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Topic: posters

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Déesse 16, rue Halévy, Paris / / PAL.

Poster shows semi-nude goddess in flight holding bicycle above crowd of bicyclists from all over the world.

Electors, do you want to "wait and see" any more of this?

Black and red ink on white lithograph depicting Redmond as a cat ("Irish American Party"), toying with Asquith as the mouse of "Government", produced by the Unionist Party, December 1910...A... more

Suffrage Posters from Schlesinger Library

The cat and mouse act passed by the Liberal government... buy and read The Suffragette..Date: 1913..Catalog Record: bit.ly/1uxQRNE ( http://bit.ly/1uxQRNE ) ..Questions? Ask a Schlesinger Librarian ( http://ask... more

Autographic Kodak - write it on the film - at the time.

Photos shows a man with camera and woman watching.

Le bonne petite soeur

Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg (French, Strasbourg 1740–1812 London)

Runaway reward poster

November 16, 1858

Armagh Man (William Stickers?) laughs in the face of "Post No Bills" signs

Cheating a little with the title of this one, as there is no "Post No Bills" sign to be seen (although we know they existed in Ireland long before ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/nlireland/8178145805 )... more

A Voltaire: vêtements tout fait, vêtements sur mesure / / J. Chéret.

Advertising poster for a clothing shop showing a man wearing a suit inset into a view of Place du Château d'Eau, location of the shop.

Chelsea, the nearly new handsome contents, comprising an ebonized & gilt drawing room suite ...

Auction poster to sell furnishings at James McNeill Whistler's home in Chelsea on Tite Street on Tuesday, May 13, 1879.

George's Street, Limerick revisited

This lovely street scene was uploaded in December 2010, but has not had a lot of attention to date. So I'm upcycling it and hopefully you'll find it of interest…..Photographer: Almost certainly Robert French of... more

[Balloon labeled "H. Lachambre," with two men riding in the basket]

Poster possibly advertising a balloon manufactured by Henri Lachambre whose facility is located in Vaugirard, a section of Paris, France.

Ascensione del cave. Emile Julhes, capitano areonauta [i.e. aeronauta]

Italian poster shows two men in a captive balloon labeled "Italia"; the uniformed man sits on the hoop, and the other stands in the basket waving a cloth.

American triumph. A. Marschall & Co. American extra dry champagne / National Bureau of Engraving, Philadelphia.

Advertisement for champagne showing a radiant Columbia drinking American champagne, as a scowling older woman, carrying champagne labeled Rheims, leaves for a French ship in the harbor.

The Good Ship Excel…

… at least I think that's what it says on the bow of the nearest ship...Good view of the bustle along the quays in Cork city. The Lawrence Studios have been kind to us, as Cork Exhibition inscribed on the glass... more

International baking powder. Manufactured by Queen City Chemical Co., Buffalo, N.Y.

Advertisement for International brand baking powder, showing a cat awakened by bread rising.

Oberne Hosick and Co. hard-water soap. Chicago, Ill.

Advertisement for Oberne Hosick & Co. soap, showing a woman at a well, using soap in a tub with a washboard.

Bonnard-Bidault, affichage et distribution d'imprimés / J. Chéret.

Poster showing a woman with wings and a trumpet, and a banner bearing the name of the printers Bonnard-Bidault.

F.E.G. kidney remedy. The newly discovered herb medicine. Sold everywhere / Van.

Patent medicine poster showing "Paul and Virginia," caricatures of an African American couple on a swing.

Dr. D. Jayne's tonic vermifuge. A sure remedy for worms

Advertisement for patent remedies, showing Moses held in a basket by a young woman.

Glycerine tooth paste -- Gellé Frères perfumers 6, Avenue de l'Opéra, 6, Paris / J. Chéret.

Poster showing a woman holding a toothbrush and a container of toothpaste.


Stock poster for bock beer, showing a waitress with a tray of beermugs exclaiming, as a billy goat, the symbol of bock beer, upsets an African American waiter and his tray of drinks.

Harper's March

Man with horse-drawn plow and a rooster.

Bench show. New England Kennel Club

Poster showing a variety of dogs at the New England Kennel Club's dog show.

One of the finest. Chewing and smoking tobacco. D. Buchner & Co., New York

Poster for D. Buchner & Co. tobacco products, showing a fireman shaking hands with a policeman, and premium cards depicting showgirls in costumes suggesting various sports and recreations.

The Illustrated sporting news. Christmas number / Drawn by Edward Penfield.

Poster shows a man and woman, both holding riding crops, toasting each other by a fireplace decorated for Christmas. Above the mantel are images of a pole vaulter, a football player, a woman driving a horse-dra... more

Scribner's for November

Poster shows a football player about to kick the ball.

Curves in Cork

Chose this curvy photo of the railway station in Cork for the bewildering multiplicity of signage. Most scenes in our early photos are blissfully uncluttered, but not this one!..Also chose it because it has a c... more

The horseshoe English and American bar, 1, Bould. Denain near the Gare du Nord / Abel Truchet.

Poster showing a woman dancer straddling a horseshoe, holding a glass in her raised right hand, with British and American flags in the background.

Harper's January

Man on a horse-drawn sled.

Chase & Sanborn

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3998 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3998 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Recipes; Posters; Advertisements; Advertising; Ethnic grou... more

Moulin Rouge: La Goulue

When the brassy dance hall and drinking garden of the Moulin Rouge opened on the boulevard de Clichy in 1889, one of Lautrec's paintings was displayed near the entrance. He himself became a conspicuous fixture ... more

L'Etendard français, bicyclettes et tricycles / J. Chéret, 91.

Poster showing a woman riding a bicycle, carrying a tri-color pennant.

Reine De Joie

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois)

Ricksecker Perfumes

Louis John Rhead (American, born England, 1857–1926)

Harper's for July

July 1892 Issue of Harper's New Monthly Magazine framed by stars and stripes banner.

All nations use Singer sewing machines / J. Ottmann Lith. Co., Puck Building, N.Y.

Advertisement for Singer sewing machines, showing many small scenes (perhaps also trade cards) of people in national costume using treadle machines.

Ambassadeurs: Aristide Bruant

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois)

Divan Japonais

Divan Japonais was one of the many café-concerts in late nineteenth-century Paris frequented by Toulouse-Lautrec. His poster advertising the nightspot features two of his favorite Montmartre stars, Yvette Guilb... more

Le Rapide, le n° 5 c. Grand journal quotidien

Jules Chéret (French, Paris 1836–1932 Nice)

Reine de Joie

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois)

The hostess (Budweiser lager bier)

Advertisement or premium for Anheuser Busch Brewing Co., showing a young woman holding a bottle of Budweiser beer with label in German. She wears a necklace bearing the Anheuser Busch insignia "A."

Harper's August / Edward Penfield.

Man with umbrella and copy of Harper's Monthly, standing in a plaza, facing left.

Eugénie Buffet - Ambassadeurs

Poster showing French chanteuse Eugénie Buffet dressed as a Parisian working girl with her hands in her pockets on a snowy street. Poster advertizes her performance at Ambassadeurs.

Harper's: Christmas Number

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)


Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois)

Aristide Bruant, at His Cabaret

Aristide Bruant was a successful singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur who ran a cabaret in the Montmartre quarter of Paris. When he began performing at up-scale café-concerts on the Champs-Élysées, he immediate... more

Harper's, May

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)

Harper's, August

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)

Aristide Bruant, dans son cabaret

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec (French, Albi 1864–1901 Saint-André-du-Bois)

Jane Avril

Lautrec’s graphic posters—for performers, like Jane Avril, or dance halls, like the Moulin Rouge—embody the ebullient, frenetic spirit of the nightlife in fin-de-siècle Paris. Avril, a lifelong friend of the ar... more

Harper's: June

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)

Harper's, November

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)

Harper's, October

Edward Penfield (American, Brooklyn, New York 1866–1925 Beacon, New York)

Harper's [for] July

Poster shows a woman reading Harper's while lighting strings of firecrackers.

The Greater Shenandoah by Bronson Howard

Poster shows a young woman on horseback raising her riding crop to strike an American soldier attempt to grasp the reins.

Artful Anticks

Oliver Herford (American (born England), Sheffield 1863–1935 New York)