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Topic: great britain
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The OP spectacles / Cruikshank del.

Satire showing head of Clifford with two circles representing huge spectacles, "Old house old prices & no private boxes" and "Old house old prices & no pigeon holes," over his eyes. Each circle contains a symme... more

King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

King George V, Queen Mary and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, taken during a visit to the Western Front in France. They are positioned in front of a large brick building with French windows. The King and Queen are ... more

Grotesque from BL Royal 15 E IV, f. 295v

Detail of a grotesque, from the margins of the folio. Image taken from f. 295v of Anciennes et nouvelles chroniques d'Angleterre, volume 1. Written in French.

Wilhelm III., Prinz von Oranien, Graf von Nassau, König von Großbritannien

Knabenbildnis in architekton. Rahmung mit reichem allegor.-symbol. Beiwerk: Halbfigur, en face von links; mit glattem, breitgerändertem Umlegekragen und zwei Kragenquasten über eng geknöpftem Wams mit Schlitzär... more

Het lusthuys van Pater Peters, en de Jesuwijten en Munniken, ontdekt door / William Loggan fec. & Oxonia.

Print shows scene in a bawdy house of pleasure frequented by Father Petre, Jesuits, and monks, where they mingle and dine with such figures as: Wantonness, Avarice, Sloth, Fury, and Vanity. Priests engage in la... more

Arlequin sur l'Hippogryphe a la croisade Lojoliste Armée van den heylige lingue voor der jesuiten monarchy.

Print shows Louis XIV as the harlequin, with pegged leg, riding on the "hippogryphe" or jackass, leading a holy crusade. He wears a large biretta that also fits over the head of James II sitting behind him; the... more

James I, King of Great Britain, France, & Ireland, &c / M. Vdr. Gucht fecit.

James I, head-and shoulders portrait, facing right, in oval.

Blind plaintiff, lame defendant share [...] / Dobson pinx. ; I. Simon fec. ; I. Smith ex.

Two handicapped persons each receiving half of an oyster shell from a lawyer while he consumes the oyster.

The drunkard's coat of arms

Print shows a coat of arms devised for a drunkard. A poem, entitled "The Drunkard - display'd" is printed below the image.