of the Newfoundland Regiment. The men are positioned on a tree-lined path leading up to large and impressive collection of buildings. Most of them are sitting on low walls lining both sides of the small... more

French & British soldiers who have been wounded in the same battle treated at a British casualty clearing station

A motley line of soldiers are sitting on a rickety bench. They are sporting an assortment of bandages and are being tended by two nurses and another soldier. They are sitting in front of an assortment of tents,... more

View of Tilloy which we have captured

This photograph is believed to have been taken by the official war photographer, John Warwick Brooke, for propaganda purposes. Although not initially positive in outlook, the destruction in this photograph coul... more

Meal time with the American Engineers on the British front

Three men, who according to the original caption are American Engineers, sitting outside a hut eating food. The hut is made of corrugated iron, and the men are sitting next to a small ditch encircling the hut. ... more

Showing the railway lines near the station

Damage to railway lines, Albert, France, during World War I. It is likely that these damaged railway lines were targeted very deliberately. Railway links were vitally important to any army during World War I as... more

Looking towards the Cathedral, Arras

Ruins of the cathedral, Arras, France, during World War I. Part of the ruins of Arras cathedral, with a mass of rubble and the broken windows of a shop or cafe in the foreground. The cathedral had been built in... more

American troops in France resting by the roadside

American soldiers resting at a roadside during a march, Western Front, France, during World War I. This photograph shows a large group of American soldiers resting at the road side during a march. Some of the m... more

Types captured in the last push

Only one soldier is in focus at the front of the picture. He looks rather forlorn and hopeless. In the background other soldiers are milling about out of focus. The muddy ground and fences are visible...Despite... more

Canadian heroes buried where they fell on the barbed wire

Makeshift graveyard for Canadian soldiers. This striking and poignant image shows three crudely made crosses standing upright amongst a tangle of barbed wire. At first it is difficult to make out the crucifixes... more

Canadians of the first platoon to enter Valenciennes from the west

Canadian troops storming fortifications at Valenciennes, France, during World War I. Canadian soldiers running through a debris-strewn wasteland towards the walls of Valenciennes. In the foreground, the leading... more

H.M. watching the Australian sports

King George V is standing in the foreground, watching as soldiers take part in a sports day event. The men taking part are in full uniform and are carrying full packs. The exercise shown here is possibly part o... more

Messenger dog base just behind the line

Messenger dogs on parade outside their kennels, in France, during World War I. Messenger dogs and their handlers stand beside some kennels close to the front line. Rolled up messages placed inside waterproof co... more

B.R.C.S. hut at a convalescent depot

Recreation hut for convalescents, Western Front, during World War I. This photograph shows a long wooden hut with a corrugated iron roof and a veranda along one side. It has a sign identifying it as a Recreatio... more

General view of La Bassee

Ruined La Bassee, France, during World War I. Parts of the houses are still standing and the road in the middle of the rubble is still visible. Cavalrymen, motorised vehicles and soldiers are all present carryi... more

Shells falling in Monchy

The photograph was taken some distance from Monchy-le-Preux. The grassy field is on a slight rise and what was the village of Monchy crowns the top of it. There is evidence of the remains of quite a lot of tree... more

Some of the spectators

Groups of soldiers are all sitting along a river bank while a couple of soldiers stand on the path close to the camera. In the distance soldiers wearing gear can be seen. Everybody seems fairly relaxed...Soldie... more

Locomotive abandoned in front of Thiepval

This photograph is from a French postcard printed in Paris. It shows the ruined village of Thiepval, in the northern Somme area. Two soldiers, possibly French, are looking at an abandoned engine which may have ... more

Remains of gun carriages etc.

Abandoned German positions near Bapaume, France, during World War I. A British soldier walks among the ruins of former German positions and the upturned remains of German gun carriages. The guns once held by th... more

Officer directing a stilt walking party

A dozen Chinese members of the Labour Corps are walking on wooden stilts to entertain the troops. They are being directed by a British officer who is pointing with his stick. The Chinese are wearing patterned a... more

H.M. receiving the Australian nurses who are serving [in a] French military hospital

King George V is talking to three Australian nurses. The nurses are dressed in crisp white uniforms, and the King and the three men with him are also in uniform. They all appear to be standing on a deck or plat... more

Looking down the Rue Sadi-Carnet at Bethune

Two British soldiers walking through the shell-damaged streets of Bethune, France, during World War I. With shell-damaged buildings all around them, these two British soldiers make their way through the Picardi... more

Wounded French and British tommies coming back together

In the foreground, a British soldier is helping a wounded French soldier along a road. The Frenchman has a bandaged leg, so he has probably been given some basic first aid at an Aid Post just behind the lines. ... more

Motor machine gunner in France fixing a belt of ammunition to his gun

Machine-gun crew on motorbike, France, during World War I. This photograph shows a machine-gun team. The gun, which appears to be a Vickers, is mounted on the front of a motor-cycle side car. The Vickers was a ... more

French troops lined up watching British Artillery passing through a village

Dressed in their traditional black berets which were called 'chasseurs', these French troops observe a convoy of British horse-drawn artillery passing through a village. Most of these French soldiers are wearin... more

Hun humour

Political graffiti, Western Front, during World War I. The wall of a ruined building, which is covered in graffiti. To the left it reads, ' ..ier gehts fur Kaiser und Reich' which could be translated as 'For ... more

Two British Tommies have an impromptu game of nap among the ruins of a shattered town

British soldiers playing cards in a ruined town near Rheims, in France, during World War I. The devastation caused by the fighting on the front line, yet also conveys the attitude that the British government we... more

Earl Haig inspecting the guard of honour

General Haig inspecting troops, Messine, Belgium. The image is framed by two rows of soldiers down either side, angling away from the camera. Between them General Haig and his staff are approaching the photogra... more

At the window of one of their huts

Labour camp, Western Front, during World War I. This shows a group of young black members of one of the Labour Corps. They are smiling and looking out of a hut window in one of the Labour Camps. They are probab... more

View of the village of Courcelles

This photograph of Courcelles, near Bapaume, shows shattered buildings on either side of the village street. This photograph is likely to have been taken in the autumn of 1918, after the Allies had recaptured m... more

H.M. on Wytschaete Ridge

King George V, on the right, in uniform and wearing a steel helmet. He is standing next to a man also in uniform. Both men have canes to steady themselves on this rough terrain. They are both surveying the surr... more

Tommy versus French school-children

Like some traditional winter scene on a Christmas card, this photograph captures a snowball fight between two 'Tommies' and a group of laughing French schoolchildren. Given the manner in which the Germans were ... more

Cortege passing down the cemetery

Funeral of Red Cross nurse, Western Front, during World War I. This photograph is one of three attributed to Tom Aitken which show the funeral of a Red Cross nurse killed during an air raid on her hospital. In ... more

Australians off up to the trenches to take up their position

Soldiers standing on a muddy track...[Original reads: 'OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN ON THE FRONT IN FRANCE. - AUSTRALIANS OFF UP TO THE TRENCHES TO TAKE UP THEIR POSITION.']..digital.nls.uk/74546828 ( http://dig... more

Repairing bridges on the Somme after the advance

With a steam engine and lorry in attendance, this image shows a group of soldiers repairing a bridge over the River Somme. It is likely that these soldiers would be Royal Engineers, more commonly known as 'sapp... more

Boche left neither line nor sleepers

Railway track, Moyenville, France, during World War I. A line of British soldiers climbing up the embankment where, according to the original caption, the Moyenville railway track had been removed by the German... more

Convalescent British soldiers in France having a rest in a recreation room in a hut provided for them by the B.R.C.S.

This photograph shows a lot of convalescent soldiers sitting at long tables which extend the length of the recreation hut. They are reading and writing letters. There have been attempts, presumably by the Red C... more