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The times - taken from an original character which appear'd at the masquerade at Lincoln, Decr. the 21st 1769

Print shows the figure of a man draped with ribbons labeled with the issues of the times.

Destaing. Shewing how he cut the English mens head off

Charles Henri Estaing holding cat by tail in one hand and sword in another.

Wide o'er the ocean while Britannia reigns / Bonnor, del. et sculp.

Print shows a Roman soldier guiding Britannia, with key in hand, to a temple, the crests of France and Spain lie on the ground before her, and at her side a cherub carries her shield and lance.

The convention makers

"The interior of a room; a picture called A Convention, depicting the Convention between England and Spain on the Falkland Islands, is falling from a broken cornice inscribed National Honour, onto four prostrat... more

[A Tory and a patriot wrestle for a pine tree banner while an Native watches] / Patas sculp.

Print shows a cartouche on a map with Loyalist attempting to replace a banner displaying a pine tree and topped with a liberty cap signifying America with a banner bearing the British lion; the patriot raises a... more

The blessed effects of venality

Print shows a man, possibly George III, chopping a leg "Commons" of a three-legged stool, "Lords" and "Privy Council" being the other two legs, which may represent the Parliament and its openness to corruption,... more

The Englishman in Paris

Print shows an Englishman, only recently arrived, still wearing his hat, standing just inside the entrance of the home of a Frenchman at dinner time. He is eating the goose which he has taken off the serving pl... more

[Wegens de staat der Engelsche natie, in't jaar 1778]

Cartoon shows America (represented by a man with feathered cap) cutting the horns off a cow (representing British commerce) which is being milked by a Dutchman, two men (representing France and Spain) are stand... more

Le Destin molestant les Anglois

Print shows the Comte d'Estaing presenting a palm frond to America, a Native wearing feathered headdress and skirt and holding a staff topped with a liberty cap and who is seated on a throne of bales and barrel... more

Les Anglois molestes et chatiees

Print shows 1. a beaming sun with fleur-de-lis shining on 2. a man who resembles George Washington, wearing military uniform and hat labeled "Congress" and "Washington," holding a raised lash in his right hand ... more

The present state of Great Britain / J. Phillips fecit.

Print shows a man representing Great Britain, half-asleep, holding a staff topped with a liberty cap which a Native, representing America, is attempting to remove; a Dutchman on his knees before Great Britain i... more

The European diligence

Print shows a Dutchman rolling a wheelbarrow over Britannia; along for the ride are France represented by a man leaning over the front of the wheelbarrow with a sword ready to stab Britannia, America represente... more

De man in't hembd, of de gefnuikte hoogmoed

Print shows a man in a nightshirt (representing England) being attacked by several men (representing the countries of the armed neutrality league and the allies), he is held by a Swede and a Dane, a Frenchman p... more

Loon na werk 1780

Print shows a large dog (representing England) muzzled and chained being attacked by several men (representing the countries of the armed neutrality league and the allies, a Swede, a Dane, a Frenchman with an u... more

Freedom, peace, plenty, all in vain advance ...

Print shows Britannia carrying a staff topped with a liberty cap and followed by attendants from a temple in the background on the right, advancing over weapons and a shield decorated with fleur-de-lis and a pa... more

Den Engelsman op zyn uiterste l'Anglois a toute extremitez.

Print shows the interior of a bedroom where an Englishman is vomiting over the left side of a bed into a bowl held by a Dutchman, two men are standing on the right side of the bed, one labeled "Dr B Franklin" a... more

John Bull triumphant

Print shows a bull tossing a Spaniard into the air, the Earl of Bute, Lord North, and the Earl of Mansfield are attempting to hold it back by pulling on its tail; a Frenchman and America (represented by a Nativ... more

Britania [sic] and her daughter - a song

Print shows Britannia standing on the left poised with her spear and shield for battle, on the right America (represented by a female Native with feathered headdress) is standing between a Spaniard and a French... more

Die wage der mache ... La balance de la puissance.

Print shows Justice holding a scale on which Britannia outweighs a Spaniard, a Frenchman, America (represented by a Native wearing a feathered headdress), and a Dutchman. Includes legend corresponding to number... more

John Bulls alternative

Print shows John Bull (representing England) standing on his toes on a rock, a rope around his neck and tied to a limb above him; on the right, across a body of water (probably representing the English Channel)... more

Jack England fighting the four confederates

Print shows a British sailor about to fight the "four confederates" America as "Yanky Doodle" (represented by a Native man wearing feathered headdress and skirt) lying on the ground moaning, "This fall has hurt... more

The gig / Wells del.

Print shows two British sailors waving banners labeled "Rodney," one smokes a long clay pipe, between them is a Dutchman, his hands behind his back, sitting in the bottom portion of a toy top, he says, "Mine he... more

Labour in vain or let them tug & be da--nd

Print shows Neptune, the British lion, Britannia, and a British sailor on a piece of land labeled "England" laughing derisively at a Dutchman, a Frenchman, a Spaniard, and a partly draped Native woman wearing a... more

The state cooks making peace-porridge

Print shows several British ministers, Keppel, Fox, Richmond, Conway, and others, preparing a porridge of peace to offer Holland, France, and Spain, and separately to a Native wearing a feathered headdress and ... more

Libertas Americana. 4 Juil. 1776 Non sine Diis animosus infans / / dessin de la medaille des etats unis de l'amerique compose par A.E. Gibelin en 1783.

Design drawing executed not later than September 1782 by Antoine Esprit Gibelin shows Minerva (representing France) standing, leaning forward, holding a spear in raised right hand and a shield, with a fleur-de-... more

The British lion engaging four powers

Print shows a lion confronting a spaniel, representing Spain, a fighting cock, representing France, a rattlesnake, representing America, and a pug dog, representing Holland.

Prince Stadhold--r resuming his deliberation

Print shows a caricature of Prince William V of Holland as a slightly obese man, of deficient intellect, with empty ("MT") trouser pockets, and holding a sword by the blade against his breast, while notes and v... more

[Britannia attacked by her enemies]

Print shows Britannia and the British lion being attacked from the left by a Dutchman, a Spaniard, and a Frenchman, and from the right by a Native woman representing America.

Mrs. General Washington, bestowing thirteen stripes on Britania

Print shows George Washington wearing a dress about to whip Britannia with 13 lashes as three men representing Spain, France, and Holland urge him on.

Blessed are the peacemakers

Print shows two men representing Spain and France leading George III by a rope attached to his neck and Lord Shelburne through a gateway formed by spears, from the crossbar of which are tumbling the British lio... more

Dominion of the sea

Print shows Britannia in a boat with a fox on the prow at anchor in "Portland Road"; she is holding a staff with the banner of St. George and the British flag, and an olive branch in her right hand, her shield ... more

The [ass]-headed and [cow-heart]-ed ministry making the British [lion] give up the pull

Print shows the British lion harnessed on one side of "the pit of ruin" and a spanial (for Spain), a cock (for France), a rattlesnake (for America), and a pug dog (for Holland) harnessed on the other side, pull... more

L--d Shel--, begging Monsieur to make piss or p--e

Print shows Lord Shelburne holding a chamber pot up to a Frenchman, saying "Monsieur, be so obliging as to make piss with us." The Frenchman is kicking the pot, saying, "By the House of Bourbon, with the war we... more

Peace porridge all hot - the best to be got / T. Colley engd.

Print shows an Englishman and servant offering bowls of "peace porridge" to a Frenchman, a Spaniard, a Dutchman, and a Native woman representing America. The Native says, "I rest Contented with a dish of Indepe... more

Dr. Franklin erhält, als Gesandter des Americanischen FreyStaats, seine erste Audienz in Frankreich, zu Versailles, am 20ten Märtz 1778 / D. Chodowiecki del. et sculp.

Print shows Benjamin Franklin at the French court in Versailles, one of twelve scenes depicting the history of the American Revolution.

Cas du manifeste du Duc de Brunswick

Print shows four figures representing foreign nations responding unfavorably to the manifesto issued by the Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg on July 25 1792. A fifth figure representing Fame (an angel with trumpe... more

L'Ordre et la marche des puissances coalisees contre la France / composé et gravé par J.B. Louvion.

Print shows an allegorical female figure riding in a chariot drawn by mules with the crowned heads of kings of various European countries; it is following three hags leading the way to the temple of folly in th... more

[L'Ordre et la marche des puissances coalisees contre la France] / composé et gravé par J.B. Louvion.

Print shows an allegorical female figure riding in a chariot drawn by mules with the crowned heads of kings of various European countries; it is following three hags leading the way to the temple of folly in th... more

The faith of treaties exemplified or John Bull's last effort to oblige his false friends / S.W.F.

A satire on the diplomatic situation in 1794, showing French soldiers shooting at raging bull, and saying "Vive la republic, Blood & plunder, no quarter to John Bull!" To the bull's back is strapped a bundle in... more

General Monkey and General Wolfe!!

Print shows Napoleon I, wearing a large hat, carrying a long sword, and having a body where his shoulders rest on his waist, cowering before the large ogre-like figure of John Bull.

Consular coachmanship!!

Print shows Josephine standing in a carriage on the left which is drawn by four "unruly" horses, two are labeled "A Jacobin" and "A Royalist"; Napoleon, having been tossed onto the back of a bull, probably repr... more

The first Kiss this Ten Years! - or - the meeting of Britannia & Citizen François

A tall, thin, French officer kissing a fat, richly dressed, seated Britannia. His hat and sword lay on the carpet. Britannia's shield and trident rest on the wall behind her chair. Above them are portraits of G... more

To his royal highness Fredrick Duke of York, this plate of Satan holding th prepondrence of power; or, Bounaparte's threat, is most humbly inscribed, by E. Sanders

Print shows Satan holding a balance to which, on one end is attached a hot-air balloon with a bishop, possibly the Duke of York, and another man standing on top, its lightness has skewed the balance to end over... more

Tiddy-Doll, the great French gingerbread-baker; drawing out a new batch of kings - his man, Hopping Talley, mixing up the dough / Js. Gillray invd. & fec.

Print shows Napoleon standing before a large "New French Oven for Imperial Gingerbread" drawing out a freshly baked kings labeled "Bavaria, Wirtembg, [and] Baden." On the left, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Pér... more

The debilitated situation of a monarchal government . . .

A pointed comparison of French and American governments, prompted by events surrounding American efforts in 1836 to force France to honor spoliation claims for American shipping losses suffered during the Napol... more

[Man lecturing native people under a tree]

Drawing shows a man wearing a hat and jacket standing under a large tree while indigenous people sit in a circle around him as well as other men dressed in uniform. The inclusion of palm trees indicates that th... more

First landing of Americans in Japan, under Commodore M.C. Perry at Gore-Hama July 14th 1853 / W. Heine del. ; E. Brown Jr. direxit. ; lith. of Sarony & Co. N.Y.

Print showing sailors, officers, and members of the Japanese delegation in formations on the beach, also boats with dignitaries setting off from shore, and two American ships in the harbor.

Delivery of the President's letter / T. Sinclair's Lith., Philada.

Print shows the American delegation, under the command of Matthew C. Perry, presenting a letter from President Fillmore to the Japanese, requesting the establishment of diplomatic and trade relations.

Dinner given to the Japanese commissioners on board U.S.S.F. Powhatan / from nature by W. Heine ; Js. Queen del. ; P.S. Duval & Co., Philada.

Print shows a banquet given for the Japanese commissioners on board the U.S.S. Powhatan, possibly in the bay at Edo (Tokyo).

The purchase of Cuba pictorially considered, after the passage of the act appropriating thirty millions for the purpose, A.D. Eighteen hundred and ???? / Hoppin.

Illustration with 9 scenes showing effects on America of annexation of Cuba including an increase in size and amount of cigars smoked, babies eating oranges and bananas, the U.S. Treasury depleted, and bullfigh... more

The Japanese Embassy in New York--scenes and incidents

Photo shows crowd gathered in New York City for the arrival of Japan's first diplomatic mission to the United States on June 16, 1860, with cannons in foreground preparing to fire a salute.

Ball given by the City of New York to the Japan[es]e embassy at the Metropolitan Hotel, June 25, 1860

Print shows many people seated and standing at a ball in the ballroom of the Metropolitan Hotel, New York City, New York.

Washington, D. C. Washington Navy Yard. First Japanese treaty commission to the U. S., 1860

Photograph shows Japanese samurai warriors posed with Navy and American representatives.

Tommy, the censor and Prince's attendant

Portrait of three Japanese men who were part of the first Japanese embassy to the United States, which arrived in New York City in June 1860. Names identified as (left to right): interpreter "Tommy" Tateishi On... more

Capture of secession varmints / T. Gunn.

Cartoon shows Brother Jonathan pulling skunks (caricatures of southern secessionists) out of the back pockets of John Bull.

A gentleman in a fix -- An unnatural parent

Cartoon showing Napoleon holding baby "Intervention", as the mother "Bull" runs away.

Very probable / TJ.

Cartoon showing Lord Punch saying, "That was Jeff Davis, Pam! Don't you recognise him?" and Lord Pam replying "Hm! Well, not exactly--may have to do so some of these days." Sign reads "America, another federal defeat".

The British lion disarmed / McLoughlin R(?) sc. ; Th. Nast.

Columbia, holding clippers labeled "Alabama claims", is clipping the claws of the "British" lion; a British flag flies above a fort on cliff in the background with American ships at sea on the left.

Chinese Embassy / photographed by J. Gurney & Son.

Photograph shows a group portrait of ten Chinese men (names written in Chinese under their portraits), including Chih Kang, Sun Chia Ku, and interpreters. Other sitters include Mr. Deschamps, Anson Burlingame, ... more

It is a bad rule that don't work both ways / Th. Nast.

Uncle Sam speaking to the Geneva court about Alabama claims. Liberty(?) sits in the seat of judgement.

Washington. Presentation of the Japanese Embassy to the President and Cabinet, in the East Room of the Executive Mansion

Illustration shows the Japanese diplomatic delegation presenting documents to President Grant and his cabinet.

The apple of discord at the Geneva tribunal / Th. Nast.

"William Tell" shooting arrow of peaceful arbitration from bow of settlement at man with apple labelled "Alabama claims" on his head as crowds observe. The last scene of the William Tell tragedy shows Tell lift... more

[Tightening the grip]

A large bear hugs a Turkish man, who clasps a bloody dagger, in a tight grip.

The European plan / Th. Nast.

Maréchal MacMahon of France, using scissors labeled "Canal", is cutting a map of North and South America on which the Mason-Dixon line has been drawn through the Isthmus of Panama; John Bull stands to the left ... more

The anti-Chinese wall--The American wall goes up as the Chinese original goes down / F. Grätz.

A cartoon showing laborers, among whom are Irishmen, an African American, a Civil War veteran, Italian, Frenchman, and a Jew, building a wall against the Chinese. Congressional mortar is used to mount blocks of... more

Under false colors / J. Keppler.

Print shows James Russell Lowell, minister to England, turning his back on an Irishman who is dressed like Uncle Sam and is in the custody of the British military for anarchistic activities. Lowell holds a pape... more

[England's nightmare. The Great Britain Gulliver overpowered and made helpless by French pygmies while asleep]

The British lion as Gulliver, tied down by Lilliputian troops of French soldiers. Several members of the troops try to pull a moneybag from the lion's pocket. The lion laughs. Reinforcements from France arri... more

Too weak to fight - too old to run / F. Graetz.

Print shows the British Lion carrying William E. Gladstone, dressed as a woman, on his back, as they head into the sea after departing the "British Consul" in advance of "Anarchy, Riot, [and] Bloodshed"; the li... more

British benevolence / J. Keppler.

Print shows an oversized British Lion wearing boxing gloves labeled "Army" and "Navy", standing over its most recent victim labeled "Egyptian", trailing off to the left are other victims labeled "Ashantee, Afgh... more

Bismarck's boost / F. Graetz.

Print shows a large elephant labeled "Bismarck" lifting "Alfonso" XII high over the head of a soldier labeled "France".

The great floods of 1883 - Germany's need and America's aid / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Columbia sitting on a rock on the coast as men bring packages of supplies labeled "From Ohio, Missouri, From New York, [and] California"; just offshore, men pull on the oars of a rowboat lade... more

Thanksgiving / J. Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam, Columbia, and Puck sitting at a table, ready to enjoy a Thanksgiving turkey dinner in a gallery with paintings on the wall in the background; Uncle Sam is gesturing toward these paintings... more

The World's International and Cotton Centennial Exposition, New Orleans, La., open from Dec. 1st 1884 to May 31st 1885 / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Uncle Sam and Liberty greeting a group of women labeled "Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Peru, La Plata, Chili, Hayti, [and] Ecuador" to the World's Industrial and Cotton Centennial Exposition in New O... more

Putting a premium on peculation The helping hand. The hospitable hearth. Canada offers every social advantage to enterprising young men of easy morals and financial agility /

Illustration entitled "The helping hand" shows an American businessman with stolen money getting a helping hand to cross the border into Canada as a man in the distance holds a sign that reads "Beware! I am a N... more

In his second childhood / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows "Germania" and "Columbia" holding hands above and behind a child-like Otto von Bismarck who is tearing papers labeled "Lasker Resolution" while sitting on the floor among other torn papers la... more

Ireland's evil genius / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows "Britannia" standing on the left, holding "Concessions to Ireland" and "Hibernia" standing on the right in a militant pose; between them is a nasty looking man with two "Dynamite" bombs slung... more

"Peace" assured / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows William E. Gladstone dressed as an old woman wearing keys labeled "Suez, Gibraltor, [and] Herat", pushing John Bull into a kissing embrace with Tsar Nicholas II who is, likewise, being pushed... more

The tale of a tail / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Viscount Wolseley attempting to glue the tail labeled "Prestige" onto a weeping British Lion with the aid of British Prime Minister William E. Gladstone who is holding a glue pot labeled "Ber... more

Peace, but not business / Gillam.

Illustration shows a perplexed Uncle Sam standing in front of a store labeled "Notice - No Reciprocity in Trade Here" that is well-stocked with items available for international trade; a man labeled "Trade" is ... more

An uneven game / Zimmerman.

Illustration shows William E. Gladstone standing on the balcony of a building where the windows are labeled "Pride, Prestige, Supremacy in India, Commerce, British Empire, [and] Control of the Afgan Frontier" (... more

Tough on Turkey / Gillam.

Illustration shows the British lion and the Russian Bear threatening a turkey dressed as a Turk.

A surprise to themselves / Gillam.

Illustration shows, at center, a Mahdi soldier and a Chinese soldier gloating over recent victories; on the left the British army is routed by Mahdi forces in the Sudan, and on the right, the French army is rou... more

Foes in his path - the herculean task before our next president / Gillam.

Illustration shows Grover Cleveland as Hercules carrying a large club labeled "Honest Legislation", encountering a group of troublemakers along the "Administration Road" to "Success" seen in the distant backgro... more

[Egypt and John Bull]

A seductive-looking female figure of Egypt with one hand on her hip sits on the edge of a bed or couch opposite John Bull. Although she sits facing him, he sits looking forward with his hands folded, not looking at her.

The angel of peace / J. Keppler.

Illustration shows Otto von Bismarck standing in the middle of a seesaw that is resting on the back of "Turkey" who is being refreshed with "English Salts" by John Bull, a carpet bag at his feet filled with pap... more

Das heutige Europa / T.B.

Print shows a map of Europe in 1887 with each country caricatured according to its current political and international circumstances.