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King & Queen and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales

King George V, Queen Mary and H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, taken during a visit to the Western Front in France. They are positioned in front of a large brick building with French windows. The King and Queen are ... more

The Great Departure and the Temptation of the Buddha

The lower scene shows Siddhartha on horseback leaving his father's palace in order to seek enlightenment. A groom leads the horse, whose hoofs are supported by ganas (semi-divine dwarves), so the people of the ... more

Stele with Eight Great Events from the Life of the Buddha

Most significant is the central Buddha touching the earth at the moment of his enlightenment under the Bodhi tree at Bodhgaya, indicated by the branches above his head. Surrounding him are scenes of his life, e... more

Great Wisdom Sutra from the Chū sonji Temple Sutra Collection (Chūsonjikyō)

The frontispiece to this sutra chapter shows a dramatic three-quarters view of the Buddha seated with two bodhisattvas. Seven figures pay obeisance to the Buddha, with the six in front raising offerings of food... more

Great Wisdom Sutra from the Chūsonji Temple Sutra Collection (Chūsonjikyō)

The frontispiece of this sutra chapter illustrates the Buddha’s first sermon, at the Deer Park near Sarnarth in India. The Buddha and the two bodhisattvas who flank him are seated on lotus platforms. Behind the... more

"Imperial Visit to the Great Horse Race at the Kaya-no-in Mansion" (Kaya-no-in komakurabe gyōkō emaki), from the Tale of Flowering Fortunes (Eiga monogatari)

A few days in the autumn of 1024 are the setting for this episode from the quasi-historical chronicle of the life of Fujiwara Michinaga (966–1027), the great Heian-court politician and patron of the arts. As th... more

Saint James the Great

This gilded relief sculpture of Saint James the Great decorated the high altar of the abbey church at Grandmont until the French Revolution. Made in Limoges, France

Shakyamuni Triad with the Sixteen Protectors of the Great Wisdom Sutra

The historical Buddha Shakyamuni, known as Shaka in Japanese, sits on a lotus throne at the center of this painting—impressive in size, precision of brushwork, and coloration. He is surrounded by an entourage o... more

Shaka, Monju, Fugen and the Ten Great Disciples (Jūdai Deshi)

The enlightened historical Buddha Shaka (Sanskrit: Shakyamuni) is enthroned and flanked by his ten chief disciples and his bodhisattva attendants—Fugen (Samantabhadra), on a white elephant, and Monju (Manjushri... more