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Topic: patent

1,671 media by topicpage 1 of 17

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Qing dynasty (1644–1911)

By his majestys royal letters patent - the new invented method of punishing state criminals

Print shows Britannia drawn and quartered at a crossroad by ropes attached to three horses, one labeled "Tyranny" racing down the road "to America", another labeled "Venality" racing down the road "to Spain", a... more

Judge Thumb, or - patent sticks for family correction: warranted lawful!

Judge Buller walking in foreground, carrying bundles of rods; in the background, a man with a rod raised over his head is about to strike a woman who is running away from him.

The political rat catcher or Jack Renegado's new patent trap's / Annibl Scratch, de.

"The rat-catchers sits in the doorway of a bare, ramshackle room, on the floor of which are large steel traps and rats, some already caught..." (Source: Stephens)

Cooke's Patent Drill Machine

Machine for sowing seeds.

Miscellany -- Mr. Bramah's patent lock ; Mr. Rowntree's patent lock / [...] del. ; Lowry scul.

Print shows views of lock, key, and locking mechanism for two types of locks.

Tameing [i.e. taming] a shrew. Or Petruchio's patent family bedstead, gags & thumscrews / Williams fecit.

Cartoon showing woman restrained in a bed fashioned like a pillory. Her husband sits up in bed beside her, holding a whip and gag.

Patent puffs to raise the wind or Dandy steam packets on contrary Jacks! Dedicated to the Society of Arts!

Print shows three men attempting to power their bicycles by means of flatulence.

Patent Hay and Grain Rake

Patented by Pennock & Pierce, of Chester Co., Pa.

Political Quixotism shewing the consequences of sleeping in patent magic spectacles The diplomatic Hercules, attacking the poitical hydra / / from a very big picter in the Jinerals Bed-Room, draw'd off from Nater by Zek Downing, Historical Painter to Uncle Jack & Jineral Jackson.

Print shows President Jackson, sword in hand, during a nightmare, fighting a hydra with many fierce heads labeled "U.S. Bank", "Deposits", "Bribery", "Pensions", "[...] of the People", and "Corruption of the [.... more

Old Nick's new patent plan to make Nova Scotia Tories, Federals coodies, Hartford conventioners, Nullifiers, National Republican bankites & c

An attack on Nicholas Biddle and the New York newspaper editors friendly to the United States Bank. The print was evidently prompted by Biddle's 1834 attempt to create a financial crisis through an artificial t... more

Drawing for a Washing Machine

This is the printed patent drawing for a washing machine invented by Oliver B. Wright. Patent Case Files

Patent Democratic Republican steam shaving shop

A cryptic satire possibly dealing with some facet of the 1844 presidential campaign. The print features two unsuccessful aspirants for the Democratic presidential nomination: Martin Van Buren and Richard M. Joh... more

Patent Office

With horse-drawn carriage in front.

Patent balancing by an amateur

New York "Tribune" editor Horace Greeley is ridiculed for vacillating between support of candidates Martin Van Buren and Zachary Taylor in the presidential election of 1848. Greeley balances precariously on a t... more

Hickok's patent cider mill

Advertisement by W.O. Hickok addressed to farmers; text is in English and German.

[Man Holding Patent Office Book]

O. H. Willard was active in Philadelphia, producing stereo views, cartes-de-visite, ambrotypes, and daguerreotypes. He remains a relatively obscure early practitioner of the wet plate and salted paper processes... more