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Topic: national guard

10,018 media by topicpage 1 of 101

Journée memorable du 6 Octobre 1789

Print shows members of the Gardes du Corps who had been disarmed, joined by the National Guard, and the market-women of Paris who had marched on Versailles in the preceding days, now making the return trip to P... more

Les moines aprenant à faire l'exercise

Cartoon showing four men, monks, wearing the uniform of the National Guard marching in a disorderly manner.

Confederation Nationale du 14 Juillet 1790 Aux deux soutiens de la liberté.

Print shows a central scene at the National Federation festivities recognizing the union of the three estates with a display on a tiered stage illuminated by torches and with many figures making salutory gestur... more

Les dames de la Halle partant pour aller chercher le Roi a Versailles, le 5 Octobre 1789 / Prieur inv. & del. ; Berthault sculp.

Print shows a large procession of women and some members of the National Guard, with a carriage and a covered wagon, marching to Versailles.

Fidélité et dévouement dédié à la Garde Nationale de Paris : serment prêté par ceux de ses membres qui reçoivents la nouvelle décoration accordée par Sa Majesté ...

Print shows a certificate of honor given to the members of the National Guard of Paris by Louis XVIII showing soldiers standing next to monument with bust of Louis and text of oath taken by those honored.

Puck pays his compliments / Keppler.

Print shows Puck bowing to Theodore Roosevelt who is sitting in a chair at a desk with a bust of George Washington on it, as well as papers labeled "Canal Investigation, Civil Service Reform, National Guard, [a... more

The dandy Fifth /

From the Biograph picture catalogue: 62 feet. Taken during the land parade in honor of Admiral Dewey, just before the turn into 72nd Street, with Grant's tomb and decorated residences in the background. This en... more

Panoramic view of the President's house at Canton, Ohio /

Photographed from a single-camera position, the film's 160-degree pan shows President McKinley's house and the large line of people being controlled by military troops. The crowd had gathered before going throu... more

President McKinley's funeral cortege at Washington, D.C. /

The photographer covered the subject, the funeral cortege of President McKinley, from many different positions along the line of march. The people shown are those who preceded the hearse and those who followed ... more

President McKinley's funeral cortege at Buffalo, N.Y. /

The photography in this film is from several camera positions. The first position was over the heads of the crowds that lined the street watching the cortege begin. Mounted police precede the escort for the fun... more

President McKinley inauguration, 1901 /

The first sequence (ca. 49 ft.), views of President William McKinley speaking, may be unrelated footage. Views of crowds on Pennsylvania Ave., NW, in front of the old Willard Hotel during the March 4, l90l inau... more

McKinley's funeral entering Westlawn Cemetery, Canton [Ohio] /

Photographed from several camera positions, the film shows the funeral procession both preceding and following the body of the assassinated president before he is interred at Canton, Ohio. From a contemporary E... more

Unionism or the National Guard? / Ehrhart.

Illustration shows a laborer standing at center holding a rifle labeled "Law and Order" and a National Guard uniform labeled "Patriotism" which he is offering to Uncle Sam who is standing on the left with his h... more

[New Jersey National Guard training camp]

Postcard photo showing artillery gun crews firing.

[New Jersey National Guard training camp]

Postcard photo of group of soldiers lying on grass in front of tents, facing camera.

Scenes and incidents, Russo-Japanese peace conference, Portsmouth, N.H. /

Scenes from the 1905 peace conference between the Russian and Japanese Governments, mediated by the U.S. Government at the invitation of President Theodore Roosevelt. Scenes of the dignitaries and celebrities w... more

TR's inauguration, 1905 [1] /

Scenes of TR's second inauguration on March 4, 1905 in Washington, D.C.: long panning shots of crowds gathered at the Capitol; on a platform erected on the East Front of the Capitol, Chief Justice Melville W. F... more

Parade, 55 Inft., Iowa Nat. Guard

Civilians in attendance at parade.

Troop A, Ohio National Guard on Capitol ground during Taft inauguration, Mar. 4, 1909

Photograph shows soldiers on horseback on Capitol grounds during inauguration of William H. Taft; crowds of spectators also on grounds.