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Sublime and beautiful reflections on the French revolution, or the man in the moon at large

Print shows Edmund Burke sitting at a desk on a crescent moon, holding a quill pen, an open "pamphlet" and an inkwell are on the desk, broken chains hang from his wrists; a scene on the front of the desk, label... more

The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Satire showing head of Clifford with two circles representing huge spectacles, "Old house old prices & no private boxes" and "Old house old prices & no pigeon holes," over his eyes. Each circle contains a symme... more

Man and child

SFFf-1992078.0005..Description: The girl is probably Anna Øye, later married Nordang (1906-1997). The man holding her is Elling J. Øyehol (born 1841) from Heimste-Holen...Photographer: S. J. Beckett...www.fylke... more

Civliano consuli ac patricio Priscianus salutem

Print shows page of text on weights and measures, with illuminated borders.

Man of sorrow

Print shows Jesus Christ on the cross.

[Mobile tank-like fortress in the shape of a dragon]

Print shows a dragon-shaped, mobile fortress equipped cannons and capable of carrying troops, with a ladder device mounted on the front used for scaling walls or as a bridge during siege warfare.

Haec est forma vivaque torqueti mago suis, et numeris, ...

Print shows a torquetum, a 16th century measuring device.

Hierbey sollman spürn und w[...]ercken ; ... / HNFecit ; B.C. excu.

Allegory of vanity (presumptuousness) showing five demon-like figures confronting a man and a woman wearing elaborate collars.

A representation of the sugar-cane and the art of making sugar

Print shows sugarcane processing, probably in the West Indies, with a white overseer directing Natives at a press(?) and boiling operation.

Cavalcade de Masquea

Print shows 8 vignettes with figures on horseback identified by various attributes, such as the figure at top left, "Le Marquis de la triste figure" or the melancholy marquis followed by "Le pere la Joie", "Mr.... more

Vuë de la place capitale a Quebeck. Prospect des haupt plazes der untern Stadt zu Quebec Vuë de la place capitale dans la Ville basse a Quebec / / gravé par Francois Xav. Habermann.

Print shows street view with soldiers marching, and pedestrians in Québec; an idealized view depicting Québec as a typical European city.

Vuë de la basse ville a Quebeck. Prospect von der untern stadt in Quebec gegen St. Laurenz fluss Vuë de la basse ville a Quebec vers le fleuve St. Laurent / / gravé par Francois Xav. Habermann.

Print shows the harbor at Québec, one ship at anchor, men working loading or unloading a boat, and merchandise on shore; an idealized view depicting Québec as a typical European city.

Vue de la basse ville à Québec vers le fleuve St. Laurent / gravé par François Xav. Habermann.

Print shows the harbor at Québec, one ship at anchor, men working loading or unloading a boat, and merchandise on shore; an idealized view depicting Québec as a typical European city.

Vue du port Philadelphie - dans l'Amérique - graveé d'aprés le tableau de Vernet / Vernet pinxit.

Print of an idealized, European view of the port of Philadelphia showing buildings on the waterfront of the Delaware River, a boat in the foreground, and a windmill on the right.

A view of the lines thrown up, on Boston Neck, by the Ministerial Army / B. Romans.

Print with legend shows and identifies several locations in the vicinity of Boston, including John Hancock's house, Beacon Hill, the British encampment on McHill, and a blockhouse.

[Cliffs at Saint Mary Bay, Nova Scotia]

Prints show a ship approaching cliffs on the right, passing between cliffs at entrance of the "Grand Passage," and passing cliffs on the left, at Saint Mary Bay, Nova Scotia.

Review of the York Regiment / P. Canon delt. ; T. Parson sct.

Print shows William Markham, Archbishop of York speaking to Britannia while gesturing toward British troops wearing clerical bands and low-brimmed hats, he says, "Madam a noble Corps, True and Staunch Friends t... more

Recens edita totius Novi Belgii, in America Septentrionali ... Neu Jorck sive Neu Amsterdam / / Tob. Conr. Lotteri.

Print shows cartouche and ornament on map of the eastern seaboard of America; a procession of suppliants bearing gifts to present to a seated figure, possibly George III, also shows a bird's-eye view of New Yor... more

A view taken from the entrance of Louisbourg harbour

Print shows a small island at the entrance to the harbor at Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.

The political raree-show: or a picture of parties and politics, during and at the close of the last session of Parliament, June 1779

Print shows a man directing a boy to view a peepshow of events and actions of the British government, as well as international affairs involving England. The peepshow presents 12 views in three columns; number ... more

Prattle / MD.

Print shows a full-length portrait of a man, right profile, holding hat in right hand. Includes inscription below which expresses the opinion of the character depicted regarding the progress of the war in America.

Carte du theatre de la guerre presente en Amerique / dressée ... par L. Denis.

Print shows cartouche with a Native woman wearing feathered headdress and skirt reclining against a tropical tree laden with fruit and behind which grows corn; she is looking over her right shoulder at a battle scene.

Les Anglois molestes et chatiees

Print shows 1. a beaming sun with fleur-de-lis shining on 2. a man who resembles George Washington, wearing military uniform and hat labeled "Congress" and "Washington," holding a raised lash in his right hand ... more

The desponding hero of the Coldstream - a military madrigal

Print shows dejected members of the Coldstream Guards sitting around a banquet table bemoaning a possible assignment in America. Includes five stanzas of verse.

Den Engelsman op zyn uiterste l'Anglois a toute extremitez.

Print shows the interior of a bedroom where an Englishman is vomiting over the left side of a bed into a bowl held by a Dutchman, two men are standing on the right side of the bed, one labeled "Dr B Franklin" a... more


Print shows George III seated in a chair asleep, on the left stands a judge (possibly the Earl of Mansfield) with his left hand on the crown, behind the throne stands the Earl of Bute, speaking to Mansfield, he... more

La bonne mere / Fragonard Pinxt. ; Audebert Sculp.

Mother attending to three children.

The f--x and H--d or rival candidates - humbly address'd to the worthy electors of W--r

Print shows Charles James Fox standing on the left and Lord Lincoln on the right, facing each other as candidates in the Westminster elections.

A vieu of Plymouth

Print shows Lord Amherst, Lieutenant General of the Ordnance, wearing military uniform, looking into a peepshow for a view of the progress of the war in America. As Jeffery looks, the showman says, "There you s... more

Major gen'l. Joseph Warren - slain at the battle of Bunker's Hill June 17th 1775 / J. Norman sc.

Print shows Joseph Warren, full-length portrait, standing, facing front, wearing military uniform, holding swagger stick and gesturing with right hand; the battle of Bunker Hill underway in the background.

The budget

Print shows three headless men riding on the back of a two-headed beast which says, "I will support my friends, I have head enough for them all"; with one arm it devours a paper labeled "20 millions more" and w... more

A petitioning, remonstrating, reforming, republican / R.S.

Cartoon shows a "Republican" squatting over an upturned crown, urinating into an upturned bishop's mitre. He supports himself with a staff on which is a liberty cap with the word "liberty" crossed out and "rebe... more

Prince Stadhold--r resuming his deliberation

Print shows a caricature of Prince William V of Holland as a slightly obese man, of deficient intellect, with empty ("MT") trouser pockets, and holding a sword by the blade against his breast, while notes and v... more

The late bombardment of government castle / C. Goodnight sculp.

Print shows members of the new ministry besieging a fortress where members of the old ministry, including George III, have taken refuge; the ministries are bombarding each other.

An high wind in St. Paul's Church yard

Print shows a street scene outside a print shop on a windy day as pedestrians struggle against the force of the wind.

An analysis of modern patriotism performed by public opinion & displayed by public indignation / PH [crossed out] ; AW sct.

Print shows two views of Charles James Fox, on the left, as a member of parliament supporting the policies of Lord North, and on the right, when out of office, on a platform before a crowd arguing against the p... more

Experience du globe aerostatique du MM. Charles et Robert au Jardin des Thuileries le 1er decembre 1783

Print shows Jacques Alexandre César Charles and Marie-Noël Robert riding in the gondola of a balloon ascending from the Tuileries Garden, Paris, France, December 1, 1783 in the first hydrogen balloon flight. (... more

Globe aërostatique. Dédié à Monsieur Charles. Cette machine est representé ici s'élevant pour la seconde fois au milieu de la Praïrie de Nesle, ou il venoit de descendre, accompagné de Mr. Robert ... / Desrais, del. ; Denis, sculp.

Jacques Alexandre César Charles departs Nesle, France after the landing of the first hydrogen balloon flight from Paris on December 1, 1783. Marie-Nöel Robert (on the ground at left), who accompanied Charles o... more

Premier voyage aërien en présence de Mr. le Dauphin / dessine par le Ch. de Lorimier ; gravé par N. de Launay.

Print shows a Montgolfier-style balloon in flight over Paris, France. Remarque shows a balloon in flight surrounded by clouds.

Experience de la machine areostatique

Vue d'optique shows the Montgolfier brothers' balloon, "The Globe," ascending from Champ de Mars, Paris, France, August 27, 1783.

Seconds voyageurs aëriens, ou expérience de MM. Charles et Robert faite a Paris dans le parterre du Jardin royal des Thuilleries le I. decembre 1783. Vue prise du Pont Royal / / Prevost fecit.

Print shows the balloon of Jacques Alexandre César Charles and Marie-Noël Robert ascending from the Tuileries Garden, Paris, France, December 1, 1783 in the first hydrogen balloon flight; inset map shows locati... more

Exp[é]rience a[ë]rostatique faite Versailles le 19 sept. 1783

Vue d'optique shows the balloon launched by the Montgolfier brothers ascending from the Palace of Versailles, France, before the royal family, September 19, 1783. A sheep, a duck and a rooster were the only pa... more

L'ignorance prouvée. Ou les evénements de la journée du 11 juillet 1784 au Luxembourg

French cartoon ridicules the attempt of Abbé Miollan and Janinet to ascend in a hot air balloon by showing the balloon on fire and billowing smoke while being inflated on July 11, 1784 at the Luxembourg gardens... more

1. General Washington's reitende leibgarde 2. die independent company, chef general Washington / D. Chodowiecki id ; D. Berger sc.

Print shows German versions of a member of the Commander-in-Chief's Guard and a company soldier under Washington's command, full-length, standing, facing each other, wearing military uniform.

Coalition arms / JN: 1784.

Print shows Lord North and Charles James Fox standing with a large escutcheon between them which rests on the back of George III. North is holding a flag in his right hand inscribed "Coalition" with two demons ... more

Portrait d'après nature de quatre phisiciens celebres volants sans ballon

French cartoon shows Abbé Miollan as a cat and Janinet with bag of money(?) over his shoulder beating a hasty retreat after the failure of their balloon ascension attempt on July 11, 1784 enraged the crowd of s... more

Experience aërostatique faite à Lyon; d'un ballon de cent pieds de diamètre le 10 [i.e. 19] janvier 1784, à midi 48 min[u]tes

Print shows the balloon, "Le Flesselles" ascending over Lyon, France, on January 19, 1784, carrying seven passengers including Joseph Montgolfier and Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier. (Source: A.G. Renstrom, LC ... more

1. Americanischer scharffschütz oder Jäger (rifleman) 2. regulaire infanterie von Pensylvanien / D. Chodowiecki id ; D. Berger sc.

Print shows German versions of an American rifleman and a soldier with the Pennsylvania infantry, full-length, standing, facing each other, wearing military uniform, holding rifles.

The vision

Print shows a young man, possibly William Pitt, the younger, being visited by a ghost from the grave, possibly the elder William Pitt, who has come "to warn thee against thy impending fate - Beware of Prerogati... more

Figure exacte et proportions, du globe aërostatique, qui, le premier, a enlevé des hommes dans les airs

Print shows elaborately decorated balloon used by Jean François Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes in ascent from Paris, October 19, 1783, reaching an altitude of 330 feet for nine minutes. (Source: A... more

Il faut rendre à César ce qui est à César et a la nation ce qui est à la nation

Print shows a man sitting at a table rendering accounts, standing before the table is a cleric holding a bag of money which he apparently refuses to add to the bags on the table, standing behind the table with ... more

L'allégorie est assez claire, pour se passer de comentaire

Print shows the god Mercury/Hermes hung on a gibbet with a ribbon labeled "caisse d'escompte" and his hands bound with a ribbon labeled "traite de comerce"; from his feet hangs a sheet stating "Droits desportat... more

The sweet delights of love / F.G. Byron, Esqr. delt.

Print shows a depressed-looking husband seated between a baby in a cradle and a complaining wife, as smoke billows from the fire on the right and a bill collector(?) enters a door on the left.

The fall of Phaeton

"The Prince of Wales falls headlong, but gracefully, from his high phaeton, and is about to land on Mrs. Fitzherbert, who lies face downwards on the ground, on hands and knees, her petticoats over her head, lea... more

Pal sangué Mr. l'Prieur v'la l'coup

Print with two scenes, one labeled "Le jeu de hazard" shows a meeting between the clergy, nobility, and the working class; the other labeled "Le goute patriotique" shows members of the three estates dining toge... more

Trois tetes sous l'meme bonnet

Print shows a neatly dressed man sitting on a bundle surrounded by implements of the Third Estate and holding a large triangle topped with a liberty cap, within the triangle are images of a cleric, an aristocra... more

Nom de MM les deputes de la ville de Paris, a l'Assemblée National

Print shows the deputies from Paris to the National Assembly aboard a large, ornate carriage being drawn by a bull, lion, sheep, and a snake; ahead of them, leading the procession, are three female figures, one... more

Reforme de différents droits feodaux et de la dime - le 11 aoust 1789

Print shows, in a rural setting, a man from the working class or third estate, handing a bag of money to a member of the clergy, who refuses with his right hand, but reaches behind his back with his left hand t... more

Portrait d'apres nature du Sr. Harné natif de Dôle en Franche Comté Grenadier aux Gardes Francaises qui àmonté le premier à l'assaut et à arreté le gouverneur de la Bastille le mardi 14 Juillet 1789

Print shows Sr. Harné, a grenadier in the French Guards, and Sr. Humbert, leaders, respectively, of the first and second assaults on the Bastille, 14 July 1789, full-length portrait, standing, facing each other... more

Journée memorable du 6 Octobre 1789

Print shows members of the Gardes du Corps who had been disarmed, joined by the National Guard, and the market-women of Paris who had marched on Versailles in the preceding days, now making the return trip to P... more

Adieu Bastille

Print shows a man playing a bagpipe, behind him lies a lion on a chain which is draped over his right arm, his left foot rests on a gameboard, at the far end of which is a peg with string attached, the string r... more

La coup des bois

Print shows a member of the Third Estate, possibly a woman, kneeling on top of a fallen friar, cutting wooden branches or horns from his head.

L'assembleé des aristocrates

Print shows a tightly composed group of caricatured heads, including a few animal heads, of the aristocracy.


Print shows a meeting between the clergy, nobility, and the working class, members of the three estates, dining together and drinking a toast to "la santé d'not bon Roi" in a rural setting.

Nouvelle place de la Bastille

Cartoon shows Louis XVI standing on a pedestal with one foot on the hydra of despotism(?) from which five of seven heads have been severed; on the left, a clergyman offers him a gold coin, and on the right, a S... more

Vive le roi, vive la nation J'savois ben qu'jaurions not tour.

Print shows a well-dressed peasant woman nursing an infant, riding on the back of a noblewoman who is holding onto the shoulders of a nun, representing the clergy. This cartoon presents a realingment of the Est... more

Il faut faire 3 choses

Print shows figures of the estates general; a member of the clergy and a nobleman each place a hand on short pillar labeled "Je tien mon pied de bœuf"; a peasant, representing the third estate, places both of h... more

Monsieur veto

Print shows a monstrous giant, representing monarchical veto powers, is welcomed at an entryway by a nobleman; he has scales on his hands and feet, carries a bar used to enchain prisoners, symbolizing despotism... more

La France Figurée sous un Globe est soutenu du Peuple La Noblesse et le Clergé aide au premier, la ruche represente les trois Ordres reunies.

Print shows a nobleman dressed as a knight and a bishop standing on either side of a globe which is resting on the shoulders of a member of the Third Estate, indicating that the burden of supporting the state w... more

Le jeu de quilles

Print shows a member of the nobility complaining to a member of the clergy, representing the estates general, while a member of the working class, or third estate, bowling in the background, appears to be monop... more

L'accord parfait

Print shows three men representing the nobility, the clergy, and the third estate playing musical instruments. The nobleman, on the left, is playing a bagpipe, the cleric, on the right, is playing a recorder an... more

Portrait d'aprés nature du Sr. Humbert, Compagnon Horloger, natif de Langres, qui a monté le deuxieme à l'assaut à la prise de la Bastille, le mardi 14 Juillet 1789

Print shows Sr. Humbert and Sr. Harné, a grenadier in the French Guards, leaders, respectively, of the second and first assaults on the Bastille, 14 July 1789, half-length portrait, facing each other, each in o... more

Je tient mon pied du bœuf - il faut faire trois choses Le calculateur patriote.

Print shows (on the left) an aristocrat and a clergyman, each with a hand on a low post, and a member of the Third Estate placing both of his hands on top of the others. "Pied de Bœuf" is a pun on "Œil de Bœuf"... more

[3 orders proceeding to Versailles, May 1789]

Print shows ornate carriage in which are riding well-dressed people with horns growing out of their heads. The carriage is drawn by two horned deer; standing on a platform at the rear is a women holding a baton... more

Reveil du Tiers Etat, ma feinte, il doit tems que je me revillise, car l'opression de mes fers me donnions le cochemar un peu trop fort

Clergyman and aristocrat recoiling from figure representing Third Estate, who is picking up chains and guns; storming of the Bastille in background.

"Rosine! Rosine! Ma chère Rosine! Je jure que je t'adore"

Print shows an abbé rushing into the bedroom of "Rosine" professing his love for her, the woman (possibly intended to be a caricature of Marie Antoinette) stands to receive him with open arms, saying "Non, non,... more

Reveil du tiers etat

Print shows a nobleman and a clergyman reacting with horror as a member of the Third Estate awakens, throws off the chains of bondage, and reaches for a rifle. The destruction of the Bastille is taking place in... more

J'suis du Tiers-ètat

Print shows a cobbler, representing the Third Estate, walking to the right, holding up a bottle and a glass.

Honneurs rendus à la Pauvreté en l'Eglise de St. Jacques de la Boucherie

Print shows draperies being hung on the walls of Church of St. Jacques de la Boucherie as a crowd of working class men, women, and children, many carrying torches, accompany a coffin carried by two men during a... more

Dédiée l'Assemblée Nationale--Liste de MMr. les Deputes de Paris a l'Assemblée nationale / Laurent Guyot.

Deputies of the Third Estate in a carriage drawn by two sheep and two bulls on their way to the Versailles directory; dishevelled lion; figure of the Republic with anchor on low platform behind; list of deputie... more

Liste de MM les Deputes de la noblesse de Paris

Aristocrats in carriage drawn by two lions on their way to Versailles for the meeting of the Estates General; fierce lion at front; figure of the Republic with club on high platform behind; list of the deputies.

La Nation française assisteé de Mr. De la Fayette terrasse le despotisme et les abus du regne feodal qui terrassaient le peuple

Marquis de Lafayette assisting the French nation (Marie) trampling figure in sarcophagus with wings and hair of snakes while nude figure is attached by serpents.

L'homme au masque de fer

Print shows a prisoner in chains and wearing an iron mask sitting on a bench in a prison cell, and another man with a lantern and a tray of food entering the cell in the Bastille.

Il faut en Goûter

Print shows a winged globe with fleur-de-lis topped by a green liberty cap labeled "Liberté"; hanging beneath the globe is a balance supporting, on the left, members of the National Assembly demanding "Veto abs... more

La Romaine aristocratique

Print shows a monstrous figure holding a scale weighing a member of the Third Estate; in the background a plump clergyman and a nobleman walk away with a large pig between them.

Il faut donc mourir puis qu'il n'i a plus de son

Print shows a pig sitting upright on the ground, dressed in ecclesiastical vestiments, on the right is a member of the Third Estate holding a long staff and a bell-like device on a string which he holds up befo... more

Quand ce ra la Poule au Pot

Print shows a poor old man sliding a chicken onto a long spit.

Les moines aprenant à faire l'exercise

Cartoon showing four men, monks, wearing the uniform of the National Guard marching in a disorderly manner.

[Aristocrats digging the Champ-de-Mars]

Print shows well-dressed aristocratic women, children, some men, and members of the clergy digging and hauling soil in wheelbarrows in a effort to transform the Champ-de-Mars into a suitable place for the festi... more

Le tems donnant les cendres à la noblesse et au clergé

Print shows Father Time flying past an altar on which the privileges of the nobility and the clergy are being burned; he is annointing the forehead of one priest with the ashes of the consummed documents as ano... more

Don Dismallo running the literary gantlet

Print shows Edmund Burke in fools dress receiving lashes on his bare back as he runs a gauntlet of his peers which also includes Justice holding a sword, and Liberty, with staff topped with a liberty cap, who h... more

Allons plus de distinction ce malheur commun nous rend égaux

Print shows a member of the aristocracy and a member of the Third Estate embracing in a courtyard, they both wear the horns of cuckoldry which they consider a common misery among all classes; a woman leaning ov... more

Le demenagement du clergé J'ai perdu mes benefices, rien n'égale ma douleur.

Print shows a group of ecclesiastical figures departing a church with what remains of their belongings (following the November 1789 decree by the National Assembly regarding church property); at the center of t... more