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Topic: liberty

7,278 media by topicpage 1 of 73

John Wilkes (1727–1797), M.P. for Westminister ("Liberty Wilkes")

Chelsea Porcelain Manufactory (British, 1745–1784)

The lord god omnipotent reigneth - let all the earth rejoice! / P. Revere.

Print shows Britannia, wearing crown, seated on a throne and Liberty seated at her feet; behind them, to the left, two ships collide in storm-tossed seas, and on a cloud above them are two angels, the one on th... more

Jefferies, in the character of Atropos, cutting the thread of English Liberty

Print shows King John seated at a small table outside his tent, signing Magna Carta, behind him stand by two bishops. Four men are pulling a rope, the "thread of English Liberty", which is attached to King John... more

A certain cabinet junto / P. Revere, sc.

Print shows King George III, speechless (his caption balloon is empty), seated on the right in a high-backed chair at a table, with Lord North seated opposite presenting a paper to the King that states "for the... more

[Liberty triumphs over Tyranny] / Isaac Taylor del et sculp.

Print shows a female figure holding staff topped with liberty cap, representing Liberty, standing over Tyranny in a pastoral setting.

The liberty of the subject

"A press-gang at work in a London street, at the end of which appears the dome of St. Paul's..." (Source: George)

The present state of Great Britain / J. Phillips fecit.

Print shows a man representing Great Britain, half-asleep, holding a staff topped with a liberty cap which a Native, representing America, is attempting to remove; a Dutchman on his knees before Great Britain i... more

American Liberty

Medalist: Augustin Dupré (French, Saint-Étienne 1748–1833 Armentières-en-Brie)

American Liberty (Libertas Americana)

Medalist: Augustin Dupré (French, Saint-Étienne 1748–1833 Armentières-en-Brie)

Revolution, or Johnny Bull in France

Print shows a large bull labeled "Tiers Etat - Orleans" referring to Louis Philippe Joseph, duc d'Orleans, tossing Marie Antoinette into the air as Louis XVI kneels in prayer on the left; standing behind the bu... more

Confederation Nationale du 14 Juillet 1790 Aux deux soutiens de la liberté.

Print shows a central scene at the National Federation festivities recognizing the union of the three estates with a display on a tiered stage illuminated by torches and with many figures making salutory gestur... more

Notes with a studies for the Column of Liberty (Frihedstøtten)

Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard (Danish, Copenhangen 1743–1809 Frederiksdal)

The Spirit of Liberty Establishes the Empire of Wisdom on Earth

After Pierre Paul Prud'hon (French, Cluny 1758–1823 Paris)

Ha je seront ben content quand j'aurons tous ces papiers la - le tresor tiré des ténébres

Print shows a cleric, an aristocrat, and a member of the Third Estate who is pulling on a rope tied to a bundle of papers including the "Nouvelle Constitution" and "Vœux de la Nation" which are held aloft by a ... more

French Liberty – British Slavery

James Gillray (British, Chelsea 1756–1815 London)

French Liberty. British Slavery

A tattered Frenchman warms his feet at a meager fire while dining on raw scallions and live snails. Deluded and nearing starvation, he declares that Liberté has turned France into a paradise flowing with milk a... more

The Zenith of French Glory; - the Pinnacle of Liberty

James Gillray (British, Chelsea 1756–1815 London)

Vue de la montagne elevée au champ de la reunion

Print shows the Festival of the Supreme Being, inspired by Robespierre, planned by Jacques Louis David, to commemorate the second year of the Republic; a female figure, representing France, riding on a cart wit... more

Dr. Benjamin Franklin / engrav'd by P.R. Maverick, 65 Liberty Street.

Print shows Benjamin Franklin, head-and-shoulders portrait, wearing fur hat and spectacles, facing left, in oval tied with a ribbon at top and festooned with ivy.

Liberty. In the form of the goddess of youth; giving support to the bald eagle / painted & engrav'd by E. Savage.

An allegory of American liberty. Liberty, represented by a maiden in the form of the goddess Hebe, offers a cup to an eagle descending from the upper left. With her right foot she treads on chains, a scepter, a... more

Second Regiment, Hudson Brigade, First Division, Hudson County State Militia

Print shows a certificate of membership in the Second Regiment, Hudson Brigade, First Division, Hudson County State Militia, with George Washington standing on pedestal on the left and Liberty standing on the r... more


During the Federal period, America’s growing strength and sense of self inspired countless images celebrating the new nation’s ideal of liberty, of which this painting, Liberty in the Form of the Goddess of You... more


Chinese Painter Made in China

Infant Liberty nursed by Mother Mob

Baby being breast-fed whiskey - political cartoon.

Liberty Figure; Fleeing Nude Female Figure with Putti (from Sketchbook)

Thomas Sully (American, Horncastle, Lincolnshire 1783–1872 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)