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Infantry Shield (Pavise)

Shields of this type were carried by crossbowmen and other foot soldiers in central Europe during the fifteenth century. They were often fitted with a prop to enable them to be freestanding. This example is pai... more

Battle between cavalry and infantry in a wood

Hieronymus Hopfer (German, ca. 1500–?1563)

Captain of Infantry

Hendrick Goltzius (Netherlandish, Mühlbracht 1558–1617 Haarlem)

Infantry Armor

The armorers of Nuremberg were famous for their ability to produce large quantities of plate armor relatively quickly. In the second half of the sixteenth century, they specialized in making high-quality infant... more

Gorget for an Officer of the South Carolina Infantry Regiment

The engraving on this gorget incorporates the state of South Carolina's coat of arms, which was adopted in 1777.

A Battle Between Cavalrymen and Infantry

Dirk Langendijk (Dutch, Rotterdam 1748–1805 Rotterdam)

On the Right to the Front, Parry, against Infantry

Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

Ligit Infantry Volunteers on a March

Thomas Rowlandson (British, London 1757–1827 London)

Infantry at mess / lith. & pub. by Geo. E. Leefe.

Young child feeding grapes to baby sitting in chair while dog watches.