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Accession Number: 1977:0083:0080..Maker: Mrs. Benjamin F. Russell..Title: Couple..Date: ca. 1910..Medium: color plate, screen (Autochrome) process..Dimensions: Image: 15.8 x 12.6 cm Overall: 17.9 x 12.6 cm..Ge... more

Greyfriars Bobby

Unknown..about 1865..Accession no. PGP R 831 .Medium Albumen print .Size 9.1 x 5.9 cm .Credit Gift of Mrs. Riddell in memory of Peter Fletcher Riddell 1985 ..For more information please select here ( http://www... more

[Two unidentified women being photographed]

Photograph showing two women in profile, posing for a portrait. Includes the photographer and camera, an assistant holding a white tablecloth to reflect light, and a mirror revealing more of the people in the room.

Vacation sports at the seaside

Stereograph shows women in bathing suits striking poses on the beach at Coney Island.

Eva Mylott, opera singer and paternal grandmother of Mel Gibson, ca. 1900 / J. Hubert Newman, French panel, 314 George St, late of Oxford St, Sydney

Eva Mylott, contralto and paternal grandmother of Mel Gibson, was born in 1875 at Tuross Head, N.S.W. Her family owned the whole peninsula at one time. Her father Patrick imported wines and spirits, and had shi... more

Good model / Mary R. Stanbery.

Photograph shows a young woman dressed in a white gown and cap, posing while another woman (Katharine Stanbery?) paints at an easel. A man (Clarence White?) sits next to the painter.

Members of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry outside one of their huts

Gathered in front of their Nissen-type hut, this photograph shows six women from the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry (FANY) with their regimental mascot, posing for the camera...Since the nature of FANY members duti... more

Officer and some of the men who captured Tilloy

This posed, formal photograph is believed to have been captured by John Warwick Brooke. The soldiers in this scene all appear quite relaxed and well-kept after their 'struggle.'] The German graffiti in the back... more

They have a good time in their leisure hours

Uniformed women stand outside their tents, which are pitched in a wooded area. This is very obviously a posed photograph showing the women looking relaxed and cheerful. It is believed to have been taken by Tom ... more

Officers of a Royal Fusilier Battalion

This style of formal group photograph was intended to be used as propaganda amongst the soldiers. This one is believed to have been taken by the official war photographer, John Warwick Brooke. It was hoped that... more

Crowd of women carpenters who work for Government contractors in France

A group of female carpenters, attached to Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps, posing for the camera. Although they are not wearing a uniform, all of the women are wearing a protective coat or pinafore over their... more

Group of our boys on the battlefield, just behind the line

British soldiers posing for the camera. Most of them are sitting on the snow-covered ground. They are all fully armed and equipped. ..Scenes such as this were commonly used as propaganda, intended to boost mora... more

Forest Lumber Works - officers of the Forest Control on the bank of the canal

Five officers pose for this photograph, most likely taken by John Warwick Brooke. Four of them are standing on what appears to be some form of small loading bay or jetty. Although it is difficult to tell from t... more

Men of a famous London battalion on the roadside

Soldiers pose for this photograph. The soldiers at the front of the picture are standing on a very muddy road. Some of these soldiers are perched on a little cart. Those at the back of the picture are precariou... more

Northumberland Fusiliers

A row of soldiers are sitting on the edge of a trench with their legs dangling in. Behind them stands three further rows of soldiers...Photographs of regiments were often taken to instil a sense of pride and un... more

Capt. Guy Gaunt, C.M.G., R.N. British Naval attache at Washington, U.S.A. about to start for a day in the front line trenches in France

Three officers posing for a photograph, France. Three men are standing on steps which lead up to a large patio. They are standing in front of two very large and grand windows. The men are wearing heavy overcoat... more

Officers of the Forest Control on one of the trucks

Four officers strike a pose for the photographer. According to the original caption, three of the men are sitting on a truck. It is positioned on a light railway track and was possibly used to transport felled ... more

D.G.M.S.Officers and Staff

Staff of Director General of Medical Services, Western Front, during World War I. A posed grouping of the officers and staff of the Director General of the Medical Services (DGMS). The men are posed in a garden... more

Group of German Red Cross men taken in the new push

Members of the German Red Cross who have been taken prisoner, during World War I. This image shows members of the German Red Cross who have been taken prisoner. It is a posed shot and, surprisingly, many of the... more

Few of the men who bake the bread

Bakers for the army, Western Front, during World War I. This is a posed photograph of some of the army bakers, outside a large building, probably the bakery. They appear to be a very mixed group. Some, probably... more

Troops receive many presents of cigarettes from various manufacturers at home

Soldiers posing for the camera, during World War I. They are standing in front of a large bank of earth. Two of the men in the front row are holding shells, with more shells positioned in front of them. Most of... more

Staff of the Director of Ordnance Services

Staff of Director of Ordnance Services, France, during World War I. This posed photograph of the staff of the Director of Ordnance services shows them ranged on the steps of a chateau. Large houses were requisi... more

Group of medical officers

Three rows of officers are grouped in front of a hut. The hut is made of narrow wooden planks and has a corrugated iron roof. There is also a window with a blind and a door way with a wooden pagoda-style lintel... more

French troops resting on the road-side en route for the front

French soldiers standing by the side of the road. It is a formal and posed shot, with carefully positioned rifles and backpacks along the front. All of the men are wearing long raincoats and steel helmets. ..Sc... more

Officers, Newfoundland Regiment

This photograph is believed to have been taken by the war photographer John Warwick Brooke. A group of men have been positioned, some standing and some lying, in a semi-circle. There is an array of various cane... more

Domestic staff at a British officers' Club in France

Domestic staff standing on a lawn in front of a British officers' club in France. Two uniformed men are standing beside them. They are all in a formal line posing for the camera. The building behind them looks ... more

Happy men of the Worcester, with their captured helmets

British soldiers, during World War I. British soldiers posing for the camera. They are all smiling and look very relaxed and happy. Some of the men are wearing German helmets, probably trophies from a recent ra... more

Flight Students, 1939

A group of women posed around an airplane - summer 1939. Dave Raub's female flight students...Left to right: (standing) Jean Adams Cook (airport manager), Anne Beach, Grace Larkin Coffin, Edith Jenney, Kathryn ... more

Bill Tankersley from the NYA's Camp Roosevelt posing in front of an airplane: Ocala, Florida

Local call number: n036042..Title: [Bill Tankersley from the NYA's Camp Roosevelt posing in front of an airplane: Ocala, Florida]..Physical descrip: 1 photonegative: b&w; 3 x 4 in...General note: Camp Roose... more