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[Mobile tank-like fortress in the shape of a dragon]

Print shows a dragon-shaped, mobile fortress equipped cannons and capable of carrying troops, with a ladder device mounted on the front used for scaling walls or as a bridge during siege warfare.

[Portable siege ladder]

Print shows a portable ladder with sections that are screwed together, used during siege warfare.

[Telescoping siege machine]

Print shows a telescoping tower raised from beneath by a screw mechanism manipulated by two men, used during siege warfare to gain an advantage of height by those perpetrating the siege.

[Underwater breathing apparatus]

Print shows a device with a long tube for breathing, worn over the head, to allow a soldier to walk underwater; also shows the device being used in the background.

[Air mattress made from animal skins]

Print shows two soldiers resting on an air mattress made by sewing together and inflating animal skins.

Exemplum balistæ quadrirotis

Print shows two soldiers with a horse-drawn ballista. The device, mounted on a wagon, is manipulated like a crossbow, shooting large arrows at enemy fortifications. The horses are well covered with armor.

Expositio thoracomachi

Print shows a soldier wearing a cuirass, a leather tunic or breastplate, used as protective armor during battle. Also shown are leather helmets, leggings, and footwear.

Chandelier, is a wooden frame, whereon are laid fascines or faggots, to cover the workmen while carrying on the approaches

Print shows a wooden apparatus for protecting men while digging during siege operations.

Elevation of a truck-carriage [and] plan of a truck carriage

Print shows two views of a "Truck carriage."

[Tools necessary to prove and load guns]

Print shows various tools used in loading and firing cannons, and views of wheels and axels for cannons.

Elevation of a sling cart [and] plan of a sling cart

Print shows two views of a "sling cart."

Amunition waggon

Print shows the elevation and plan of an amunition wagon with view of undercarriage and axels.

Gin - engine for drawing the fuzes out of the shell - box with grapeshot - section of a petard

Print shows various devices used with artillery and a cross-section of a petard.

Pontoon carriage

Print shows the plan and pontoon of a pontoon carriage, with a view of the axel.

Battle of New Orleans, Jan. 8th 1814 [i.e., 1815]

Print shows a map of the troop alignments during the battle of New Orleans, 1815.

The death of locofocoism

In his satire Johnston celebrates the defeat of "Loco Foco," i.e., radical Democratic interests, in the presidential election of 1840. The "Loco Focos" were the largely working-class constituency who supported... more

A political movement

The artist forecasts with obvious relish the ouster of Van Buren and his cronies from office by William Henry Harrison. Van Buren is shown leaving Washington in a large cart drawn by supporters (left to right) ... more

The Secretary of War presenting a stand of colours to the 1st Regiment of Republican bloodhounds

A bitter vilification of the Van Buren administration's use of bloodhounds to hunt fugitive Indians during the Second Seminole War in Florida. The artist condemns the racism and inhumanity of the measure, as w... more

A bivouack in safety or Florida troops preventing a surprise

Another parody of Van Buren administration efforts to end the long and costly Second Seminole War in Florida. The War Department was regularly subjected to public and congressional attacks for cruelty, waste, a... more

The new era or the effects of a standing army

A condemnation of a Van Buren administration plan, put forward by Secretary of War Joel Poinsett, to reform the militia system through creation of a reserve force under regular army officers. The idea was attac... more

Town & country making another drive at the great question.--No go!!

A mild reproof of Zachary Taylor's evasion of the slavery question in the campaign of 1848. Although Taylor's views were widely broadcast in the form of published letters, his stand on the main issue--the Wilmo... more

Hunting Indians in Florida with blood hounds

A tableau dramatizing the brutal tactics employed by Zachary Taylor as commander of U.S. forces against the Seminole Indians during the Second Seminole War (1835-42). Taylor, on horseback at right, presides ov... more

Grand Presidential sweep-stakes for 1849

The Free Soil sympathies of the cartoonist are evident in his portrayal of the 1848 presidential contest as a race between the three major candidates. The contenders are on the course. Whig candidate Zachary T... more

The day after the fair

A pro-Cass satire, predicting the Democratic nominee's victory over Whig Zachary Taylor and Free Soil candidate Martin Van Buren. After the "fair," or election, Lewis Cass appears at the window of the White Ho... more

Arbuckle Bros. Coffee Co.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4043 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4043 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Wine industry; Arms & armament; Military art & sci... more

A good beginning / Keppler.

Print shows Justice sitting, blindfolded and holding her scales at her side, with the Eiffel Tower in the background; standing at her feet is Puck holding a list of names that includes "Esterhazy, Paty de Clam,... more

Navy Photographer Captain Ed. J. Steichen on Iwo Jima

Original caption: Navy photographer on Iwo Jima, Capt. Ed. J. Steichen, head of the Navy's combat photography and director of the Naval Photographic Institute. Capt. Steichen and Corp. Wm. Damato. General Photo... more