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Humility and Pride from BL Royal 19 C II, f. 52

Detail of a miniature of Humility holding a disk with a lamb and Ahaziah falling from a tower, representing Pride. Image taken from f. 52 of La somme le roi, with Gospels and the Complainte de Notre Dame. Writt... more

Pride, from The Vices

Heinrich Aldegrever (German, Paderborn ca. 1502–1555/1561 Soest)

Pride (Superbia) from The Seven Deadly Sins

After Pieter Bruegel the Elder (Netherlandish, Breda (?) ca. 1525–1569 Brussels)

Pride (Superbia), from the series The Seven Deadly Sins

Pieter van der Heyden (Netherlandish, ca. 1525–1569)

The Triumph of Pride, from The Cycle of the Vicissitudes of Human Affairs, plate 3

Cornelis Cort (Netherlandish, Hoorn ca. 1533–1578 Rome)

Pride and Folly, from a Series of Tazza Designs

In the central medallion, a portrait of a jester in profile (facing right) merged with an upside down head of a satyr, framed by a circular ornamental frieze with scenes including the Whore of Babylon and the T... more

Hierbey sollman spürn und w[...]ercken ; ... / HNFecit ; B.C. excu.

Allegory of vanity (presumptuousness) showing five demon-like figures confronting a man and a woman wearing elaborate collars.

The Pride of Women: Ruffs

Maerten de Vos (Netherlandish, Antwerp 1532–1603 Antwerp)

A new Dunciad done with a view of ye fluctuating ideas of taste, without preface or introduction

Engraving shows the interior of a room, where Hogarth, "no.1", leans against a table while holding an artist's pallette and a Pantin, or child's scaramouch. Around Hogarth are arrayed, no. 2, "his Genius", no. ... more

Chi mi vela é in periglio e chi mi svel / C. Coltellini pinx. ; Gio. Lapi scul.

Print shows title page illustration, an allegorical scene with naked female figure reclining in pastoral setting with two cherubs, admiring herself in a mirror.

Veluti in speculum

Print shows seven British officers admiring themselves in a mirror held up for them by a devil. The officers are, from right to left, Amherst, Murray, Burgoyne, and possibly Tarleton, Cornwallis, Clinton, and S... more

Humility Versus Pride

Goya (Francisco de Goya y Lucientes) (Spanish, Fuendetodos 1746–1828 Bordeaux)

Songs: "A Blessing unknown to ambition & Pride"

One sheet of a series of satires, designed as a song book. Composed of vignette scenes, each scene illustrating in a humourous fashion a single line from a popular song of the day. The imagery derives from hunt... more

The Pride of the Village

This picture, based on Washington Irving’s sentimental story of the same name, concerns a beautiful and simple country lass, indeed the pride of the village, who fell in love with an army officer. When he was t... more

Our Country's pride

Shows Major Generals A.E. Burnside, Joseph Hooker, Philip Henry Sheridan, George B. McClellan, Franz Sigel, George Meade, Henry W. Halleck, on horseback.

Pride, J H - Age [Blank], Year: 1864 - Miscellaneous Card Abstracts of Records - West Virginia

Carded Records Showing Military Service of Soldiers Who Fought in Volunteer Organizations During the American Civil War

The pride of Columbus

Tobacco label showing Native American presenting Christopher Columbus with a sheaf of tobacco leaves; three monkeys, a dog, and a rabbit are smoking on a branch above.

The Pride of the Forest - Calaveras Grove

This exceptionally rare untitled album features seventy-three circular-format views made seventeen years after Watkins first photographed at Mariposa Grove and Yosemite. Half of the photographs are studies of t... more

Old-school etiquette / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a woman appealing to a man holding a cane labeled "Allopath" and topped with a skull who has turned his back on a sick child lying in a bed; on the far side of the bed is another man with pap... more

Chicago's pride, her boulevard, U.S.A.

Large treelined divided street culminating in a circle with horses drinking from hexagonal fountain(?), other horse-drawn carriages in background down the boulevard and bicyclists in the foreground.