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Virtue / Iacobus Ligozzus Verones inuenit ac pinxit, Andreas Andreanas

Allegorical print shows a semi-nude female figure resisting two males, one with wings on his head and one with a blindfold over his eyes, a second female, and a blindfolded cupid.

Wercke der Finsternis / D Chodowiecki del & sc 1781.

Print shows publisher Johann Thomas von Trattner as a highway man with two cohorts holding up publisher Friedrich Nicolai; von Trattner has a hold on Nicolai's collar, as his helpers, standing at the opening of... more

Reformation, or their worships grubbing up a skittle ground

Print shows three men trying to pry a skittle board from the ground using bars labeled "Justass" and "Mo-Ral-I-Ty"; a pick labeled "Proclamation" lies on the ground nearby with balls and pegs, and from over a f... more

The doctor indulged with his favorite scene

Cartoon shows cleric Dr. Richard Price, kneeling on a crown with a demon on his back, peering through a peep-hole into the royal bedroom at Versailles, watching ruffians destroy the Queen's bed and bedroom in s... more

Vie très croyable des moines / N. Walkcheim inv. & sculp.

Scenes showing monk holding skull and preaching to crowd from pulpit, monks dining at table with three women, and preparing food in kitchen.

The modern Circe or a sequel to the petticoat / E. Delaney del. ; Cruickshank scp.

Cartoon shows Mrs. Mary Anne Clarke, wearing the Duke of York's military cloak, extending it to cover a crowd of miniature soldiers, civilians and clergymen clustering around her with outstretched arms; Mr. Wad... more

Conspirators; or, delegates in council

Cartoon shows three government ministers, Viscount Sidmouth, Thomas Reynolds and Viscount Castlereagh, sitting at a table with three agents or spies. On the table rests a large bag from which docketed papers pr... more