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Quand ce ra la Poule au Pot

Print shows a poor old man sliding a chicken onto a long spit.

John Bull and his piece

Cartoon of a stout man, tongue hanging out, with one arm around a stout, buxom woman wearing a cap and tattered clothing. He uses his other hand to tickle her under the chin.

The strollers progress plte 1st. A peep at Black Jack's origin previous to his going to Douay [...] / Cruikshank, invt.

Scene in a poverty-stricken room, in which John Philip Kemble's father, Roger, as a barber, dresses a wig, while he (John) talks to his mother; Sarah, Stephen, Charles, and a younger sister are variously occupied.

Pauvre famille dans sa maison ; Menuisier allant s'installer, transport de feuilles d'aloès / J.B. Debret, delt. ; lith. de Thierry Frères, succrs. de Engelmann & Cie.

Illustrations showing poor family at home; black carpenter carrying tools to his shop and man carrying bundle of aloe leaves on his head.

Progress of reform!!! No. 1

A scene in New York, outside the gates of City Hall Park. Two well-dressed men with top hats overturn the table of two apple-women. One of the men (from all appearances a Loco Foco radical Democrat) shouts at t... more

Shōjiki o mamoru mono wa tenjin kore o sutezu

Japanese print shows a woman seated at a table offering a morsel of food to a young woman; both wear western style clothing.

Shōjō no jinshinshi kunshi mo oyobasaru tokoro ari

Japanese print shows a woman offering assistance to a destitute man lying on straw; both wear western style clothing.

End of the poor Funeral from a tenement house in Baxter Street, Five Points, New York / / from a sketch by our artist.

Group of people gathered outside tenement house watch men carry out a coffin; in the street, two boys drag a dog by one leg.

Arrested rag-pickers in City Hall Park, New York / sketched by C.G. Bush.

Poorly dressed woman and her dog carts surrounded by onlookers.

On the docks after a hot day / Hogan.

Poor people resting on dock.

Life sketches in the metropolis - our homeless poor - a midnight visit to one of the cheap lodging houses in Water St. / from life by Matt Morgan.

Two page spread showing police officer and civilian investigator arriving at crowded room in lodging house, New York City.

[Studio portrait of models wearing traditional clothing from the province of Yanı̈a (Yanya), Ottoman Empire]

(1) Middle class Albanian of Yanı̈a (Yanya); (2) poor Albanian of Yanı̈a (Yanya); and (3) peasant from the environs of Yanı̈a (Yanya).

Rich and poor / Redding, sc. ; drawn by Sol Eytinge, Jun.

Poor woman with two small children standing in snow looking at rich woman holding small child and girl with large doll inside their home.

The Hearth-stone of the poor--waste steam not wasted / drawn by Sol Eytinge, Jun.

Homeless people heating themselves with steam rising from grating in pavement.

Homes of the poor / drawn by T. De Thulstrup.

Interior view of New York City tenement house room crowded with men, women, and children, some working, one using a sewing machine.

American millions and foreign nobility - the market where our girls buy - and get sold / Gillam.

Illustration shows the "European Matrimonial Market" with wealthy American women on the right previewing European men of nobility who have fallen on hard financial times.

New York City - "Doing the slums" - A scene in the Five Points / from a sketch by a staff artist.

Policeman leading upper class people through the Five Points neighborhood.

Max Strouse

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3558 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,3558 ) .. Subject (TGM): Children playing musical instruments; Wind instruments; Poor persons; Cloth... more

"Say, Hortense, come let's have a dance"

Two girls converse outside a building. One girl wears a hat on her head, and large ill-fitting clothes and shoes. The other girl wears a ribbon in her hair. In the background, two children dance to the music... more

A tenement-house alley gang : Candidates for crime / / R.T.S.

Illustration shows children and teenagers gathered on and around a wagon in a dilapidated alley.

Street boys sleeping on the docks

Illustration shows two boys sleeping huddled together next to barrel.

Homeless and friendless / R.T. Sperry.

Illustration shows child huddled on door stoop wearing ragged clothing.

A night scrub woman's home / R.T.S.

Illustration shows woman huddled in dilapidated building.

The compliments of the season a la carte

A full-length self-portrait of Nast exposing his empty suit pockets to the viewer and hanging his head.

Our religious landlords and their rookery tenants / C.J. Taylor.

Print shows a group of wealthy citizens exiting Trinity Church on Wall Street, New York City, with poor persons huddled on the street on both sides, and tenement housing in the background. The inscription over ... more

The socialists' theory, and how it would work out / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows Uncle Sam, on the left, giving a bag of money to a man labeled "Socialist" and a bag of money to a man labeled "Businessman", he tells them "Gentlemen, I have divided the wealth of the country equal... more