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[Waist Gunner in Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, World War II]

Title: [Waist Gunner in Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, World War II]..Creator: Richie, Robert Yarnall, 1908-1984..Date: April or May 1943..Place: Mitchel Field Air Force Base, Long Island, New York..Part Of: Robe... more

Boche machine guns captured at Beaucourt sur Ancre

Two soldiers are sitting on the edge of a German trench examining captured German machine guns. The entrance to the German dugout is in the background. The soldier in the background has the cap badge of the Nor... more

Machine gun nest

Machine gunners. They have positioned themselves on a summit overlooking a large area of farmland. The height of the summit enables them to see for a great distance, and the cover of trees and bushes ensures th... more

Motor machine gunner in France fixing a belt of ammunition to his gun

Machine-gun crew on motorbike, France, during World War I. This photograph shows a machine-gun team. The gun, which appears to be a Vickers, is mounted on the front of a motor-cycle side car. The Vickers was a ... more

Boche machine gun crew captured with their gun

German machine gun crew under guard, Western Front, during World War I. A captured German machine gun crew can be seen in this photograph. They are carrying their machine gun and are escorted by British soldier... more

Machine gun firing at a Boche plane

Vickers machine-gun crew, Western Front, during World War I. A machine-gun crew using a Vickers machine-gun to fire at an aircraft. The Number 1 of the crew is clearly looking through the sights on the back of ... more

French and British make a line to hold up the enemy

This photograph, probably taken by John Warwick Brooke, shows a line of Allied soldiers lying across a grassy field. A French machine-gun crew are kneeling in the line, manning their gun. Some of the soldiers c... more

Spotting a German plane

Machine-gun post, France, during World War I. Two machine gunners are preparing to target an enemy aeroplane. The main gunner is sighting and aligning the Vickers machine gun, while his partner is using a teles... more

Machine-gun position which is holding the Germans

British machine-gun position, France, during World War I. There were at least 16 permanent appointments of official war photographers made after 1916. These positions were created in 1916 to gather propaganda i... more

Front trench, showing the Lewis gun ready to deal with Boche

In this photograph, a machine-gun crew are standing in a front-line trench with a Lewis gun. The outer edge of the trench, to the left, is sandbagged to head height. The Lewis gun is lying across the back of th... more

Inhabitants of a newly captured village are greatly interested in a British machine gunne

Village inhabitants, Western Front, during World War I. An Allied machine-gunner standing in a village talking to an old man and surrounded by other village inhabitants. Not surprisingly the crowd is composed o... more

Canadian officers examining German machine guns

Context: RLS Haig "Official Photographs" > Canadians..Page:X.25019..Title:Canadian officers examining German machine guns..Permanent URL:digital.nls.uk/74549228 ( http://digital.nls.uk/74549228 ) ... more

Australian machine gunners returning from the trenches

Australian machine gunners marching along a road. The two men in front are carrying machine guns over their shoulders. All of the men are carrying equipment and wearing steel helmets. Marching in the opposite d... more

Boche Machine Gun crew captured, bringing in their own gun

Captured machine gun, Western Front, during World War I. Two members of a captured German machine-gun crew lifting their machine gun out of a trench or dugout gun emplacement. They are escorted by a number of B... more

Men of the Machine Gun Corps at drill

Machine gunners. They are being drilled in the use of their machine guns whilst wearing gas masks. One row of men practise firing, while the rest stand behind awaiting their turn. They are practising in a sunke... more

Men of the Machine Gun Corps at drill

A gunner pointing a machine gun at a passing biplane. He is positioned just above a trench. At the bottom of the photograph, in the trench itself, there appears to be another machine gun in position. ..Whilst m... more

Cleaning Lewis gun - note the foghorn for gas alarm

Photograph of a front-line trench. Two men can be seen sitting in the mud on the floor of the trench, cleaning the barrel of a Lewis gun. The circular magazine for the gun can be seen in the centre of the pictu... more

Machine gun instruction

These American servicemen appear very relaxed about their machine-gun training. A pair of men are working on each gun, one preparing to fire, the other to feed in ammunition. The guns appear to be the Vickers m... more

Men of the Machine Gun Corps at drill

Machine gunners. They are being drilled in the use of their machine guns. Whilst some of the men practise firing, with two men to each machine gun, the rest stand behind awaiting their turn. All of the men are ... more

Lewis gun's crew ready in the front line during an actual gas attack

Three uniformed men standing behind a Lewis gun, France. This image shows three uniformed men standing in a trench. According to the original caption, this photograph was taken during an actual gas attack. All ... more

Firing a Maxim gun at an aeroplane

Soldiers firing a Maxim gun. Three members of a gun crew, kneeling on the ground, are grouped around a machine gun - they are partly protected by a rise of mud. There are three other soldiers standing in the ba... more

Back for a rest after the heavy fighting at Monchy

With their machine-guns and rifles at ease, this image shows a group of British soldiers going back to their billets for a rest after the fighting at Monchy. Although the thick barrel of the machine gun in this... more

British machine gunner explains the working of his gun to American troops

This image shows a British artilleryman demonstrating to a group of American soldiers. The gun, which is mounted rather precariously on a post, appears to be a Hotchkiss machine gun. This was a light, French-ma... more

Canadian officers examining German machine guns

Canadian officers with captured German weapons, during World War I. Canadian officers are pictured with a vast array of captured German weapons, laid out in rank and file order rather like an army battalion. Su... more

Holding the front line on the edge of a mine crater

Soldiers are standing in a crater made by a mine. The man in the foreground is about to fire a Lewis machine gun. The Lewis gun, weighing 29 pounds (13.1 kilos), was a relatively light machine gun, useful when ... more

Highland machine-gunner ready with his gun for any emergency

There is a thin line of trees in the background which open out onto countryside. At the front of the picture a trench has been dug into a field of long grass. This trench is not particularly deep and is quite s... more

Machine gunners firing during which a mine explodes

This photograph was taken at night and shows two teams of machine gunners, strategically positioned behind some vegetation. The ground behind them looks sandy, suggesting they might be near the coast. Directly ... more

Motor machine gunners starting out on a stunt

Motorbike machine gun crews, France, during World War I. Seven or eight machine-gun crews are ready to set out on a sortie. Each crew consists of two men, the driver on a motorbike and the gunner sitting in an ... more

Turkish soldiers under German command near the Dardanelles

Photograph shows Turkish soldiers with machine guns perched atop earthen bunkers.

Machine guns on Mex. border

Photograph shows artillery troops at the Mexican border in 1916. (Source: Flickr Commons project, 2014)

Help them - keep your war savings pledge / Casper Emerson Jr. ; American Lithographic Co. N.Y.

Poster showing soldiers firing machine guns, with stream of War Savings Stamps forming the cartridge.

Sidney [...], West Va. theater

Photograph showing a movie theater playing The Crucible of Life; men are gathered in front of the theater viewing a captured German machine gun and another piece of equipment; signs on the theater display anti-... more