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Typus gramatic

Grammar represented as a woman with alphabet board and a key showing a youth the entrance to university building filled with students.

Abbildung der zwar hoch betrübten ...

Mock funeral procession for the heavy imperial taxes levied on the Protestants but lost after the Protestant victory at Breitenfeld.

Ein Kurtz--Jedoch nachdenktlich Bespräch--eines Fuches und Katzen

A fox tied to a tree, a cat, lying as if dead, with a rat in its mouth, an open rat cage and rats; across the river, Magdeburg burns; text below image.

Der Warner

Anti-Catholic lampoon, in which a messenger warns of Jesuit schemes after the Catholic defeats on the field.

Abbildung der prächtigen - und zwar trawrigen Leichbestattung - gehalten uber den Tödlichen abgang und wolreiffen hintritt auszm Röm. Reich der allerschädlichen Bestiæ der contribution, ...

A mock funeral procession for the heavy imperial taxes levied on the Protestants but lost after the Protestant victory at Breitenfeld. The procession begins in the lower right corner and advances across the bot... more

[The surprise attack on Maestreicht(?)] / H.B.

Troops of the White King advancing on the fortress Marxreich(?).

Luther verbrennt die päpstliche Bulle und das canonishe Recht vor Witteneberg, am 10 December 1520 / v. Löwenstern exc.

Print shows a small crowd gathered to watch Martin Luther burn the papal bull Exsurge Domine from Leo X (condemning Luther's ideas and threatening him with excommunication) and the canon law in front of a churc... more

Der Gärtner

Print shows a man, the gardner, holding a basket of produce, standing next to many baskets of various fruits and vegetables, with watering can, rake, shovel, and a view of orchard on the right, in the background.

Der Buchbinder

Print shows two men working at a bookbindery.


Print shows three men making paper; one standing at a vat with a screen, one working a press, and in the background, the third appears to be sizing the hand-made paper in a small vat before drying.

Der Wagenbauer

Print shows two men working in a shop making a carriage.

Der Uhrmacher

Print shows a man making a small clock in a clock making shop.

Der Webstuhl

Print shows a man weaving on a loom.

Der Gärber

Print shows men working in a shop tanning leather.

Der Schneider. Der Knopfmacher

Print shows a tailor cutting cloth and two female(?) assistants sewing; on the right is a man making buttons.

Die Kunst Häringe einzusalzen

Print shows men salting herring and packing in barrels on a wharf or the shore near a large sailing ship.

Der Böttcher

Print shows a cooper making a barrel.

Seife, Kerzen, Lichte

Print shows four men working in a shop making soap and candles.

Der Hutmacher

Print shows three men working in a haberdashery or hat makers shop.

Das Oel

Print shows two men working a screw press for extracting oil and a man with a horse working a stone press in the background.

Der Kürschner

Print shows two men working at a furrier's shop making fur coats and other garments.

Der Sattler

Print shows a man working in a shop making saddles and bridles.

Der Schumacher

Print shows two men working in a shoe shop.

Die Fischerei

Print shows a fisherman holding oars, standing on the shore next to a lobster, eel, fish, and shellfish, with a man fishing from the opposite shore, a man with net in a boat, and large fishing boats in the background.

[Wassweburg mit ausreitenden soldaten im Kostüm des 17. Jahrhunderts]

17th century soldiers riding over drawbridge of castle into forest.

Ruined castle. Rhine

Ruins of castle above Rhine River.

The Haberstein

Drawing shows travelers standing atop a pile of rocks in the woods in Germany near Wunsiedel in Bavaria. Wooden stairs lead to the top. Bayard Taylor traveled through Germany several times in his life, between ... more

Klinger's grotto

Drawing shows travelers standing before a grotto in the woods in Germany. Bayard Taylor traveled through Germany several times in his life, between 1844 and his death in 1879, but the manuscript makes it clear ... more

[Boy carrying large basket on his back]

Drawing shows a boy walking from the train station at Market Schorgast in Germany as he carries a large basket on his back with Taylor's luggage in it. Bayard Taylor traveled through Germany several times in hi... more

The tempest

Drawing shows a wife chastising her husband as their maid scurries from the room. Bayard Taylor traveled through Germany several times in his life, between 1844 and his death in 1879, but the manuscript makes i... more

The Bastei, Saxon Switzerland

Cliffs over the Elbe river.


View of the Königsee with two men and a woman in foreground.

Erfurt, Dom, Aussen, Nordportal

Exterior view of the north gate of Erfurt cathedral, Germany

Chained!! / Keppler.

Print shows the Roman god "Mars" bound to rocks, imprisoned with shackles and clamps labeled "Russo-German Commercial Treaty", fastened with spikes driven by Nicholas II of Russia and William II of Germany usin... more

Puzzled / Keppler.

Print shows William II, German Emperor, full-length portrait, standing among papers, looking puzzled, with a flame and a halo above his head, holding a long sheet of paper that lists successful U.S. military ca... more

A modern crusade without fire and sword; - will it end in a rival establishment? / J. S. Pughe.

Print shows German emperor William II, wearing a two-tiered tiara, being welcomed by throngs of Arab muslims who carry a banner that proclaims "Allah is Great, and William His Prophet". Across a narrow body of ... more

The informal Dreibund / Keppler.

Print shows Uncle Sam, John Bull, and Puck gathered around a table raising glasses in a toast to friendship, or alliance; also seated at the table is a female figure, possibly representing Germany, who may be p... more

Die Barnum & Bailey groesste schaustellung der welt Der welt grösstes, grossartigstes, bestes amusements-institut.

Men in military uniforms standing while bareback riding on horses (as many as three horses per rider) racing around a track and jumping hurdles.

Visions of sauerkraut, Germany

Mounds of cabbages sit by the street, as townspeople look on.

Germany's "Katzenjammer" / Keppler.

Illustration shows William II, German Emperor, suffering from over-indulgence, sitting in a chair with a block of ice on his head with his crown on top and his feet in a tub of hot water; in a bucket in the for... more

Count Zeppelin - in Viktoria Louise; with his assistants and present minister

Group portrait, left to right: Alfred Colsmann (general director of the Zeppelin company), next to Zeppelin, Dernburg, to his right Clemens Delbrück, and four other men in airship "Viktoria Luise."

Poker and tongs; or, how we've got to play the game

Kaiser Wilhelm II and John Bull engage in a table game with miniature naval vessels and playing cards. The Kaiser holds cards in his hand and stares at the table while John Bull pushes his ships toward the center.

In the German jam closet / L.M. Glackens.

Illustration shows William II, Emperor of Germany, caught by Germania with his fingers in a jar of jam labeled "Buttinkeit Jam" that he has taken from a cupboard where other preserves are kept; on the shelves a... more

Poor John!

Dame Democracy with umbrella labeled "suffragette" and German military official or Kaiser confronting John Bull (Great Britain) while airplane with bomb hovers overhead.

The wolf / Keppler.

Illustration shows the German Emperor labeled "Wilhelm" studying a "Map of England" spread out on a desk with other papers, one of which states "Germany's Commercial Future" with large question marks on it. On ... more

TR's return from Africa, 1910 [2] /

TR returns from his African hunting trip through the countries of Sudan, France, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Great Britain, and finally his reception in New York City. There are views of: 1) his riverboat on the ... more

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

Text: Subscribe to the War Loan!

Unser Kaiser an sein Volk / E. Kaempster.

Poster shows St. George slaying a dragon. Text, under heading "Our Emperor to his people" is a proclamation issued by Kaiser Wilhelm II on July 31, 1914, concerning the advent of war, the coming struggle, and t... more

Weihnachten im Feld! 1914. Spendet Liebesgaben für unsere Krieger! / AM.

Poster shows a Christmas tree decorated with candles in front of a red cross. Text: Christmas in the field! 1914. Donate gift packages for our warriors!

"Es sprach der Herr von Hindenburg" / Zeichnung v. Walther Krötzsch.

Print shows Paul von Hindenburg, President of Germany, bust portrait, facing front, wearing military uniform. On verso is printed the sheet music with text for the song "Es sprach der Herr von Hindenburg" direc... more

Ludendorff-Spende für Kriegsbeschädigte / Ludwig Hohlwein, München.

Poster shows a wounded German soldier holding tools in one hand and a crutch in the other. Text: Ludendorff Fund for War Disabled.

Zeitung der 10. Armee / A. Saulweber.

Poster shows a soldier sitting reading the newspaper. Text: Newspaper of the 10th Army.

Das Geheimnis von Lüttich

Poster showing a full-size artillery shell on which is a portrait of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the German national eagle, two images of bomb damage to French fortifications, and the inscriptions Unser Bombenerfolg; Lü... more

Berufswechsel / bilder von W. A. Wellner

Print shows a series of comic scenes regarding the change in occupations of citizens who become soldiers: a professor of chemistry is shown making coffee; a high school teacher has become a drill instructor; an... more

Wir schlagen sie und zeichnen Kriegsanleihe!

Print shows two tanks on rough terrain, firing at unseen enemies as shells burst above them. An appeal for financial contributions to the war effort.

We offer you a full partnership : it is to laugh!

German military officer with foot bandage, "Verdun" (possibly William II), and Mexican military officer, offering partnership to military officer, "Japan," standing on words, "The Allies." Possibly referring to... more

Spende für bayerische Soldatenheime / Stuck.

Poster shows a German soldier seated by a stove and warming his hands. Text: Contribute for Bavarian Soldiers' Homes.

Kriegsanleihe zeichnen! / LO.

Text: Subscribe to the War Loan!