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The Englishman in Paris

Print shows an Englishman, only recently arrived, still wearing his hat, standing just inside the entrance of the home of a Frenchman at dinner time. He is eating the goose which he has taken off the serving pl... more

High-change in Bond Street, - ou- la Politesse du Grande Monde / Js. Gy d: et fect.

Fashionably dressed pedestrians on Bond Street. In the foreground, five men crowd a woman and girl off the sidewalk as they leer at them. The women, seen from the back, are oddly dressed. In the background, thr... more

An analysis of country dancing, wherein all the figures used in that polite amusement are rendered familiar by engraved lines. Containing also, directions for composing almost any number of figures to one tune, with some entire new reels; together with the complete etiquette of the ball-room.

Designed for "those who possess no knowledge whatsoever of country-dancing," the manual uses text, tables, and color-coded diagrams to explain the figures for English country dances. Performed as a series of fi... more

The laws of etiquette; or, Short rules and reflections for conduct in society.

In a rapidly growing consumer market for etiquette manuals during the nineteenth century, this is an example of a manual that attempts to reinforce the authority of its contents by suggesting legal foundations ... more

Le souper. Ou les mauvaises maniéres des gens bien élevś

Two men try to escape an angry crowd which attempts to pass through a doorway all at once. One of the men crawls under a table set for dinner, while the other is seized by his coat tails and yanked backwards b... more

The ball room guide, being a compendium of the theory, practice, and etiquette of dancing, embracing the newest quadrilles, polkas, waltzes, schottisches, &c., also, the Meyen quadrille,

This manual begins, as do others of the period, with a general introduction that covers the necessity of dancing and a brief history of dance. Declaring that bodily exercise "drives away sorrow and care," the a... more

The lady's guide to perfect gentility, in manners, dress, and conversation ... also a useful instructor in letter writing, toilet preparations, fancy needlework, millinery, dressmaking, care of wardrobe, the hair, teeth, hands, lips, complexion, etc.

Etiquette manuals are an important source for information on issues relating to the study of nineteenth-century social dance. Thornwell discusses the complexion, appropriate dress, introductions, behavior at pa... more

Ball-room dancing without a master, and complete guide to the etiquette, toilet, dress and management of the ball-room; with all the principal dances in popular use.

This manual suggests that anyone can learn to dance without the aid of a teacher. After providing a short discussion on organizing balls, appropriate dress, and etiquette, the book focuses on the popular ballro... more

The royal ball-room guide and etiquette of the drawing-room, containing the newest and most elegant dances and a short history of dancing.

Like other nineteenth-century dance manuals, this is a compilation of earlier writings. The book provides a short history of dance, positions of the feet, a glossary of French terms, and suggestions for giving ... more

Old-school etiquette / F. Graetz.

Illustration shows a woman appealing to a man holding a cane labeled "Allopath" and topped with a skull who has turned his back on a sick child lying in a bed; on the far side of the bed is another man with pap... more

Manners and social usages,

Etiquette manuals are an important sources of information on ballrooms and social dance during the nineteenth-century. Sherwood's book is an exceptional source for etiquette as it was practiced in the late 1880... more

The art of dancing, embracing a full description of the various dances of the present day, together with chapters on etiquette, the benefits and history of dancing.

This manual is acknowledged by the author to be a compilation of other sources. In its eight chapters, the work covers etiquette, general instructions for feet positions and bows, the quadrille, contra dances (... more

Social hypocrisies, and the painful scenes they save us from / F. Opper.

Print shows a vignette cartoon showing men and women in various social situations where politeness overrides one's actual emotional response, maintaining decorum and preventing a social disaster.