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Topic: load
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[Tools necessary to prove and load guns]

Print shows various tools used in loading and firing cannons, and views of wheels and axels for cannons.

Girl with a Load of Hay, Outside of Thorbogen

Johann Christoph Erhard (German, Nuremberg 1795–1822 Rome)

The great political car and last load of patriots. Dorr, Jackson, Simmons and Arnold!

A virulent attack on the four conservative Rhode Island legislators who broke with the Law and Order Party to support a Democratic movement to free imprisoned radical Thomas Wilson Dorr. (On the Dorrite Rebelli... more

On a load of hay - "Now then, children, hold on!"

Group of people on a horse-drawn wagon loaded with hay.

A Wagon Load from Jersey

Travelling to the Phila. Centennial Exhibition; flying U.S. flag.

The "magnetic" Blaine; or, a very heavy "load" for the Republican party to carry

James Gillespie Blaine in the shape of a magnet; political cartoon.

The World's Fair load of logs, 36,055 feet

Logs being hauled by one team of horses from Mich. forest to Ontonogan river for the transport to Chicago, Feb. 26, 1893, for exhibit at the World's Columbian Exposition.

"The last load"

3 men and 2 boys loading hay on a wagon, drawn by 2 oxen.

Largest load ever hauled

Photograph shows two men, possibly A. Underhill (foreman) and J.C. Hunt (scaler) standing atop 56 large logs on a sled; Dan Conley, teamster stands with four teams of horses.

Load! 1st Kentucky Volunteers - Porto [sic] Rican Army

U.S. soldiers holding rifles lined up in front of tents.

Halt in the Peace Procession. Uncle Sam - I'll not carry that load. We'll stop right now

This illustration entitled "Halt in the Peace Procession. Uncle Sam - I'll not Carry That Load. We'll Stop Right Now.", by cartoonist Clifford Berryman, which appeared in the Washington Post on October 23, 1898... more

The dwarf with his heavy load on a mountain road, Japan

Japanese man carrying large backpack with mountain in background.

Last load

Children with adults on ox-drawn hay wagon.

A load of fuel--Zuni

Zuni man beside burro laden with firewood.

Coming back with a boat load

Man standing in boat with waterfowl.

Gigantic steam shovel dumping 5-ton load of iron ore into car, "open-pit" mine, Hibbing, Minn.

Stereograph showing men using large steam shovel to dump iron ore into open railroad cars.

One redwood tree makes a train load

Train loaded with redwood logs.

A heavy load

Dakota woman carrying firewood on her back in snow.

Banner load, Pine Island, Minn. Largest load of logs ever hauled on sleighs by horses / L.H. Halverson, photographer, Blackduck, Minn.

Photograph shows six horses pulling logs at J.A. Irvine's & Co.'s camp for Thief River Falls Lumber Co., Pine Island, Beltrami County, Minnesota.

A Load of Fancy Poultry

The tall-tale postcard was a uniquely American genre that flourished in the Midwest between about 1908 and 1915. The earliest master of the genre was William H. “Dad” Martin, a studio photographer in Kansas who... more

Record load of wheat

Large load of sacks of wheat on wagon alongside railroad cars; insert of receipt in lower left corner, Monte Vista, Colo.

A Car Load of Texas Corn

George B. Cornish

American Red Cross - Vehicles - Truck load of Americans off for the front lines given a send off by the A.R.C. workers at Dijon, France

Date Taken: 10/0/1918 Photographer: American Red Cross, France American Red Cross - Vehicles