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Topic: illustrations

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Page from the Illustrations and Explanations of the Three Jewels (Sanbō ekotoba), known as the Tōdaiji Fragment (Tōdaiji-gire)

Calligraphy attributed to Minamoto no Toshiyori (Japanese, 1055–1129) Heian period (794–1185)

Page from Illustrations and Explanations of the Three Jewels (Sanbō e-kotoba), one of the “Tōdaiji Fragments” (Tōdaiji-gire)

Illustrations and Explanations of the Three Jewels was originally compiled in 984 by the courtier-poet Minamoto no Tamenori as an introductory guide to Buddhism. The “Three Jewels” of Buddhism comprise the Budd... more

Textual illustrations from BL Add 26968, f. 111v

Framed marginal illustration of two scenes, probably depicting Abraham breaking the idols, and Abraham in front of King Nimrod, illustrating the passage, 'We were slaves'. The scene in the lower margin depicts ... more

Box for Accessories, with Illustrations from the Kikujidō

The bamboo ladle, shown resting on a rock on the cover of this box, identifies the imagery as a reference to a Noh play about the "Chrysanthemum Youth," or Kikujidō. Loosely based on a Chinese legend, the tale ... more

De Re Militari (On the Military Arts)

When this military treatise was completed around 1460, the patron, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, distributed a number of manuscript copies to rulers such as Louis XI, Francesco Sforza, and Lorenzo de' Medici. ... more


Written by Johannes de Turrecremata (Spanish, 1388–1468)