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St. Stephen I (pope)
Emperor Anastasius I, pope Symachus and antipope Laurentius
Physician instructing two pupils
Physician instructing a pupil
Herba coriandrum (coriander)
The five wounded limbs of Christ: heart, hands, and feet and crown of thorns (5th of 5)
Wapen / van N.N. Buininck
The carrying of the cross: Christ bears the cross
Wapen / van N.N. van der Werve
Moses numbers the people
St. Hedwig
The dream of Jacob: while sleeping on the ground with a stone for pillow Jacob sees a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, with angels ascending and God at the top of the ladder
God the Father holding the body of Christ (Not Gottes); Holy Spirit not present (4th of 5)
Christ among the doctors (1st of 5)
Master teaching his pupils on heaven and hell
Coat of arms
Samson kills the lion with his bare hands
Micah prophesying
The tortures of Christ: Christ is crowned with thorns
Dispute on the great number of pagan gods; God the Father, Virtue and Happiness (background)
David and the woman of Tekoah
The Crucifixion, with Mary and St. John, Longinus pierces Christ's side with a lance
Herba agrimonia (agrimony)
An angel appears to St. Peter in prison, summoning him to wake up
The presentation in the temple: Mary presents the Christ-child to Simeon
St. Pachomius meets his sister Germania
Coat of arms
The cruelty of some religious ceremonies, e.g. self-mutilation, and the ridiculousness of worshipping Venus, Jupiter, Juno, Diana and Apollo in the shape of animals (as criticized by Seneca)
Canontable: table correlating the four Gospels devised by Eusebius of Caesarea
Herba nasturcium
Desire ('Couvoitisse')
Monks singing
Coat of arms
Hermes Trismegistos lamenting the end of Egyptian religion; people kneeling at the tombs of dead people whom they are worshipping as if they were gods
Naaman dips himself seven times in the river Jordan and is cured
January: a man warming himself (at a fire)
November: Sagittarius
The presentation in the temple: Mary presents the Christ-child to Simeon
Christ child
St. Catherine of Alexandria holding a sword and a palm, a wheel at her side and Emperor Maxentius at her feet, with two kneeling donors (a man and a woman) with their patron saints: St. John the Baptist holding a staff and the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei), and St. Catherine of
Sweden with a deer; all are looking upward at God in heaven
Lamentation: the dead Christ lamented by Mary and St. John
Danae in the bronze tower; Danae and Perseus at sea; Danae and Perseus received by Polydectes, king of Seriphus
Madonna: Mary on the crescent, holding the Christ-child, is crowned by two angels
Lady of Sorrows: Mary with the Instruments of the Passion
Harrowing of Hell: Christ leaves hell and liberates the souls
St. Michael holding a cross
Wapen / van N.N. [van] Herdenbroeck
Wapen / van N.N. Both van der Eem
Pentecost: the Holy Spirit descends upon Mary and the apostles
Job on the dung-hill is tormented by his wife and comforted by a friend
Wapen / van N.N. Menryee
St. Paul holding a book and a sword
Titus and Vespasianus massacre the Jews
The law concerning the worship of the true God was communicated by the angels to the apostles
The entombment of Christ
Souls ascending to heaven
The betrayal of Christ: as a reward Judas receives pieces of silver from the chief priests
St. Margaret of Antioch emerging from the dragon and holding a cross-staff
Amos, the herdsman of Tekoa, communicating with God
A prophet
People worshipping the statues of Bacchus, Bonus Eventus and Pomona; God blessing a dead man and carrying his soul
Presentation of Mary in the temple
Monks singing
Return of the prodigal son
Symbol of St. Luke: ox, with (1) St. Gabriel, (2) Christ-child holding sceptre and knife, (3) baptismal font, (4) Christ drives the devil away, (5) cushion [bed of the paralytic], fishing net, (6) opened book, seven candles
The arrest of Christ: the kiss of Judas; the ear of Malchus cut off by St. Peter
Fall of the rebel angels (3rd of 3)
The Amalekite messenger who brought David the message of Saul's death is put to death by one of David's soldiers (3rd of 3)
St. Pachomius and a follower
St. Palaemon refuses the food offered by St. Pachomius
St. Peter
Wapen / van N.N. [van] Huchtenbroeck
The Lamb of God (Agnus Dei)
The baptism of Christ by St. John the Baptist, an angel holds Christ's robe
Herba satyrion
Zechariah, Illuminated medieval manuscript
Angels and devils fighting over souls that are represented as small human beings; the souls are carried to heaven by angels and welcomed by God the Father
Herba psyllium
The Annunciation: Gabriel announces Christ's birth to Mary
Eli sees Hannah praying in the temple
Coat of arms
Mary with the Christ-child
Herba flommos
St. Peter holding a book and a key
The entombment of Christ (1st of 5)
St. Paul
An angel shows Seth the child in paradise
Eve persuades Adam to take some of the fruit
The Creation: God forms Eve from Adam's rib
St. Catherine of Alexandria holding a sword and a wheel, with Emperor Maxentius at her feet
Perseus accidentally kills his grandfather Acrisius, king of Argos
Coat of arms of Phillebert de Vuandrey
Micah's prophecy concerning Bethlehem
The Annunciation: Gabriel announces Christ's birth to Mary
St. James the Less holding a book
Isaiah and Solomon
Wapenschildering in het album van Joannes Guilielmus Paris
David at prayer
Herba camedris (speedwell)
Wapen / van N.N. Merbrau

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