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Agrippina Senior, 14 B.C.-A.D. 33, Daughter of Marcus Agrippa, Wife of Germanicus [obverse]
Portrait of a Woman
Antonia, 36 B.C.-A.D. c. 38, Daughter of Mark Antony and Octavia [obverse]
Head of a Youth (Dionysos or a Follower?)
Striding Cupid, Italian
Container in the Form of an African's Head
Hellenistic Torso of Aphrodite
Symbols of Bacchus as God of Wine and the Theater
Four Scenes from the First Book of Samuel
Saint Mark - Italian illuminated manuscript
Christ in Majesty [recto], Illuminated manuscript, France
Initials V and D, illuminated manuscript
Saints Cyprian, Vitus, Stephan, and Cornelius
The Crucifixion, illuminated manuscript - National Gallery of Art
The Crucifixion [verso], Illuminated manuscript, France
Saint Luke - Italian illuminated manuscript
Saint John Dictating to the Venerable Bede
Birth and Naming of John the Baptist
Aquamanile in the Form of a Lion
Pentecost, illuminated manuscript - National Gallery of Art
The Judge Judah (?), illuminated manuscript
Pyx in the Form of a Dove
Paradise with Christ in the Lap of Abraham
Madonna and Child Enthroned with Four Saints
Manuscript Leaf from a Bible (Deuteronomy)
The Three Holy Women at the Tomb
Byzantine Enthroned Madonna and Child
Madonna and Child on a Curved Throne
The Nativity with Six Dominican Monks
The Mourning Madonna, master of the franciscan crucifixes
Joshua before the Lord
Moses Counting the Children of Israel
The Mourning Saint John the Evangelist
Saint James Minor
Saint John the Evangelist
The Three Maries at the Tomb with the Angel of the Resurrection, and Isaac Sending Esau Out to Hunt
Manuscript Leaf from a Missal
Maestà (Madonna and Child with Four Angels)
Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist, Saint Peter, and Two Angels
Birth of John the Baptist
Seated Apostle
The Holy Trinity
The Nativity with the Prophets Isaiah and Ezekiel
The Calling of the Apostles Peter and Andrew
Grifo di Tancredi - Saint James Major
Grifo di Tancredi - Saint Peter
Grifo di Tancredi - Christ Blessing
Giotto - Madonna and Child
Saint James Major, Simone Martini, Italy
Saint Simon, Simone Martini, Italy
Saint Judas Thaddeus, Simone Martini, Italy
Saint Matthew, Simone Martini, Italy
Christ in Majesty with Twelve Apostles
Bernardo Daddi - The Crucifixion
Madonna and Child with Two Angels
The Coronation of the Virgin
Virgin and Child
The Archangel Gabriel, Italian
The Virgin Annunciate, Italian
Standing Youth with a Branch
Saint John the Baptist
Seated Girl with a Dog
Madonna and Child with Donor
Charity, Italian
The Angel of the Annunciation
Saint Paul and a Group of Worshippers
Saint Catherine of Alexandria
The Baptism of Christ
Madonna and Child with Queen Sancia, Saints, and Angels
The Birth, Naming, and Circumcision of Saint John the Baptist
Madonna and Child with Five Angels
Paolo Veneziano - The Crucifixion
Madonna and Child with the Blessing Christ, and Saints Mary Magdalene and Catherine of Alexandria with Angels [entire triptych]
Virgin of the Annunciation
Saint Paul, Italian
Saint Peter, Italian
Angel of the Annunciation
Saint Mary Magdalene, with an Angel [left panel]
Christ and the Virgin Enthroned with Forty Saints
Saint Catherine of Alexandria, with an Angel [right panel]
An Aedicule with Two Studies of Saint Christopher
Madonna and Child, with the Blessing Christ [middle panel]
The Nativity with the Annunciation to the Shepherds
Madonna and Child with Saints and Angels
Saint Peter Enthroned, illuminated manuscript
The Marriage; the Kiss of the Bride (initial P); the Bride Abandoned (initial D)
Saint Venantius [right panel]
Saint Anthony Abbot [left panel]
Justice, marble statue, Italian
Prudence, marble statue, Italian
Angel with Symphonia, Italian
Madonna and Child, with the Man of Sorrows [middle panel]
Saint John the Evangelist [right panel]
Saint Peter [left panel]
Angel with Tambourine, Italian
Great Seal of King Charles V
Saint George and the Dragon
Madonna and Child with God the Father Blessing and Angels

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