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Scene of Military Life: A General Giving Orders

Charles Parrocel (French, Paris 1688–1752 Paris)

An east view of Fort Royal in the Island of Guadaloupe Vue du Fort Royal, dans l'Isle de Guadaloupe, du Cote de l'Est / / drawn on the spot by Lieut. Arch. Campbell Engineer ; engraved by Peter Mazell.

Print showing a view of Fort Royal on the coast of the Island of Guadeloupe with soldiers relaxing in the foreground, ships at sea, and sun rising in the background.

The encampment on the Black-Heath MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

Print showing camp followers resting near windmill, with tents of a military encampment on the plains, with fields and trees in the background.

The encampment in Hyde Park MDCCLXXX / P. Sandby fecit.

Print shows tents beneath large trees on the right and in the background, with soldiers and citizens clustered in small groups; at the far right is a drinking establishment with a sign that states "Pooles Inti... more

The encampment in the museum garden MDCCLXXX / N' P. Sandby f.

Print showing men, women, and children on the lawn in the museum garden, building on the left, and the tents of a military encampment, on the right.

The encampment in St. James's Park MDCCLXXX

Print shows soldiers relaxing in tents and talking on horseback, with women and children and dogs in the foreground, and a view of Westminster Abbey in the background.

Voilà la plus cuite, mon Empereur!

Print shows Napoleon stopping at an evening mealtime bivouac to converse with the rank and file soldiers who offer him one of their potatoes.

Ismail Pacha on horseback, with Turkish officers

Ismail Pacha (General Kmety), full-length portrait, seated on horse, facing left, with three attendants in the foreground and one in the background.

Lieutenant-colonel Shadforth at his hut & officers of the 57th Regiment

Lieutenant-colonel Thomas Shadforth sitting before his hut surrounded by officers in relaxed poses.

Ismail Pacha & Mr. Thompson of the Commissariat

Ismail Pacha (Hungarian general Kmety), and Mr. Thompson, seated on gabions; three attendants, one holding a horse, standing behind them.

Lieutenant Colonel Munro & officers of the 39th Regiment

Lieutenant Colonel William Munro and officers, dressed in uniform, posed before huts.

Two Zouaves

Two French Army Zouaves, wearing uniforms.

Lieutenant General Sir John Campbell & Captain Hume, his aide-de-camp, the general sitting

Lieutenant General Sir John Campbell, full-length portrait, seated inside tent, facing left; Captain Hume, full-length portrait, standing outside tent, facing front.

Camp of the 5th Dragoons Guards

View of camp with tents, huts, and horses, looking toward the village of Kadikoi.

[Military camp]

View of camp on hillside with conical tents, horses, buildings, and soldiers; church(?) and hills in the distance.

Looking towards Balaclava, Turkish camp in the distance to the right

Military personnel, some on horseback, at encampment on the plateau of Sevastopolʹ.

Officers of the 90th [i.e., 38th] Regiment (Captain Hume and Captain Snodgrass)

Captains Hume and Snodgrass posed near a bell tent, with horses and groom.

Camp of the 4th Dragoon Guards near Karyni

Men and horses standing among tent encampment with building; mountains in background.

Captain Brown, 4th Light Dragoons & servant, winter dress

Captain Brown, seated, and servant, full-length portrait, facing front, wearing winter uniforms, with tents in background.

General Bosquet giving orders to his staff

General Pierre Bosquet standing between four officers, gesturing to the left.

Officers of the 71st Regiment

Officers of the 71st Highlanders with dog, posed before conical tent with military camp in background.

A Christmas dinner on the heights before Sebastopol / W. Simpson delt. ; J.A. Vinter lith.

Print shows (from left) Capn. Sir Charles Russell, Bart, Capn. Charles Turner, Capn. Alexander Viscount Balgonie, Capn. Fredk. Bathurst, Capn. Burnaby, Lieut. Colonel Charles Lindsay, Col. Fredk. Wm. Hamilton, ... more

Veteran 1812

Two sketchy figures.

I totes for de Brig

Two full length portraits of soldiers, one carrying buckets.

(Scene near Tipton, on the Missouri Prairies,) Blacksmithing in the Army

A group of soldiers, one relaxing in foreground, one stoking a fire, and two putting shoes on horses.


Soldier drawing water from mountain top well.

[Letter from Cornelius V. Moore to Henry Moore]

Handwritten letter with sketch on back showing Edward Moore cooking apple fritters.

The twelfth regiment "laying off" in the Navy Yard barracks at Washington

Stereograph showing soldiers from the 12th regiment relaxing in the barracks, most out of uniform and some sitting on their bunks.

Confederate camp, Warrington Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida, 1861

Photograph shows Company B of the 9th Mississippi in a bivouac camp. The cook is identified as Kinlock Falconer. (Information from the Image of War, 1981).

[Confederate camp, Warrington Navy Yard, Pensacola, Florida]

Photograph shows Company B of the 9th Mississippi. The cook is identified as Kinlock Falconer. (Information from the Image of War, 1981).

Hotel at Camp Griffin, near Chain Bridge

Photograph shows Union soldiers and civilians in front of hotel at Camp Griffin, Virginia, with horse and buggy.

The Song [...]he war / Homer, del.

Composite of seven views of Civil War life, related to song titles, showing soldiers marching, drinking and fighting in camp, woman at home, and black man seated on barrel labeled "contraband".

Camp Griffin 1861

Photograph shows Union soldiers and men, probably photographers including G.H. or Don Houghton, in front of shed labeled "Picture Gallery" and tent at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia.

War views -- Army of the Potomac -- the way they cook dinner in camp

Photograph shows five Union soldiers, including one African American soldier, sitting and eating in front of tents.

On the road between Washington & Alexandria

Composite of ten scenes related to activities of soldiers during the Civil War.

Camp punishments--too fond of whisky [sic]--scene in the Army of the Mississippi

Soldier in barrel labeled "Too fond of whiskey; forged an order on the surgeon," with one soldier saying to him "How are you Monitor?" and another saying to him "Where's the Merrimac?"

[Grave of Corporal James Bryant of Co. E, 1st New York Light Artillery Battery, who was killed by lightning in Mechanicsville, Virginia]

Photograph shows reproduction of drawing, probably by Larkin Goldsmith Mead, of a grave and a tree engraved "Corp. Jas. Bryant, Co. E 1st N.Y.A. died June 3rd 62."

The old Harrison mansion--Harrison's landing James River

Group of soldiers relaxing around a house with signal towers mounted over chimneys.

Scene in Pleasant Valley, Maryland / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

Photograph showing a group of men and women, including Union army officers' family members, on the porch of a house owned by Mrs. Lee. The two officers were members of the staff of Gen. McClellan and Gen. Burnside.

Photographers on the Potomac. Camp Griffin, Virginia

Photograph shows reproduction of drawing, probably by Larkin Goldsmith Mead, of photographers seated at a table in a room with equipment at Camp Griffin, Langley, Virginia.

Camp of 31st Pennsylvania Infantry near Washington, D.C.

Woman with sleeves rolled up holding basket, posed in front of tent with a soldier (possibly her husband) and three children, other soldiers in the background.

Quarters of Emmons & Handerson, Hilton Head, S.C.

Photograph shows officers George W. Emmons and Henry C. Handerson, sitting in front of a tent at the camp of the 3rd New Hampshire Infantry.

What do I want, John Henry? Warrenton, Va., November 1862 / Alex. Gardner, photographer.

White soldier sitting facing young black servant, who is holding bottle and cake(?), with two other soldiers sitting and one standing in front of two tents.

Camp of 110th Pennsylvania Inf'y near Falmouth, Va., Dec. 1862

Photograph shows soldiers around the campsite.

129th Reg + ILL Volls. [sic] at camp "Lady Polk," Nashville, Tenn

Ink sketch within oval border of Federal encampment with numerous tents, trees and a flagpole with the Union flag.

Campaign sketches. The baggage train / Homer.

Print shows two African American drovers, one with a pipe and the other with a whip, sitting on the back of a covered wagon, which is part of a baggage train for the Army of the Potomac.

Campaign sketches. A pass time. Cavalry rest / W.H.

Print shows Army of the Potomac soldiers playing cards.

Campaign sketches. Our jolly cook / Homer del.

Print shows an African American cook for an Army of the Potomac corps dancing by a fire as soldiers watch at an encampment.

Headquarters, Christian Commission in the field, Germantown / negative by J. Gardner, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing members of the Christian Commission, a volunteer organization that offered spiritual consolation and supplies to soldiers, at their camp, possibly in Pennsylvania.

Campaign sketches. Foraging / Homer.

Print shows three Army of the Potomac soldiers taking a cow or bull as an African American man protests.

Campaign sketches. The coffee call / H.W. [i.e. W.H.]

Print shows Army of the Potomac soldiers waiting for coffee at a campfire in an encampment.

The Shebang, or quarters of the U.S. Sanitary Commission, Brandy Station / negative by J. Gardner, positive by A. Gardner.

Photograph showing the facilities of the United States Sanitary Commission, a privately funded agency that provided care and supplies to soldiers.

The Army of the Potomac in huts / / sketched by Theodore R. Davis. The teamsters' duel / sketched by Alfred R. Waud

Top illustration shows soldiers marching in front of log huts and one soldier cutting logs. Bottom illustration shows two black teamsters lashing each other with whips.

Pay-day in the Army of the Potomac / drawn by Mr. Homer.

Composite of scenes of soldiers getting paid, sending money home, buying food and liquor, and two women reading letter.

The operations near Washington--scene of the fight in front of Fort Stevens, July 12 & 13 / from a sketch by our special artist, E.F. Mullen.

Illustration showing soldiers behind low wooden barricades; the remains of a building burned to the ground; and the smoke from cannon fire in the background.

Life in camp, part 2

Souvenir cards showing the daily life of Union soldiers during the Civil War, on the front, in camp, and on furlough, also, an artist traveling with the army, zouaves, parting with loved ones, and an African Am... more

Comrades will all remember how we made a rush for the old well to fill our canteens, when on the march. This is the way it was

Stereograph showing soldiers lining up to fill their canteens at a well, which is protected by canvas, near Fredericksburg, Virginia. A group of African Americans seated on horses or on the ground, wait nearby.

Songs of the War, by Private Miles O'Reilly / Lith. of Henry C. Eno, N.Y.

Music cover showing five Civil War scenes, including three battle scenes, one hospital scene, and one of soldiers toasting in a dining room.

[Military encampment at plantation house]

Soldiers resting or standing and conversing with ladies, plantation house steps in foreground, men rounding up cattle in background.