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Iskandar, seated on a platform in a courtyard, dictates a letter to the Khâqân of Chîn.

Life of the Prophet Muhammad written at the order of the Mamluk sultan al-Mansûr 'Alâ' al-Dîn 'Alî (d. 778/1376). The work was first illustrated during the reign of the Ottoman sultan Murâd III.

Figure on Platform

Mexico, Mesoamerica, Veracruz

Prisoners on a Projecting Platform, from Carceri d'invenzione (Imaginary Prisons)

In the rough and bold etchings of the Carceri, Piranesi achieved the immediacy of a drawn sketch in print. The low viewpoint and the small size of the figures emphasize the immensity of these invented spaces, b... more

Salthill Railway Station and Hotel

Salthill Railway station, people, including girl with pram, Monkstown, Co. Dublin...I am a great admirer of the Stereo Pairs Collection, I think that many photographers today would be very happy to take photogr... more

Jeff Davis, on his own platform, or the last "act of secession"

Another state of no. 1861-23, with the addition of a skull and crossbones drawn on Davis's chest.

Jeff Davis on the right platform, or the last "act of secession"

A caricature of Jefferson Davis, probably issued not long after the bombardment of Fort Sumter, but certainly postdating his February 1861 election as president of the Confederacy. Davis is shown standing on a ... more

The Chicago platform / Th. Nast.

A deceptive broadside, ostensibly a pro-McClellan campaign piece but actually a piercing attack on the Democratic platform. In the center is a portrait of Democratic presidential candidate George B. McClellan... more

How Columbia receives McLellan's Salutation from the Chicago Platform

Columbia repudiates Democratic presidential candidate George Brinton McClellan's endorsement of the platform devised at the August 1864 Democratic convention in Chicago. The text below the picture provides the... more

"As yet, I have found no difficulty in standing upon my own platform"

A puzzling caricature, probably dealing with Reconstruction under Andrew Johnson's administration. The work is quite crudely drawn. An acrobat, with mustache and sideburns and wearing a jester's cap, holds in ... more