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Page from French 13th century bible
Page from French 13th century bible
Manasses in the Brazen Bull, fol. 395v
Page from a 14th century Rhenish Psalter
New Heaven and the New Earth
Text with initial, placemarkers, rubric. Miniature of the marriage of the Virgin
Miniature of Cancer, with text, catchword and 1-line blue initials
Leaf with miniature of the Entry into Jerusalem
Text with rubric and placemarkers. Large historiated initial of Assumption of the Virgin
Mahmûd of Ghazna visits an ascetic,  f. 27v
The orbit of Venus (al-Zuhrâ), f. 19
Ursa Major (al-Dubb al-Akbar), f. 24v
Ursa Minor (al-Dubb al-Asghar), f. 24
'Ajâ'ib al-makhlûqât va gharâ'ib al-mawjûdât, f. 21v
In Egypt, there is a strange creature that is like one woman from the waist down and two women from the waist up, f. 13
Sarlawh, f. 1v, [Headpiece] - Persian manuscript
The orbit of Saturn (Zuhal), f. 22v
The orbit (falak) of  the Moon (al-Qamar), f. 15v
The orbit of Mars (Mirrîkh), a second view [top]; The orbit of Jupiter (Mushtarî) [bottom], f. 22
Cepheus (al-Qîqâ'ûs) [top]; Boötes (al-'Uvâ') [bottom], f. 25v
The orbit of the Sun (Âftâb), a second view, f. 20
The orbit of the Sun (Âftâb), f. 19v
Sarlawh, f. 2, [Headpiece] - Persian manuscript
A woman who has one arm and one leg of a woman, but the other half of her body is like that of a nasnâs; here the right arm and leg have hooves, f. 13v
The orbit of the stars (kawâkib), f. 23
The Semitic prophet Sâlîh leads a camel from the side of a mountain.
The expulsion of Âdam and Hawwâ from Paradise.
The prophet Idrîs (Enoch) seated in a garden in Paradise.
A black trapezoid representing the Kaʻbah within a large red footprint, fol. 47v
Jesus surrounded by symbols of the four Evangelists
Full-page miniature of the Assumption of the Virgin, with opening of text for vespers, initials, rubrics, flower design
Full-page miniature of Christ, and opening of text, with rubrics, large initial with flower decoration
Majnûn, seated alone in the wilderness, gazes pensively into the heavens, fol. 82
Krishnagita, Pl. 25
The investiture of the archbishop of Mainz f. 182
Jerome of Prague, in fetters, between two soldiers f. 142
The coronation of the pope in the upper court with hundreds of bishops as retinue bearing lighted candles ff. 240-241
The wild boar and the fox [cont.]; The crested lark; The fawn and the deer.
Horae, fol. 51
Orion (al-Jabbâr) [top]; Eridanus (al-Nahr) [bottom], f. 32
Lupus (al-Sabu') [top]; Corona Australis (al-Iklîl al-Janûbî) [middle]; Pisces Australis (al-Jawqi) [bottom], f. 34v
An animal of Zânij with gray tiger-striped coat [top]; Two large apes of Zânij [middle]; Five colorful birds of Zânij [bottom], f. 74v
Pisces (al-Hût) [top]; Cetus (al-Qîtas)[Qintîs] [bottom], f. 31v
Two winged  human inhabitants of Zânij [top]; A tree from which a river of camphor flows on the island of Zânij [bottom], f. 75
Lepus (al-Arnab)[al-Arnah] [top];  Canis Major (Kalb al-Akbar) [bottom], f. 32v
The archangel 'Izrâ'îl (Azrael), the messenger of death, stands raised in surprise when he sees a man at Solomon's court whose soul he had orders to gather in India that day, f. 44v
Two nude dwarfs who inhabit trees on the island of Râmî (Jazîrat al-Râmî), today known as Sumatra [top]; Similar to f.75v top [bottom], f. 75v
Taurus (al-Saur), f. 29
Virgo (al-Sunbulah) [top]; Libra (al-Mîzân) [bottom], f. 30
The angels Hârût and Mârût suspended head downward in a black pit (representing a fountain near Babel), f. 47
Shaykh al-Ra'îs (referring to Ibn Sînâ) views a rainbow from the high montains between Bârûd and Tûs (the rainbow is not shown), f. 70v
Triangulum (al-Musallas) [top]; Aries (al-Hamal) [bottom], f. 28v
Delphinus (al-Dalfîn) [top]; Equuleus (Qat'at al-Faras) [middle]; Pegasus (al-Faras al-A'[zam]) [bottom], f. 27v
Cassiopeia (Zât al-Kursî) [top]; Perseus (Barsâvush)[bottom], f. 26v
Two large guardian angels [malâ'ik]flanking a seated youth, f. 46
A cat with wings like a bat found on the island of Zânij (Jazîrat Zânij), today called Java, f. 74
Scorpio (al-Aqrab) [top]; Sagittarius (al-Qaus) [bottom], f. 30v
Hydra (al-Shajâ') [top]; Centaurus (Qantaurus) [bottom], f. 34
Hercules (al-Jâsah) [top]; Hen (al-Dajâjah) [bottom], f. 26
The archangel Mîkâ'îl (Michael) views two fallen angels who are half submerged in silver water, f. 44
Guardian angels (malâ'ik), f. 45v
Capricorn (al-Jadî) [top]; Aquarius (al-Dalv) [bottom], f. 31
Auriga (Mumsik al-A'innah) [top]; Serpentarius (al-Hauvâ va al-Hayyah) [middle]; Sagitta (al-Sahm) [bottom left]; Aquila (al-'Uqâb) [bottom right], f. 27
Gemini (al-Jauzâ') [top]; Cancer (al-Saratân) [middle]; Leo (al-Asad) [bottom], f. 29v
Andromeda (al-Mar'ah al-Musalsalah) [top]; Equus Major (al-Faras al-Tâmm) [bottom], f. 28
Yûsuf reunited with his father Ya'qûb (Jacob).
Opening of another part of text added late 14th century, according to Delisle.  Miniatures, initials, rubric, linefiller, placemarker, f. 390
Coats of arms of Eastern archbishops and bishops ff. 380-381
Mount Tûr Hârûn, near Bethlehem. Mûsâ (Moses) took Hârûn (Aaron) there, and the two of them watch two men digging a grave, f. 116v
Mount al-Hamand in India, f. 120
Mount al-Wâsit, in Andalusia, Spain [top];  Mount Balah Bashîm, near Qazvîn [bottom], f. 120v
A fish with tusks like a boar, f. 78v
A deer that lives in the sea [top]; Two men on the island of Vaqvaq frighten away a huge fish by beating a drum [middle]; A large fish with a humped back [bottom], f. 78
Water dog (kalb al-mâ'), f. 102v
Yaqûb ibn Ishaq tells of a Turk who visited Jazîrat Bahânâs and aided the very small inhabitants of that island in their battle against their enemy   [top]; Four dog-faced men of the Island of the Dogs (Jazîrat Sagsâr) menace three men [bottom], f. 90v
A long green fish with a forked tongue and two smaller fish [top]; A humpedback fish and one smaller fish [bottom], f. 83v
The traveler Yaqûb ibn Ishaq was attacked by another inhabitant of Sagsâr island  [top]; The sawfish (samak al-minshâr) of the  Sea of Zanzibar [bottom], f. 91v
Mount Hirâ, near Mecca [top]; Mount Hudqûr, between Hadramût and 'Umân [bottom], f. 110v
Two mounted warriors attack a citadel inhabited by dog-faced humans (sagsârs) [top];  On the Jazîrat Jâmi', there is a mountain from which flames shoot at night and smoke is emitted during the day [bottom], f. 81v
Water horse (faras al-mâ'), f. 100v
The merchant of Isfahân and the giant bird, f. 87v
Mount Mûrjân, in Fârs province, Persia, f. 119
On Jazîrat Salâmatah, there is a type of fish that can leave the water and climb trees in order to eat the fruit. The illustration shows a man holding one of these fish while two others climb a tree and to more swim in silver - colored water, f. 81
Mount al-Mu'azzim, in Egypt, f. 118v
A rhinoceros regarded by four monsters with the bodies of men and the heads of beasts [...] on Jazîrat Atvâr [top]; Three white men swimming in the Greek Sea (Bahr Yûnân) [middle]; Three men swimming in the Bahr Yûnân, whose waters have turned them black, f. 77
The The Nile, f. 125
Mount al-Nâr. The  author of the Tuhfat al-gharâ'ib says that a big fire on this mountain will kill any bird flying nearby. Here a man regards three dead animals and a dying bird in front of the fire [top]; Mount Nahâvand [bottom], f. 119v
The queen of the island of Vaqvaq (Jazâ'ir al-Vaqvaq), f. 76
Three black cannibals swimming in a silver sea [top]; Four flying birds against a silver background [bottom], f. 77v
There is a minaret on the Island of Manârah made of stone from which is suspended an effigy of a hanging man  made of gold [top];  Nine of the 130 species of birds that inhabit the island of Bilîs as described by Abû Hâmîd Andalusî [bottom], f. 93
Mount Safâ, near Mecca, f. 115v
Leeches ('alaq) [top]; A shellfish known for its aromatic smell ('attâr) [bottom], f. 100
The nude inhabitants of Jazîrat Lîkâlûs trade ingots of iron to two men who arrive in a boat [top]; On Dragon Island (Jazîrat al-Tannîn),  a dragon devours one of the two oxen he demands daily from the inhabitants [bottom], f. 82
Mount Sâvah, south of Rayy, f. 113v
Three spotted frogs (dafâdi'), f. 99
A monster found in the Sea of Turkey (Bahr-i Rûm) [top]; A strange bird of the Maghrib Sea that lays its eggs in quiet waters [bottom], f. 94
Tortoise (sulahfât), f. 98 - Persian manuscript
Fishing in the Nile, f. 125v
Abû Hâmid says that a very large fish was caught in the Caspian Sea. When it was pulled to shore, a beautiful girl (kinâz) emerged from its ear, f. 95v
Mount Alburz, near Qazvîn [top];  Mount Alrâs, in Andalusia, Spain [bottom], f. 108

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