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Plan of the city of New York, in North America: surveyed in the years 1766 & 1767

Cartouche showing allegorical scene with an English trader standing on the shore among barrels and bundles of merchandise and a Native wearing feathered headdress and skirt standing among barrels.

Bellvue. Mr. Dougherty's agency on the Missouri / Ch. Bodmer pinx ad nat ; L. Weber & Beyer sc.

Illustration shows buildings, paddocks, settlers, ox cart and Indians at Bellvue, Major John Dougherty's trading post on the Missouri River.

An emigrant train attacked by hostile Indians on the prairie / Champney del. ; Nichols sc.

Illustration shows an emigrant wagon train being attacked by Natives while traveling across the Great Plains.

Bartlemy's house, Esquimalt Harbor

Photograph shows an exterior view of a house with two people standing near the entrance, near the harbor, Esquimalt, British Columbia.

Transatlantic sketches--the Mississippi River

Wood engravings showing three views of the Mississippi River, captioned: 1. Down the lower Mississippi--from the Baton Rouge; 2. Voyageurs ascending the lower Mississippi; 3. Woodchopper's hut, lower Mississippi.

Fort Shepherd, no. 1

Photograph shows exterior view of the Hudson Bay Co. post at Fort Shepherd, British Columbia.

Fort Shepherd, Columbia River no. 2

Photograph shows exterior view of two buildings at the Hudson Bay Co. post at Fort Shepherd, British Columbia.

[Father Fenwick's discovering of the first Catholics in Ohio]

Photograph of a painting(?) shows a priest, Father Fenwick, blessing settlers who are gathered, some on bended knee, near a log church or cabin on the frontier.

The gold mining town of Rock Creek, British Columbia, 1860

Photograph shows a cluster of log buildings, one identified as a restaurant, of the gold mining town, Rock Creek, British Columbia, as seen from a hillside above the town, with the creek in the background.

Panorama, Vancouver, Columbia River no. 1

Photograph shows exterior view of buildings from across broad field.

Life on the plains preparing supper / / from sketches by Mr. James F. Gookins.

Print shows, from a full page spread of scenes depicting life on the plains, a vignette of two women preparing a meal on a small, portable stove, with tents in the background.

Deadly attack of a wolf upon a man, and heroic conduct of the man's wife

Masthead, text of story and image of woman swinging ax at wolf, which is attacking her husband, near Lexington, Michigan in 1859.