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Brentford Sweepstakes. All coursers the first heat with Vigour Run. But 'tis with whip & spur the race is won

"An etching showing four horses running towards "St. Stepn's Chapel", a building with open sides, and containing a party of men seated at a long table..." (Source: Stephens)

Ayō shinji kuba no zu

Print shows a temple on the left and, on the right, two men on horses racing beneath a large section of text.

Takata no baba

Print shows a large target for archery hanging in front of a tree and a horse racing track in the background.

Takata no baba

Print shows archers shooting at a target in the foreground, with riders on horseback, and a distant view of Mount Fuji.

The Queen of the trotting turf. Manufactured by Seth Halsey, Lynchburg, Va.

Tobacco label showing jockey on four wheeler pulled by horse, on racetrack.

Siedel'nye ubory Sredneaziiattsev. Ubor skakovoi loshadi

Photograph shows a boy sitting on a horse with horse racing saddle gear.

Obshchestvenn'iia [sic] uveseleniia Kirgiz. Prigotovlenie k skachkie

Photograph shows a group of approximately 20 men on horseback.

The jockey's prayer

Print showing a jockey kneeling on a stable floor, praying before a race. Includes text of prayer.

Diploma awarded by

Print showing farm animals, tools, and produce, and horse racing scenes.

Ueno [shinobazu] keiba no zu

Japanese triptych print showing jockeys on horseback racing around a track surrounding a lake. A Japanese military officer and Japanese women view the race from an elaborately decorated grandstand. Animals and ... more

Horse race

Photograph shows spectators on left of track watching horses racing.

The horse race

Stereograph showing horses racing toward the viewer.

[Sumidagawa sekiya no sato]

Print shows three horseback riders galloping past a small building or shrine on the Sumida River, with distant view of Mount Fuji.

Arbuckle Bros.

Persistent URL: digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4268 ( http://digital.lib.muohio.edu/u?/tradecards,4268 ) .. Subject (TGM): Coffee industry; Ethnic groups; Men; Women; Animals; Horses; Horseback ridi... more

The mutual life leads - others follow / A. Hoen & Co. Baltimore.

Print shows a horse race in progress at a racetrack; each horse and jockey represents a different insurance company, in the lead is "Mutual Life of N.Y." followed by "Equitable of N.Y., New York Life, Penn Mutu... more

An unpromising pair of racers / F. Opper.

Print shows a doubtful Uncle Sam watching as two horses pass on a racetrack headed for the start of the race. On the first horse labeled "Wilson Bill" is jockey William L. Wilson wearing a ribbon labeled "Tarif... more

Warming up a sure winner / J.S. Pughe.

Print shows Puck as a jockey on a galloping horse labeled "Free Trade" on a racetrack labeled "International Commercial Race-Track", with John Bull standing on the track next to the British Prime Minister Lord ... more

Free-for-all race at Charter Oak Park /

From Maguire & Baucus catalogue: Shows a part of the enormous crowd and the start and finish of the free-for-all pacing race, in which the fastest harness horse in the world, John R. Gentry (2:00-1/2), the comi... more

The first sleigh-ride /

From Maguire & Baucus catalogues: This subject taken just after the recent first fall of snow, shows two enthusiastic horsemen indulging in a "brush" with their respective horses and cutters.

Racing at Sheepshead Bay /

From Edison films catalog: The finish and weighing out of a running race with nine starters. Won by famous Clifford, Sloane up. 50 feet. $7.50.

Instructing the jockey

Photograph shows posed scene of many well-dressed men and women atop large coach looking down at jockey on race horse; a woman holds the reins to the coach; background has painted backdrop of rural race track.