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Callithea Sapphira from The Butterflies and Moths of America Part 1
Papilio Erithonius from The Butterflies and Moths of America Part 1
Junionia Orithyia from The Butterflies and Moths of America Part 1
The Yellow Swallowtail from The Butterflies and Moths of America Part 2
Pink Roses; La France Roses
First lithographic print in the primary triad of colors
On the Hudson near Catskill
The Widow
Ludwig van Beethoven
Checkers, portrait
Chicago World's Fair 1893
Autumn Leaves with Black Berries
Blackberries in a Vase
Three Angels
Three Cupids on a Cloud
Profile of a woman
The Doctor
Little Girl with Red Flowers
Group of Ducklings
Sunset in California
On the Hudson, View of Break Neck Hill, Newbury in Distance
Spaniel and Woodcock
German Peasant Costumes - Thuringia
John Brown's Homestead
Squam Lake
Maternal Love
Sheridan's Final Charge at Winchester in 1864
The Intruder
Rabbits and Kittens
Hudson River
German Peasant Costumes - Bavaria Schhersee
Andre Vesale
Oranges and Wine Bottle
Pink and White Roses
Cats and Kittens
Pumpkin Time
Dessert No. 1
Vermont Scenery, The Road to Montepelier
Chocorua Lake
Little Prudy
Booklet Illustrations
Vernal Fall, Yosemite Valley, California
Two Greeting Card Illustrations on One Sheet
After the Rains
Pointer and Quail
Maternal Love
Profile of a woman
German Peasant Costumes - Bavaria Franconian Switzerland
The Rescue
Natural bridge
Four English Landscapes on One Sheet
Vermont Scenery, The Valley of the Randolf
Flowers of Memory
Daffodils and Daisies
German Peasant Costumes - Vorarlberg Bregenzerwald - Klostherthal
Yellow Roses; Reve D'or Roses
Cherry Blossom and Bees / Apple Blossoms and Bees
Our Kitchen Bouquet
Autumn Leaves
Flowers of Hope
Nevada Fall, Yosemite Valley, California
Sentinel Rock, No. 5
British Flag and Pennants
In the Garden
A Friend in Suspense
Early Autumn on Esopus Creek
Fishing scene
Cherubs in Space
Fern Specimens
Baracoa, Isla de Cuba
Vermont Scenery, [?] Road
Booklet Illustrations
Lanscape with Sunset
Woman Descending a Stairway
Pulpit Rock, Ausable Chasm
Prang's Gems of American Scenery No. 4 - Pemigewasset and Baker River Valley, Six Views - Loon Pond
The Farewell
Sledding, portrait
Kingfisher Among Reeds
Dogs Not Admitted
Vermont Scenery, The Valley of the Randolf
Chrysanthemums No. 5
Fort Ticonderoga
Fern Specimens
Yosemite Valley
Artist's Brook, Conway Meadows, Chocorua in distance, Moar Mountain on right
Black child eating
Design for Christmas card
Senator H. R. Revels
Bird's Nest with Vines

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