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Sunset Magazine: March

Henry Patrick Raleigh (American, Portland, Oregon 1880–1944 New York)

Yale / Bristow Adams.

Yale student jumping hurdle.

Powder Point School

Student from Powder Point School skating near bonfire, holding hockey stick.

Cincinnati fall festival September 7 to 19 1903.

Poster announcing the Cincinnati Fall Festival showing a woman seated on a pedestal placing a wreath on her head and wearing art nouveau jewelry; a child-like craftsman and a musician sit at the sides of the pedestal.

Sunset Magazine: August

Henry Patrick Raleigh (American, Portland, Oregon 1880–1944 New York)

Mrs. Fiske - Mary of Magdala / Ernest Haskell.

Poster showing Minnie Maddern Fiske, full-length portrait, sitting, left profile, in role of Mary Magdalene.

Colliers. Automobile Number / Edward Penfield.

Poster shows a woman dressed in a duster and bonnet standing beside an automobile.

The exiles and other stories by Richard Harding Davis / Edward Penfield.

Poster shows a man standing on a bluff overlooking a body of water, watching a ship sail away. A turbaned porter, in foreground, carries a blanket roll with an unbrella and a walking stick and a suitcase.

A Nebraska "Bill" Poster

This illustration entitled, "A Nebraska "Bill" Poster", by cartoonist Clifford Berryman, which appeared in the Washington Post on April 12, 1903, depicts William Jennings Bryan promoting Missouri Senator Willia... more

"Karama" a Japanese romance by (Vivian Grey), Mabel McKinley composer of "Anona" / / The Donalson Litho. Co., Newport, KY.

Poster announcing publication and sale of the song and march "Karama", a Japanese romance.

Sunset Magazine: Thanksgiving Number, November

Lafayette Maynard Dixon (American, 1875–1946)

Country House calendar 1905 / Edward.

Poster shows woman driving a breaking cart with a dog running along side.

Sunset Magazine: September

Lafayette Maynard Dixon (American, 1875–1946)

Hopkins / Bristow Adams.

Hopkins student playing lacrosse.

Tome / W. Pain.

Track athlete on track; over another illustration of three large buildings.

Housekeepers [...] X-radium cooking utensils The latest and most scientific cooking utensils yet produced.

Advertising poster shows set of four pots and pans available for $1.00.

Automobile calendar for 1906

Poster shows a woman wearing a driving coat, gloves, and a hat secured by a scarf, and partial view of automobile in background.

Posters Wanted

Glenn Coleman (American, Springfield, Ohio 1887–1932 Long Beach, New York)

Harvard scores / John Jepson, Boston.

Poster shows spectators cheering for Harvard.

A yard of Priscilla shirt waist designs / Ethelyn J. Morris.

Advertisement for sewing patterns by The Modern Priscilla, a needlework magazine, showing 16 different designs for shirtwaists, with details about patterns and materials.

Scribner’s for July

Ernest Haskell (American, Woodstock, Connecticut 1876–1925 West Point, Maine)

Advertising Card for a Very Easy Sitting Chair

Issued by Charles Rohlfs (American, Brooklyn, New York 1853–1936 Buffalo, New York)

Harper's round table, interscholastic sport ...

Poster shows two men in suits watching a high jumper; next to one man stands a man with a bicycle and another in athletic clothing.


Poster shows a football player wearing a shirt with the "P."

Casualty Company of America / Moss Photo Eng. Co., N.Y.

Advertisement for insurance, showing a train wreck above, and below, the grief-stricken family and shabby home of the uninsured man, and the well-dressed family, attractive home, and doctor care of the insured ... more

College crews

Ten men representing members of rowing crews, from Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Annapolis, Cornell, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Wisconsin, Georgetown, and Syracuse, holding oars.

Men Wanted for the Army

Military Recruiting Posters


Yale hammer-thrower.

"Dig" / Sadie Wendell Mitchell.

Poster shows a woman (college student) sitting in a room filled with books reading a work titled Economy. A sign with text "Do It Now" hangs on the wall above her head.

"Wee sma' hours" / Sadie Wendell Mitchell.

Poster shows three young women (probably college students) socializing. One is cooking using a light source for heat, directly above a sign reading "No Smoking".

Muzzle him, Asquith…

COLL MISC 0519_070.Lithograph showing a night scene outside 'Constitution House' with Asquith

Liberal and Tory Finance. No. 1. Taxation Imposed or Remitted During the Last Twenty-one Years.

COLL MISC 0519_038.Half page of text with bar chart comparing levels of taxation under Tory and Liberal governments, 1865-1885. Lithograph in black ink with red and blue bar chart, produced for the Liberal Cen... more

A Doubtful Guide

COLL MISC 0519-10.Central image with title at top and caption below. Campbell-Bannerman and a small party of thuggish men stand by a street corner. One man is dressed in a fur hat and ragged clothes (\Alien\")

A Warning! Free Traders read this!

COLL MISC 0519_087.Full text poster in red and black ink on cream paper, detailing unemployment, poverty, and emigration as the results of Free Trade. Produced by the Tariff Reform League.\r\nArtist: Unknown\r\... more

Will it Burst Too?

Satirical Liberal poster based upon a popular soap commercial at the time. Joseph Chamberlain is pictured blowing policy bubbles into the air and watches aggrieved as they burst. He has already witnessed the bu... more

Vote for the Conservatives Who Gave You the Alliance.

Cartoon showing John Bull shaking hands with a Japanese soldier, against the Union Flag and Japanese flag, with a packet marked \Alliance\" at their feet. Text banner top and bottom.\r\nArtist: E Huskinson... more

British Workman: It's no use trying to hide it, guv'ner. We are going to vote for Tariff Reform...

Asquith is shown trying to cover up a poster advocating Tariff Reform with one reading "Down With the Lords", while a British Workman berates him from the ground...Artist: Unknown.Printer: McCorquodal... more

Torn in Two.

COLL MISC 0519_072.Full colour lithograph showing a character in a top hat and spats (representing Radicalism) and a worker in a red shirt and cap (Socialism) attempting to drag Asquith through two doors marked... more

Flattening Him Out

A Tory wearing a monocle, spats, and a top hat with \Tariff Reform\" written on it

A Happy Family.

Campbell-Bannerman pictured in bed, his blanket of radical policies being torn into pieces by various problem children/issues such as 'Home Rule'. 'Alien', 'Small army and navy', 'Little England' and 'Sectarian... more

Free imports have made Britain the dumping ground of all nations

Lithograph cartoon (red and blue on white), depicting John Bull, Uncle Sam and ?Kaiser Bill, with text banner top and bottom, and a poem on free trade begining "There was a young man of Berlin..." Pro... more

Each for all and all for each

Reproduction of a portrait of Chamberlain? in sepia tones, set in against a burnt orange backgroud, with the title below the picture, and the heading, "Tariff Reform League" at the top...Artist: Unkno... more

Home Rule: 'Oh! Henry where did you get that cigar and why are you smoking it?'

COLL MISC 0519_9.British politicians forced to forced to endure the stink of Campbell-Bannerman's \cigar\" of Irish Home Rule. Stylish image in three colours and black on white paper

Where is the cheap food the Radicals promised you?

COLL MISC 0519-66.Full text poster comparing food prices under the Radical and Unionist governments in 1908 and 1905 respectively.

How the Tories Have Increased the Cost of Living

Blue and red ink on white paper, illustrating the increase in the price of tea and sugar under a Tory government (Tory government of 1905 compared to Liberal government of 1895), produced for the Liberal Party.... more

Why have the Radicals forced the Election upon an Old and Rotten Register...

COLL MISC 0519_060.Full text lithograph produced by the Liberal Unionist council, Great George Street, London, regarding the electoral register.\r\nArtist: Unknown\r\nPrinter: McCorquodale and Co Ltd\r\nPublish... more

Under Free Trade Thousands are Leaving our Shores Weekly

Red and black lithograph on white paper, showing John Bull standing at a dock at sunset, watching ships leaving "Free Trade Ruin" (a run-down port) for the skyscapers of "Protection Prosperity&qu... more


Window poster for use in store selling cigars, showing man seated, smoking cigar, and dreaming about a woman.

The Great Irish Ventriloquist, with his Performing Parliamentary Manikin

Music hall style poster showing John Redmond as a ventriloquist with Bannerman as his mannequin, balanced on his knee...Artist: Unknown.Printer: A White and Co.Publisher: Conservative Central Office.Place of Pr... more

Unfair Competition.

COLL MISC 0519_083.A farmer sits on a railway platform with crates and baskets of produce , watching a train called the Foreign Produce Express loaded with foreign produce, steaming past. He laments the need fo... more

The Decoy

COLL MISC 0519-6.Bannerman and John Bull are shown walking arm in arm along a pleasant street. In the foreground, hidden from their view, an Irish nationalist is waiting with a gun and a club. He is unshaven, a... more

Why Toryism Would Mean Dearer Living

Cartoon of Balfour holding a plate in front of him with a small loaf of bread on it. Text banner at top and caption at bottom. Liberal poster protesting against a proposed tax on food.\r\nArtist: F.B\r\nPrinter... more

Is this what you want to see?

Cartoon based on "the Radical 'Infamous Poster'", showing John Redmond herding a chain gang of politicians including Campbell-Bannerman and Asquith, towards the Home Rule Compound. The caption at the... more

The Wife's Appeal...

COLL MISC 0519_073.Full text poster in red ink on white paper, produced by the Conservative and Unionist parties.\r\nArtist: Unknown\r\nPrinter: McCorquodale and Co\r\nPublisher: Printer\r\nPlace of Production: London

Bad for the Quack Doctors

COLL MISC 0519_025.Copy of cartoon from the Westminster Gazette? showing Asquith as John Bull giving cheap sugar and an old age pension to a child and an elderly couple, while Chaplin and Austen Chamberlain, dr... more

Ain't You the Radical Party? (Barmyville Asylum).

COLL MISC 0519-5.Full colour lithograph showing a "cheerful idiot" inviting three Radicals to join him in the Barmyville Asylum.\r\nArtist: George Belcher\r\nPrinter: McCorquodale and Co. Ltd\r\nPubli... more

To the Electors of the City of Worcester.

COLL MISC 0519-1.Full text lithograph in red ink on white paper. Campaign poster for the 1892 General Election for George Allsopp, Conservative and Unionist candidate for the City of Worcester, 1885-1906.\r\n... more

John Bull: Are these my Islands or yours?

John Bull is seen standing on an outline map of the British Isles (he stands squarely between London and the Midlands), facing a "Tory peer"-type who is dressed in hunting clothes, ermine-trimmed robe... more

He's Good Enough for Me

John Bull reaches out to lay his hand in a benedictory fashion upon the shoulder of a reluctant but noble-looking Balfour...Artist: Unknown.Printer: McCorquodale and Co .Publisher: Printer.Place of Production: ... more

Resent the Attempt to Smash the British Constitution by American Dollars

Lithograph in black and red ink on white paper showing a caricature of John Redmond armed with a club called "Home Rule" with a large money bag containing US dollars in each hand, produced for the Uni... more

The Tax-payers' Financial Barometer.

COLL MISC 0519_074.Full text poster in black on white paper, with large graphs in blue and red ink. The graphs compare the expenditure of Tory and Liberal governments between 1875-1886, to the detriment of the ... more

To the Parochial Electors of St. Anne's-on-the-Sea.

COLL MISC 0519-76.Handbill produced for John Allen's campaign to stand for the New District Council on the platform of making St. Anne's-on-the-Sea \one of the healthiest and most attractive Health Resorts in t... more

Substance and Shadow

COLL MISC 0519-044.The Bulldog of Labour, dressed in working man's clothes, and carrying a bag labelled Cheap Food in its mouth, crosses a bridge called Free Trade, rather than risking the semi-submerged rock o... more

I'll give him Home Rule!

Full colour lithograph depicting John Redmond, dressed in Kelly green with a waistcoat covered in shamrocks, standing on some money bags containing US dollars, and reaching up for a jar on a shelf above him cal... more

A Herring to catch a Sprat.

Chaplin is shown standing on a beach talking to a \Working Man\"

The Trade Money Box.

COLL MISC 0519_047.Lithograph, red and black in on white paper. A foaming tankard engraved with various slogans, with an unidentified politician's face in the foam, above a quote from a meeting held in the Ci... more

Beware of False Statements About the Licensing Bill

COLL MISC 0519_027.Black and red ink full text poster on white paper, regarding the popular image of the Licensing Bill.\r\nArtist: Unknown\r\nPrinter: Waterlow and Sons Ltd\r\nPublisher: Liberal Publications D... more

The Chocolate Soldiers.

COLL MISC 0519_056.Lithograph showing Redmond aiming a cannon named "Irish-American Party" at a row of peers (labelled "Home Rule") outside the House of Lords. The canonballs are money bags ... more

What Price Today? Shopman: A loaf is three halfpence more today, boy!

COLL MISC 0519_088.A fat shopkeeper stands behind a counter next to baskets piled high with bread, with shelves loaded with foreign produce behind him. A small thin boy in tattered clothes stands in front of t... more

Found Out - Chinese Slavery

Campbell-Bannerman shown being castigated by John Bull for the election image of 'chinese slavery' used by the Liberal Party during their successful election campaign of 1905. ..Artist: Unknown.Printer: A Whit... more

The Cupboard Still Bare

Spoof of nursery rhyme 'Old Mother Hubbard, showing Chamberlain dressed as an old lady opening the 'Old Age Pensions Cupboard' for her dog called 'Aged Poor'. Satirical version of nursery rhyme below image, and... more

The Next Revival

Bannerman is shown in a brass bed, a Union flag hanging like a curtain to the left. He it sitting up, dressed in a nightshirt and night cap, staring at a realistically-portayed drowned black cat, which is walki... more

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...

Satire based on the nursery rhyme of the old lady who lived in a shoe, with Bannerman as the old lady, sitting in the road and blocking his ears. Behind him, the shoe is overflowing with characters representing... more

When two ride astride

COLL MISC 0519-053.Cartoon showing John Bull addressing Asquith, who is sitting on an agitated horse called British Constitution outside the Houses of Parliament. A Peer is seated on the horse behind Asquith, c... more

Hopelessly lost. The Radical Babes in the Wood, and no way out of it

Spoof on the fairy story \Babes in the Wood\"

Help for the Workers.

COLL MISC 0519_035.Black ink lithograph illustrating Asquith's second budget, showing Asquith standing outside the Treasury facing a middle class man in a top hat and a working class man with a bag on his back.... more

A Free Trade Forecast

Lithograph depicting a Free Trade Shop selling all sorts of imported goods, with an unemployed British workman standing outside being discussing the unattainable goods on display whilst the wealthy German owner... more

We Always Are Ready

Full colour lithograph showing Haldane (in Army uniform), and McKenna (in Naval uniform) standing on the white cliffs of Dover, satirising cuts in spending on the armed forces. Poster produced for the Liberal U... more

A Warning! Protectionists Read This...

COLL MISC 0519_050.Full text poster in black and red ink on white warning against Tariff Reform. Unemployment in Europe (especially Germany) and the USA are cited to illustrate the dangers of Tariff Reform.\r\n... more